#Throwback: Subramanian Swamy and Ram Jethmalani debate abrogating #Article370

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 5, 2019
  • This morning, Home Minister Amit Shah made an announcement in Rajya Sabha seeking to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution that grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir.

    Article 370 has often been the subject of intense debate and discussion. On December 18, 2015, a debate was held at the Constitution Club of India between Dr Subramanian Swamy and lawyer Ram Jethmalani on whether or not Article 370 of the Indian Constitution should be scrapped. The debate was organised by the Indian Union Debate Forum and moderated by Newslaundry CEO Abhinandan Sekhri.

    Dr Swamy emphasised the importance of integrating the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of India, explaining how this can be done only through the removal of Article 370. On the other hand, Jethmalani said amending the article is beyond the power of the Union government of India. He also said the article is important for the state of Jammu & Kashmir and for India as well.

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  • S S
    S S  7 hours ago

    Only one fearless leader of India..Dr Swamy.. Tremendous knowledge...🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kumar Trendzz
    Kumar Trendzz  10 hours ago

    swamy gav idea to bjp pm sll they get name swamy in onecorner.he islion only singl man defeated 45 cases evn not advocate powerful thsn any min pm

  • piyush trivedi
    piyush trivedi  18 hours ago +1

    Swami is a roaring like a lion against manish tiwari and ram jethmalani

  • Raj Pratap Singh

    Amit shah when watched this debate -- " Challenge accepted sir jethmalaani "

  • Rupendra Singh
    Rupendra Singh  yesterday

    Swami ji ne sabhi aponenet Ko patak patak kar dhoya tha waoooo. Great Jay Hind jay bharat

  • GuruOnNet
    GuruOnNet  yesterday

    Ram Jethmalani asked at the beginning whether he's supposed to argue for or against the abrogation of 370. Whatever he spoke later on was based on this assigned role in the debate.

    Ram Jethmalani's actual views on JnK issue are clearly visible in his maiden speech in RS : https://youtu.be/rb12h5msXp0

    Sep 2018 interview with journalists :

    It seems that Mr Jethmalani was over awed by the legal system and wanted to fight it out with Pakistan in International Court of Justice!! What he forgot is that Might is Right and the Laws of a nation are unfortunately subordinate to the laws of power and geopolitics.

    Otherwise Nehru would have got justice from UNSC long back. It seems Mr Jethmalani forgot this simple fact. Pakistan (and China thereafter) used the old dictum "Possession is 9/10ths of the law". It got support from Western allies then. Pure geopolitics. No question of Law involved.
    Even Constitution of India is only applicable where sovereignty of India is applicable ie it depends on govt, army and police to enforce its rules. Ram Jethmalani-ji forgot this basic fact that legal system depends on executive to carry out it's laws.

    Swamy-ji pointed out that either legally or militarily the issue will be solved. This is a realistic assessment of the situation esp given the global realignment going on in the region and globally. And this has been done partially ie part1. Now part2 needs to be done.

  • Tarpaulin House Surendar Karnawat

    Swami, you have earned a friend the one in Malgudi days

  • murali narasimhan

    Kudos to swamy. See the hits of the man. He is a economist by profession and is taking on the best legal mind in matters of law!!

  • Geogle Lam
    Geogle Lam  3 days ago

    Ram jelhmalani must he is not fit staying in India deport him.to Pakistan lot of anti national alliment still in India Congress born as corruption corrupted old junk

  • Geogle Lam
    Geogle Lam  3 days ago

    Subramaniam samy is great now subramaniam samy make India United India India is not a banana republic like Pakistan India will never bow to Pakistan

  • Kartz K
    Kartz K  3 days ago

    Nobody appreciates the role of Imran khan and Donald Trump in abrogation of article 370. The successive Indian governments were crippled by indicision for over 70 years. Trump's mediation offer pushed india to act quickly. And it was Imran Khan who pushed Trump to get involved. Without Trump's mediation offer, we would still be debating if it can be done or not.

  • Rakesh Koul
    Rakesh Koul  3 days ago

    Even Nehru is known to Have Said ' Yeh 370 article Gis Gis KE Khatam Ho Jayega " . NEHRu has SAID it . Gis Gis KR kHATAM HO jayega.

  • Pradeep Venkat
    Pradeep Venkat  4 days ago +2

    Mr.Swamy deserves to be successor to Mr.Modi...as Indian PM

  • Amit Uniyal
    Amit Uniyal  4 days ago

    Brilliant debate 👌 everyone one was educated in topic(even there was confusion, they sorted it out), knows what they are talking about, not biased. Thumps up for participants and people who conducted this. 👍

  • Shaista Khan
    Shaista Khan  5 days ago


  • Gaurav Kumar Mehra

    Kuch mila nahi kya Swamy

  • Smile Me
    Smile Me  6 days ago

    Hats off to swamy so much clarity.

  • Anwesha Sinha
    Anwesha Sinha  7 days ago

    Swami ji..... Ur witty has no comparison 👏👏👏

  • santhosh reddy
    santhosh reddy  7 days ago


  • Sunil Bharadwaj
    Sunil Bharadwaj  7 days ago

    Jethmalini has lived his life defending the corrupt and counting his days, since he has nothing better to do he is seeking some attention, well dear Jethmalani ji go and spend your last few days in the service of God 🙏🏼 370 to gaya.... Swamyji i am a big fan of yours and you think for India as one Nation and not just money making shop.... one nation one law, end of discussion...Jai Hind 🇮🇳💪🏽