Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Tom Nook has a special announcement…! A new mainline Animal Crossing game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019!

    #NintendoSwitch #AnimalCrossing

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  • Wagwan
    Wagwan  23 hours ago

    Pay off your debt in HD

  • Cookie Pie
    Cookie Pie  yesterday

    Yay animal crossing

  • EllieWithTheTea
    EllieWithTheTea  yesterday +1

    Yay! You should bring back aerobics, sports competition, bell debit card, the late-night ghost, Serena the Fountain Goddess/Farley, Insurance from Lyle, NES Games, Message in a bottle, Constellations and the Wishing Well!

  • Deion Greenaway
    Deion Greenaway  yesterday +1

    I can hater fan hear😒?

  • Fluffy Little Hufflepuff

    Yessss ahhhh I can't wait for this!!
    Thank you for listening to the fans! :D
    Also, am I the only one who wants a Pikmin game for the switch? That would be so cool! 😍

  • [WUT]Raven
    [WUT]Raven  yesterday

    I want this to be my first animal crossing game, but when is release date.

  • Cuphead plush Adventures

    Pls make it so that you can take over your animal crossing data from the 3ds to the switch

  • Dumuzi Nibiru
    Dumuzi Nibiru  2 days ago

    This makes me wish even more that they would release the Animal Crossing movie into English...
    Such a waste that they haven’t yet.. :/

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf  2 days ago

    Animal Crossing is liife

  • ☆Cries in Gucci☆

    Hurry up! We need information we’re not gunna wait another *7* *years* for that!

  • Dave the Duck
    Dave the Duck  2 days ago

    Gameplay please

  • Oreo Dohgeeoh
    Oreo Dohgeeoh  2 days ago

    *Aggressively looks for 3DS*

  • Devon Maxwell
    Devon Maxwell  2 days ago

    I swear, they better not delay this game. We no footage from it at all Making me nervous.

  • synthetic soundwaves

    this makes me want to get a switch JUST to play this

  • DoBeRus Channel
    DoBeRus Channel  2 days ago

    Add Russian language plz!!!

  • oh no.
    oh no.  3 days ago

    I want long hair!
    That’s out!

  • BoneyBackRivers
    BoneyBackRivers  3 days ago

    Oh my god yes

  • Bluelightning 989

    Okay so uh
    I'm kinda dumb
    *What IS animal crossing?*
    I've been looking at the game's kind of stuff and I think it looks cool. I might get it! But first I need to know about it. First off, can someone tell me what's it about?

    • Bluelightning 989
      Bluelightning 989  2 days ago

      alright then... thanks!

    • oh no.
      oh no.  3 days ago

      Bluelightning 989 it’s basically when you’re living in a town with a few villagers and you can do things like catch bugs and fish and stuff. You can do things depending on how old the animal crossing game is. In city folk and stuff u could summon a fountain goddess an stuff... in new leaf u can like play hide n seek and swim and theres actually soo many things u can do but u can only play hide n seek if a villager asks u and stuff
      YEA ITS LIKE HARD TO SAY EVERYTHING if u watch gameplays & play the game urself u’ll get it, in new leaf ur the town mayor so u can do things.
      u can decorate ur town to make it pretty
      ok just

  • Ally R
    Ally R  3 days ago +3


  • Miss Rocky
    Miss Rocky  3 days ago +4