The Dead Sea Scrolls // Ancient History Documentary

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
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  • History Time
    History Time  4 months ago +817

    Hey guys. Goes without saying this is a controversial subject. I don't follow any organised religion myself but I'm fascinated by religion as a concept. Let's keep it civil in the comments please. I'm a one man team and this took a ridiculous amount of time to make. Please like and comment if you enjoyed it & by all means let me know in the comments if you didn't. Back to Early Medieval Britain next week.

  • Kearifamous C
    Kearifamous C  21 hours ago

    Amazingly beautiful ❤️

  • Jonathan Wells
    Jonathan Wells  23 hours ago

    People weren’t very nice back then.

    BRIAN THOMPSON  yesterday

    It's a hoax

  • Michael Enudi
    Michael Enudi  yesterday

    Super Awesome

  • Lana Strouse
    Lana Strouse  yesterday

    I read the Dead Sea Scrolls before the Catholic church started changing the writings. First, the name Jesus is never mentioned in the dead Sea Scrolls. The reason for this is, the one you know as Jesus was called Emmanuel (spelled jmmanuel) back approximately 2,000 years ago. Also Jesus/jmmanuel lived through the Crucifixion and married and had children and went to India. Their is a place that was kept for Jmmanuel and is still their to this day. We have been lied to about everything. The Dead sea Scrolls tells a completely different story. Reincarnation is told about and the Catholic Church had removed the Truth about Reincarnation from all Bibles. This can be proven. So point being made, Christianity did not start with the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is a lie. The Catholic Church change jmmanuel calling to Jesus Christ and it is documented and admitted to by the Catholic Church around the 1500's. You religious fanatics will never get around these facts. Will this change anything in the Religious Circles? No, it will Not. Religious brainwashing and mind control is Poison to the Human. Non-repairable. This is why the Earth Human will degenerate to almost Extinction to total Extinction. Nothing is coming to save the Earth Human. That is written in the original writings. No Jesus, No Extraterrestrials Nothing is coming to save us. This is written in stone. We must learn to save ourselves. Good luck.

  • Turtle Island Aborigine

    The only real issue I have is the depiction of everybody being white. That’s inaccurate and doing a disservice to your documentary and painting a picture that people of color played or had no part in biblical history!!!

  • Funkifizied
    Funkifizied  2 days ago

    This is a great work and told very well. I recently did a masters thesis on the second temple period and found the history presented here very accurate.

  • Corky's Stamps
    Corky's Stamps  2 days ago

    The Dead Sea is NOT 1300 m below sea level like you stated in the video. It is 430.5 m below sea level. Huge difference.

  • Okolona Pet Grooming

    You have made the best documentaries I have ever watched. May God bless you. I pray that you have a very successful YouTube channel beyond your imagination.

  • Tubo 1
    Tubo 1  3 days ago

    Sodom and Gomorrah dont have Sh$t on Las Vegas or hundreds of other party cities in the world. So where is Jesus?

  • Rai Miranda
    Rai Miranda  3 days ago

    Not treasure, but a spiritual treasure indeed

  • Jersey Stotler
    Jersey Stotler  3 days ago

    Wonderful wonderful work. Well done sir.

  • Brad Butcher
    Brad Butcher  3 days ago

    how could Cleopatra been so beautiful if they were so inbred?

  • Basil Tsantaridis

    Whats written in the Dead Sea scrolls was written millenia ago in the Orphic hymns, the source of all religions , in Greek the language we all speak !

  • Scott Shoe
    Scott Shoe  3 days ago +1

    How many countries were they kicked out of?
    Logos rising.

  • delroy washington
    delroy washington  4 days ago +1

    When I was going to school here in England I was taught that the word ''Semite'' derived from the Latin ''Semi'' which means half/divided. Therefore Semites were people that are strictly speaking mixed. So Arabs are also Semitic as are Indians and other mixed race people. I am glad that this video has clarified this. Therefore Semites are NOT simply just Jewish and Jews are NOT strictly speaking Semites because the oldest known Jews are NOT Semitic but are in fact Black Africans e.g. the Falasha of Ethiopia and the Lemba people. I am glad this documentary has highlighted this in part. Jews are NOT a Race but more of a religious culture. The people that refer to themselves as Jews in Israel are actually Kasars whose origins in Turkey. Unless all my teachers and scholars were talking BS the original Palestinians are Black people who still live in Israel but were dominated by by the Arabic Palestinians. Just saying?😊👌👍✌✨✨✨

  • delroy washington

    It appears that my comment was erased or was not posted. Highly peculiar!

    LEZLIE WIAZOWSKA  5 days ago

    Jesus never screwed......more to life than a hole in one. People get so brainwashed into this sick, sick, world. So much more to life than lust and BS.

    LEZLIE WIAZOWSKA  5 days ago

    If you are broke just go freeze to death or slit your brachial artery.The truth is the government, that are actually the Globalist Multi National Elites want us in hell, that is why they inflate the base cost of living into hell, tax the working class @ 80%, work the working class into more...until you cannot even do your job is all about sick mind games and undermining, then blaming you for not doing this stupid world system, anyways. This life is futile, no point being born.