Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Tom Nook has a special announcement…! A new mainline Animal Crossing game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019!#NintendoSwitch #AnimalCrossingSubscribe for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:


  • This was the best fakeout! Thank you Nintendo!!

  • A Random Person  2 days ago

    March 20, 2020. Let’s go bois

  • Sophi23  9 months ago

    Yes and what have we been *fighting* for since switch launch?

  • Layne Edie  5 months ago

    I hope they pay just as much attention to the soundtrack in this game compared to the other games, because honestly that was one of the key things that made animal crossing so fun and immersive, the amazing music for every possible scenario and every hour of the clock.

  • So true :)

  • Finlay Hills  22 days ago

    Yes the music is what makes animal crossing what it is

  • Camper2625  5 months ago

    Guys. Hear me out. Animal Crossing on the switch is a terrible idea. You will be giving Tom Nook EXACTLY what he wants.Once they put Animal Crossing on the Switch, entire cities will shut down for months at a time. No one will go to work.Housing debts will reach an all time high.Car accidents will sky rocket with the leading cause being fishing while on the go.Fights will break out in the streets over fossilsTarantulas and scorpions will be terrorizing people acrose the globe.Every tree will eith...

  • Yuki Kyutie  8 days ago

    This is fine

  • Clinton Vu  13 days ago


  • Picorian Mage  4 months ago

    *sits sadly in a corner while waiting for news on AC Switch5/13/19:*Continues to sit sadly (now with cobwebs and a twitchy eye) in a corner waiting for news of Animal Crossing Switch

  • A Random Person  2 days ago

    6/15/19 we have a long journey ahead of us, but boy is it worth it. We will be raiding stores for water and food for our journey to the deserted island. Scouts have come back with information on where Nook is, so we will be heading to him now for a head start. Good luck voyagers, May March 20 bring peace

  • Hannah Burke  6 days ago

    Hooray there's a date reveal!... March 20, 2020. We must wait longer... Food supplies are growing short again

  • Chemestree  8 days ago

    I came back a day before E3. We’re in the Endgame now boys and girls...

  • Chemestree  3 days ago

    @thesandwich amen brother/sister! it'll be time to give birth to a beautiful baby island!

  • thesandwich  3 days ago

    Jack Gallacher - We just found out we were pregnant with Animal Crossing switch. 9 long months until we can be blessed with an Animal Crossing baby

  • Pkrussl  9 months ago

    Thank you nintendo 🐶

  • Gacha Child  7 months ago

    Oh ok

  • ThatLazyLizard  8 months ago

    *I hope you have fun making your animal crossing cringe video, you know it will happen ;)*

  • Disappointment  4 months ago

    *(I just came form the Feb 13th nintendo direct)*My disappointment is unmeasurable

  • Jack Gallacher  5 days ago

    Same, but now we have a release date*march*

  • Compy 227  10 days ago

    June 8th here and still nothing! I swear if it’s not at E3. Well I guess there’s not much I can do but still, the fans will go crazy!

  • Starz727  5 months ago


  • thesandwich  3 days ago


  • GenoStar180  4 days ago


  • BaffledBulbasaur  5 months ago


  • ouch vicko  5 days ago

    20 may 2020

  • Ye Nah  1 months ago

    Mario Maker gets a date, gameplay footage AND a Nintendo Direct within 3 Months. We have been abandoned.

  • Ye Nah  2 days ago

    @A Random Person islands are for normies

  • A Random Person  2 days ago

    March 20 2020.