The Moms Say Kamryn HAS TO WIN | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - for an abrupt start, I had an issue with my source. Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 8. Hope you enjoy!


  • Boulevard Of Aldc Dreams
    Boulevard Of Aldc Dreams  1 months ago +2243

    i think the moms should worry about their own kids
    Edit: Thx for 2k likes

  • Emily
    Emily  1 months ago +471

    Kamryn's mom: gives her opinion in a very calm voice, doesn't insult or offended anybody
    Ashely: "she is feisty. she seems like she's ready to go"

  • ALDC Central
    ALDC Central  1 months ago +877

    They were being a little rude to Kammy’s mom. They were kind of saying Kamryn wasn’t going to win. Also Adrianna’s facial expressions were hilarious

  • Syd
    Syd  1 months ago +1862

    lol why is yolanda even sitting here running her mouth if elli is at home? lmao like shut up

  • Madeline Walker
    Madeline Walker  1 months ago +943

    The moms are being so rude to the new mom

  • America luvsu
    America luvsu  1 months ago +1515

    finally they’re bringing in someone who’s not a basic white girl

  • Indy Mae
    Indy Mae  1 months ago +100

    “yOuR dAuGhtEr iS nOt pIcKiNg uP tHe cHorEogRAphY” i mean... this is the first time she’s learning it... give her a lil time. she needs to make mistakes in order to finesse her solo lol

  • Sabrina Alvarado
    Sabrina Alvarado  1 months ago +467

    The moms are mean to everyone new

  • Karen La
    Karen La  1 months ago +612

    I feel like the moms just ruin everything for their kid

  • ALDC Diamond
    ALDC Diamond  1 months ago +567

    I’m surprised that Yolanda was being quiet and not getting involved in the drama 😂
    Thanks for the likes!

  • HeyItsAbby
    HeyItsAbby  1 months ago +413

    kamryn is so cute i hope she stays for more than a week; also i hope abby doesn’t typecast her like she did with nia ❤️
    small youtuber here btw✨

  • Dazzleberry ALDC
    Dazzleberry ALDC  1 months ago +162

    The moms, especially Michelle were rude to Adriana about ABBY’S decision to choreograph the solo first. Whenever she got a correction, they were all like “Oh, she’s probably going to lose!”. Pretty mean to an seven-year-old...

  • DkcC1976
    DkcC1976  1 months ago +142

    Kamryn is so cute, I'm crossing my fingers that she remembers the dance :)

  • shelle forbes
    shelle forbes  1 months ago +93

    Love kamryns mom stood up for her daughter and everything she said was final it will win, you will see, she will get it, lol like she left them quiet and they were bothered

  • Sabrina Alvarado
    Sabrina Alvarado  1 months ago +192

    Thanks dmtv your the best dance mom YouTube channel

  • Five H
    Five H  1 months ago +32

    The kid is like 6 or 7, of course she's not gonna catch choreo as fast as the other girls who are double her age

  • mango girl
    mango girl  1 months ago +38

    It’s insane to me that these grown women just constantly put these kids down. Kamryn seems so sweet & obviously Abby brought her on the team for a reason

  • Miri Ilai
    Miri Ilai  1 months ago +45

    Lol Stacey is mad that kamryn takes more time when that’s exactly what the elite moms complained about with Lilly getting all of Abby’s time and not anyone else

  • Kaitlin Phan
    Kaitlin Phan  1 months ago +84

    I miss the OG girls

  • Laura BLair
    Laura BLair  1 months ago +33

    Why are the other moms picking on an 8 year old girl? im pretty sure most of their kids didnt win 1st place when they had solos