Dana White was very unhappy and felt really disrespected by this move,Tyron Woodley on Usman

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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    Tyron Woodley on facing Kamaru Usman,
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    Michael Johnson on Andre Fili,
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    Ray Longo on Montano vs Shevchenko,
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    Kajan Johnson on Dana White,
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    And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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    MMA WORLD  2 months ago +204

    Predictions for Montano vs Shevchenko? Is there anyone picking Shevchenko to lose ...??

    • 00piper18000
      00piper18000  2 months ago

      +Chris Jackson what? Shevchnko has reach advantage against Nicco, staying on the outside is where Shevchnko wants her.

    • Nick Myre
      Nick Myre  2 months ago

      Nicco best climb out the cage to avoid the beating of her life

    • William Hemming
      William Hemming  2 months ago

      +Luis Grados that is the greatest fight prediction..... EVER!! Lol. Thank you.

    • Geno Porreca
      Geno Porreca  2 months ago

      Stop quoting Got You pussy

    PALERMO  1 months ago

    usman vs cobly the winner face woodley

  • johnnyjustbecause
    johnnyjustbecause  1 months ago

    Dana the most unprofessional boss around is upset that a fighter is unprofessional??? He can fuck right off just like Shawn schlosser at pepsi in red deer, Alberta Canada

  • FailFish
    FailFish  2 months ago

    F Dana white

  • KGB2101
    KGB2101  2 months ago

    Didn't know how much of a racist and a whiny bitch woody really is. Pathetic "victim" woody

  • Saiba Fribourg
    Saiba Fribourg  2 months ago

    Dana is a white shitty pig,

  • Kimberley Asselin
    Kimberley Asselin  2 months ago


  • J.T. Cooper
    J.T. Cooper  2 months ago

    Till was checking out Valentino's ass. Lol.

  • les antoine
    les antoine  2 months ago

    Kajan did the right thing. Can’t take a joke Bitch ass Dana

  • MyThoughtsBelow
    MyThoughtsBelow  2 months ago

    Remember when Michael Johnson was talking about eating shit?

  • Survivor M
    Survivor M  2 months ago

    Dana is an undercover racist. And a power freak

  • Paul Bomar
    Paul Bomar  2 months ago

    I thought fighters promote themselves

  • PacoVL46
    PacoVL46  2 months ago

    Woodley not wanting to fight the other guy if Till doesn’t make weight is the most disgusting thing in the UFC ever?!
    White is such a gasbag! Plus he hides behind his power! One of them days he’s gonna get it!

  • Pat
    Pat  2 months ago

    No fighter should be MADE to take fights that they didn't train for. Agree with Woodley. That would be tills' fault. Also, do more to keep fighters from pulling out of fights. Make suspensions/fines mandatory for fighters who pull out because of injuries or weight cut problems. I realize it's part of the game but it's becoming too common because of dishonest fighters, poor training methods, and because of lack of consequences. Fix the problem and quit lamming a fighter that is, actually, pretty professional in his approach.

  • Be Nice Be Nice.
    Be Nice Be Nice.  2 months ago

    Fuck Dana White .

  • Freddy79
    Freddy79  2 months ago

    official by who?good question..fucking helwani makes up fake stories.what a fucking cunt

  • PK Boxing and MMA
    PK Boxing and MMA  2 months ago

    STFU DANA. You need to step down dog. You’re starting to ruin the thing you helped build.

  • Brando Tirado
    Brando Tirado  2 months ago

    Disgusting how this people try to confuse the fans by putting that last clip from Dana reacting to McGregor bus incident to make it look like it was his reaction to the handshake incident on this video. This is a very low thing to do!👎👎

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv  2 months ago

    Haha Wooley doing a great move.. haha Nike will sign him...

  • JordeeRapAlot
    JordeeRapAlot  2 months ago

    ITS DISGUSTING............................. AND YET MC. Throwadolly IS THE MAIN EVENT IN 229