I Paid Artists $50,000 to finish my Drawing

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I PAID THESE 16 ARTISTS!Hi Guys todays video I LITERALLY PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING! Rules: They have to draw for 24 hours and they must finish my drawing , comment which one you like the best!Part 1: https://youtu.be/K6sm4dYgKosCLICK ON ANOTHER ONE OF MY VIDEOS IN RECOMMENDATIONS AND I'LL BUY YOU ANYTHINGThis took a lot of time as well as $50000 which was really hard to afford but it was worth it I hope you enjoy the videoThanks for watching, have a great day everyone :))----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------► FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR I WILL THROW TURKEY• MY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/zhcomicart/• MY PERSONAL IG: https://www.instagram.com/zachhhsieh/• MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hsieh_zachary• TURKEYS IG: https://www.instagram.com/turkeyflex/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • ZHC
    ZHC  1 months ago +6154

    Subscribe and I'll take you shopping :3
    Buy merch to help! Just buy it. https://www.shopzhc.com/
    The sponsor decided not to pay last minute so I had to pay all $50,000 myself
    I need your help to fund my videos otherwise I can't keep doing these videos
    The amazing artists featured in this video:
    Shrimpy YT
    Dixxy Art
    Simon Putz
    First Comment: Cam The Ravenclaw

  • Kathryn Ann Sicam
    Kathryn Ann Sicam  14 days ago +7789

    How many times zach abuses turkey

  • James Brooke
    James Brooke  6 days ago +90

    Wow. I’m a little glad that the sponsor bailed. Not the fact that they bailed, but the fact that we got a merch store out of it.

  • Equinox wolf -_-
    Equinox wolf -_-  2 hours ago

    him: now i got another friend we go way back
    also him: Like a month ago
    Me: bruh are you serious 😂😂

  • Incecuritiez安全な

    Rip Turkeys:
    Immune system
    Self esteem
    All his bones

  • Unknown Tentacion
    Unknown Tentacion  5 days ago +271

    Do a 24 hour challenge to not bully turkey

  • 25K Subscribers With No Videos

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad ZHC didn’t get his sponsor😰😥😓
    1 like = 1000 dollars for ZHC

  • SoaR Oink
    SoaR Oink  yesterday +1

    “Back when I was 14 I was 13 or something....” LOL

  • Rose Schlueter
    Rose Schlueter  7 days ago +37

    "When I was 14, I was like 13 or something." I'm dead. 😂😂😂

  • Mia Hine
    Mia Hine  6 days ago +208

    1:53 “now that’s a good thumbnail”
    +uses a drawing of a red circle as the thumbnail+

  • Gacha gods Baker
    Gacha gods Baker  3 days ago +2

    I the middle of the video: * venom ad*
    Me:I’m going to comment this!
    Venom: so I will eat both of arms off then both of your legs and then I’ll eat your face right off your head and then you will be this armless legless headless thing Rolling down the street like a turd.. Rolling in the wind
    Me:HMMMMM meh ima still come at this hehe

  • Panda Nut
    Panda Nut  14 days ago +2191

    Who thinks that Zac should sell turkey clones on his merch store!!!

  • itachidagoat
    itachidagoat  4 days ago +3

    Instead of area 51 we should raid his house and rescue turkey

  • Mimi Hil
    Mimi Hil  an hour ago

    “I love u turkey” I’m speechless

  • Jan Elij Vallejera
    Jan Elij Vallejera  3 days ago +8

    "Back when I was 14, I was like 13 or something" ...Wise words bruh, wise words. 😂
    Btw your channel deserves way more subs.

  • Rudra More
    Rudra More  yesterday +1

    Hey ,let’s collaborate as I am also an artist YouTuber and a part of artist army

  • IamDelusional
    IamDelusional  28 days ago +2557

    Ok this guy is now officially the mr beast of art

  • Moon ashes Divine
    Moon ashes Divine  6 days ago +2

    “When I was 14 I was about 23”- zhc 2019

  • Minx Kraken
    Minx Kraken  2 days ago

    ZHC: that is a good thumbnail
    Also ZHC: Circle thumbnail

  • T O X I C
    T O X I C  17 hours ago

    "Back when I was 14, I was like- 13 or something-"