Obama's Best Comebacks and Rebuttals! - Part 1

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 30, 2017
  • Obama's best comeback and rebuttal moments! (Part 1)


  • Devin Hopkins
    Devin Hopkins  an hour ago

    Funny how he's sucking Clinton's clit now

  • R Bright
    R Bright  2 hours ago

    If he was smart I would not have a laugh no more on how stupid he is.

  • R Bright
    R Bright  2 hours ago

    Awww awww awwww aww what lie am I to say again awww awwww awwww mummm ya I got umm a birth certificate now and ya my dead CIA grandfather from the USA awwww for get to get ome one when he sent all the money to get me to say I was born in the USA. SO ya awwww I cant wear the pin of the USA because I awww really just ant crap like i thing to happen so I can have money. Awww ya I need to cry for more money and I want I want heck with anyone else.

  • IsaiahLetsPlay
    IsaiahLetsPlay  3 hours ago

    bruh they didn't think obama would retaliate like that, did they

  • john vasquez
    john vasquez  3 hours ago

    Obama is a cockroach

  • joe doran
    joe doran  5 hours ago

    thank god this tyrant is out

  • RUBBS1313
    RUBBS1313  6 hours ago

    Support 45 TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • Justsomekid12
    Justsomekid12  7 hours ago

    Obama was the best President ever in History hands down

  • Michael Lum
    Michael Lum  8 hours ago

    *Level 99 Mafia Boss*

  • Erich Davis
    Erich Davis  8 hours ago

    I want him back

  • Virginia Taylor
    Virginia Taylor  12 hours ago

    Reclaim American. GORE/BOOKER , PLZ

  • R3M5 Ace Commando
    R3M5 Ace Commando  22 hours ago

    Murder And edge Obams

  • GanG bitchesaye
    GanG bitchesaye  23 hours ago

    as a dem I wish the Republicans had more respectful people like McCain to debate us

  • micklemore
    micklemore  yesterday

    I miss John mccain:(

  • Roy Long
    Roy Long  yesterday

    0:40 that hillary laugh!

  • Sexy McDeepVoice

    Obama what's your foreign policy? ”w-w-well I'm foreign and I skirted your policies so what do you think?".

  • biggavelle11
    biggavelle11  yesterday +2

    Dam I miss this real potus

  • Livingston
    Livingston  yesterday

    Trump is way better at this

  • Latino Nationalist

    I bet he has no comeback or rebuttal for bombing all those countries in the middle east.

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483  yesterday

    It's a shame that America went from one of the best Presidents in modern times to the absolute worst in history. All because of ignorant poor white racists and cunning greedy white racists.