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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
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  • Unanimous Ignoramus
    Unanimous Ignoramus  21 days ago +1686

    Jayz: I’m bored
    Beyoncé: Why don’t we rent out the Louvre and film a video
    Jayz (grabing checkbook) Warm up the jet!!!

  • Miss MD
    Miss MD  1 months ago +2816

    This music video screams out "you peasant" directly at me.😭😭

  • Alejandro Martínez
    Alejandro Martínez  14 days ago +703

    This was the biggest flex in the history of music

  • Grace Owen
    Grace Owen  21 days ago +1278

    Literally knowone:
    Beyonce: i think i wanna make people look poor today.....

  • Serena Arapi
    Serena Arapi  2 months ago +5439

    the dislikes are from the people that wanted to visit the louvre that day

  • Drippin Oxon
    Drippin Oxon  1 months ago +1934

    Damn she even rented the migos for music background 😂

  • SugarHoney IceTea
    SugarHoney IceTea  1 months ago +1391

    All female artist ever: I am the queen
    Beyoncé: Hold my crown

  • Zion Williams
    Zion Williams  7 days ago +208

    My favorite part is when the woman, is combing his hair in front of the Mona Lisa. We are living art. Argue with it.

  • souf cat
    souf cat  21 days ago +639

    That moment when you are a singer ,vocalist ,and rap better than rappers 😂

  • Classic Anna
    Classic Anna  2 months ago +7268

    This video called me poor in a different language and I don't know how.

  • Carles Burton
    Carles Burton  3 days ago +15

    B take the throne .i think.beyonce already has the throne .at same Beyoncé says I ALREADY HAVE ITTTT

  • Aliyah Cole
    Aliyah Cole  23 hours ago +25

    JAY Z: "I said no to the superbowl. You need me I don't need you."
    NFL partners with Jay Z

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young  1 months ago +648

    Jay Z "Who been lion king to you"
    Beyonce*Nala in lion king*
    They were giving us hints yall!!
    (Mini explosion)

  • Dream Girl
    Dream Girl  21 days ago +394

    "You need me but i don't need you" thats a good text for my ex

  • Luka Djordjevic
    Luka Djordjevic  7 days ago +97

    I can finally see how pictures in Louvre look like, without pushing people around.

  • Lea K.
    Lea K.  7 days ago +217

    honestly I think Beyoncé should rap more often... she spits better bars than any female rapper in the game rn

  • Thatgirlv.v
    Thatgirlv.v  7 days ago +111

    She could rap better then some rappers lmaoo 2019 anyone

  • Colin Molyneux
    Colin Molyneux  21 days ago +219

    2:13 when no-one claps after your class presentation

  • Nae West
    Nae West  a years ago +13732

    It was so nice of Beyonce to include JayZ in her video lol

  • thabo radebe
    thabo radebe  14 days ago +89

    21 Savage: beyonce how much money you got?
    Beyonce: A lot