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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • This was a very interesting video for us to make. Throughout our lives, we've gotten used to being grouped as the same person by others because of how "similar" we seem being identical twins. People will say things like "you guys" or "you two" when they're only talking to or about one of us. This doesn't really bother us too much tbh but after switching lives just for 24 hours we realized that we are really NOTHING like each other.


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  • Angel Face
    Angel Face  8 hours ago

    Ethan is such a man and Greyson is such a good wife lol. They are married.

  • Ale Leonhart
    Ale Leonhart  8 hours ago

    I totally have Ethan’s life style god damn

  • Rebecca Campbell
    Rebecca Campbell  8 hours ago +1

    this video is just ethan making fun of grayson especially at 28:59 🤭🤫

  • Jennifer Snell
    Jennifer Snell  12 hours ago

    You guys sound like a married couple 💍👬

  • Jennifer Snell
    Jennifer Snell  12 hours ago

    You guys sell liquor freaking couple so much you're a married couple but no joke😂😂😂💍👬

  • Katie Marsh
    Katie Marsh  15 hours ago

    Ok but before the pink wall there’s a clip in the car where they’re both wearing a black shirt. I am v confused.

  • Tetyana Holodryha
    Tetyana Holodryha  18 hours ago

    That flower tattoo looks awful, why’d you do that to Ethan Gray?
    Looks like flower on a bruise.
    My brother’d kill me for giving him a flower tattoo.

  • A cruz
    A cruz  19 hours ago

    Im definitly grayson lifestyle like isnalmost hard not to do anything in other words "being lazy motherf****"

  • Sarah Donnelly
    Sarah Donnelly  21 hours ago

    My lifestyle is most likely Grayson's 100% and this is probably the best channel ever!

  • Syco Frost
    Syco Frost  22 hours ago

    My brother poured water on my face to wake me up 😞

  • Chimmy Taehyung

    Ethan:This Kid is so Boring
    :What is he? A 45 year old?

  • Tav Gerst
    Tav Gerst  yesterday

    best vid Ive seen

  • OneTimeBlast
    OneTimeBlast  yesterday

    I have graysons life style and my twin has Ethan’s haha

  • Mariana Rodriguez

    Why am i Grayson and why is my brother ethan

  • Yulissa Perez
    Yulissa Perez  yesterday

    i CaNt FiNd ThE hOlE!! -bailey

  • Naomi Lundgren
    Naomi Lundgren  yesterday

    I honestly thought anchovies was a veggie 😂

  • Kiera Dias
    Kiera Dias  yesterday

    Omg Grayson I’m dead

  • Owen Trice
    Owen Trice  2 days ago

    Ethan lol

  • Trae Krohn
    Trae Krohn  2 days ago

    Gray eats pizza the right way, folded