AUGUST 08 - Funeral

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 7, 2018
  • Welcome our newest member, AUGUST 08, to the family."Funeral" out now via 88rising x Red Bull Records: 08 is double happiness


  • Aston  1 years ago

    August = 8th MonthAugust 8th = 88wait a minute

  • Carson  8 months ago

    It is August 08 so that means 808 also known as TR-808 drum machine which started the birth of electronic music.

  • Derek Spaeth  1 years ago

    Read the description- 88 is double happiness

  • Troy Frost  1 years ago

    Joji and this guy august 8 gave 88 rising a different vibe and I love it🤙🔥

  • Abdul Malik  1 years ago

    Niki x August 08 i think it's gonna 🔥🔥

  • Blaank  1 years ago

    Troy Frost can't forget niki

  • Theo Isaac  1 years ago

    welcome to the 88 family bro ,, looking forward for future projects!

  • Quite an abstract feeling to your newest member. Got talent there i must say. I give this a go 👌

  • luhan's nipples  1 years ago

    I love him already

  • 沈砚  1 years ago

    nice username

  • luhan's nipples i see you everywhere

  • eanternet  1 years ago

    I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan since Arizona

  • Vanessa Ramirez  1 years ago

    SHUT CHO bitch ass up

  • Coolaid 2334  1 years ago

    Anthony Neale That was his debut

  • michael kim  1 years ago

    i can proudly say in a few years that i been listening to this dude since arizona

  • Nate Coke  1 years ago

    it's Vlogical me 2 :(

  • Namjoon's Dimples  1 years ago

    He started off with Arizona?

  • Keira Zephyr  1 years ago

    I legit searched August 08 and all I found woz dates

  • Wayan Roux  1 years ago

  • Aidin Tran  1 years ago

    Hey Its me because this is only his first solo song with only one other with Brian

  • Daniela Cecchini  1 years ago

    [Intro]HeyHeyHey[Chorus]Don’t say it at my funeralSay it to me nowDon’t say it at my funeralSay it to me now[Verse 1]Why won’t you wake upWhy won’t you wake upBeen through the trenchesBeen through the mayhemI see the lights downI see my friends outDon’t see the purposeIn getting no loveWe just get up then we’llDust off all of the weightHollering till we feel ourVoices start to breakI don’t feel rightBut it’s better when you go awayWhile you’re thinking of the words to say[Ch...

  • Dykza Geraldo  1 years ago

    I don't know who is August 08, but this song is super duper duper dope yeaaah !!!

  • Noah Harris  1 years ago

    InsomGerald he's on Rich Brian's debut album

  • Dan's Art  1 years ago

    InsomGerald he's new to the game, I'm pretty sure...