I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 11, 2018
  • So it turns out that when you return something to Amazon, instead of restocking it, they auction it off in giant liquidation palettes - where you can get thousands of dollars of stuff for a few hundred dollars!! It feels kind of like an abandoned storage unit except all online - so I bought one and unboxed it all to see if it was really as good of a deal as it looks! The Internet Made Me Buy It - but after seeing this, would you?

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    I got my box here! https://www.liquidation.com/

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +17993

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf

  • Emma B
    Emma B  5 hours ago

    theirs a reason it was returned 😂

  • Samantha Rucker
    Samantha Rucker  14 hours ago

    I live in a halfway house with woman an we could use any an everything...

  • presley Yarbrough

    I'm jealous of the water pike I have braces and those are great for them

  • PelBro Sixty-Two

    Too funny, yet informative. :-)

  • B.J
    B.J  2 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣you are sooo funny....enjoyed your video

  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford  3 days ago +1

    You have a beautiful voice . Your also pretty funny .🤣

  • Reuben Byon
    Reuben Byon  3 days ago +2

    The sleeping headphones can probably be moved under the fabric to fit your specific needs. I was confused at first too when I got mine. Sorry if I’m late

  • A Colorful Point of View

    Dude this episode was hilarious hahaha I am in my office trying to dissimulate my LOL!!

  • Kipf Kapf
    Kipf Kapf  3 days ago

    This voice is absolutely fantastic.

  • Tony Trilex
    Tony Trilex  3 days ago +1

    Why are you talking like an authoritative figure it makes no sense. You aren't a reporter lol

    DETETED DELETED  4 days ago +2

    *Safiya* = Not gonna change my intro song ( when she had her old one lol) but let's see where fiver could get me 🤔🙃👀

    uses for intro anyways

  • Abbie Philips
    Abbie Philips  4 days ago

    The finger condoms are also used when you have a cut on your finger and wash hands and put on gloves frequently

  • Missy Rose
    Missy Rose  5 days ago

    Sounds like a lot of useless garbage

  • Galaxy Kit Kat
    Galaxy Kit Kat  5 days ago

    it was santa with pentagrams bc santa and satan are the same letters

  • Lily Welshans
    Lily Welshans  5 days ago

    Maybe the lubricant goes with the finger condoms😳

  • VinylToVideo
    VinylToVideo  6 days ago +2

    Anyone find her matter of fact tone of voice over the top?

  • Hyucks;hoe
    Hyucks;hoe  6 days ago


  • jage
    jage  6 days ago +1

    When he sad OW I laughed so hard. No wonder the epi goes back. Ugh. Huh? Ewww the zapping..

  • jage
    jage  6 days ago +1

    Horror story: buy something on eBay or Craigslist some turd buys this item not "used" or "slightly used" and it's bought and it's junk. Ugh. Buy from the manufacturer straight on. Yeah. Really.