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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
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  • Itz Brooklyn  19 days ago

    This video called me poor in a different language and *I don't know how.*

  • Lawrence Szabo  2 days ago

    @Justice For America exactly! They are on another level. This video is artistic in so many ways.

  • Tyler Guyton  2 days ago

    Justice For America, couldn't have said it.. scratch that.. couldn't have THOUGHT it better myself!

  • Ouhhh Beach  1 months ago

    Director: how poor do you want to make all the peasants feelBeyonce:yes

  • @Daniel Brown that's just wrong! If it's true

  • JeffWVU  yesterday

    This is not Beyonce's strength. Sounds absolutely fucking horrible.

  • C Berge  1 months ago

    Director: how much money do you want to put in this?Beyoncé: yes

  • C Berge hahahahaha yeppp

  • J L  4 days ago

    Ariana grande: 7 ringsBeyoncé: *rents the Louvre*

  • Nastya Jackson  a years ago

    Finally I saw Louvre

  • Kian Naicker  19 days ago

    Nastya Jackson it’s amazing

  • 神死 ん だ  1 months ago

    Director: How many famous painting do you want?Beyonce: *yes*

  • 神死 ん だ  4 days ago

    ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ IS THAt AHRI

  • 神死 ん だ  4 days ago

    ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ she is goddess

  • Buyisile Buyisile  1 months ago

    these folks on a different level of wealth breh. no pointless movements in the video, just stare at the lens and let us wish we were them

  • Ray Stein  yesterday

    @A Duarte805 What's with the butthurt? Acknowledging your fear of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone, at least...#pooraduarte

  • A Duarte805  yesterday

    @Ray Stein Man work on your reading comprehension...

  • Princess Alexander  1 months ago

    5:29 Beyonce being a whole mood.

  • Dark Oasis  22 days ago

    Yes goawf QUEEN 😍

  • L S  25 days ago

    You ain't lying that's my fav part

  • Almost forgot to watch this video today.

  • CeceAri  1 months ago

    chandrika jonnalagadda LOL ikr. My local stations only play that teenie bop, wish-they-were-black-or-at-least-mixed, ariana grande type shit and Cardi B. I have to seek out the things my ears need daily.

  • Verenice Martinez  1 months ago

    She said pay me in equity. Woman got $600 million from Uber. Genius.

  • Lisa Brown  2 days ago

    @Pravin Kamble Beyonce has more money then Rihanna.. Don't forget she's "private".. U can believe that b.s. if u want to..

  • Pravin Kamble  8 days ago

    Beyonce net worth 400m$Rihanna net worth 600m$Jay z net worth 1 b$