Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Tom Nook has a special announcement…! A new mainline Animal Crossing game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019!

    #NintendoSwitch #AnimalCrossing

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  • Eduardo olivas
    Eduardo olivas  11 hours ago


  • AshleyShadow Jenny
    AshleyShadow Jenny  14 hours ago


  • Isabelle De Andrade
    Isabelle De Andrade  15 hours ago

    Now that Isabelle’s in Smash Bros. Ultimate, shall we put Tom Nook in Smash too before this game comes out in 2019?

  • Goqkie Taf
    Goqkie Taf  20 hours ago

    Wait now I have to buy a switch right?

  • Acriz Caazi
    Acriz Caazi  yesterday


  • Randy Daigle
    Randy Daigle  yesterday

    If there is a weekly event where villagers can gather around a campfire with KK and have sing along nights or something similar, that would be awesome! Also I'm quite sure there will be a multiplayer thing where you can visit friends' towns like in previous games. So excited to play this with my gf (who is a super fan if I've ever seen one) when this game finally comes out!

  • yeest the text chat warrior

    I kinda want it to be like the others. Not like the 3DS or Wii version, I'm talking about the Gamecube and the DS Version. Also, If I have to use Online Play to actually play it, I will start a war with Nintendo's HQ, and skullfuck the employees. Either that, or I'll just complain about it.

  • Gavilidon The Gamer
    Gavilidon The Gamer  2 days ago +1

    If I have to use online play for it i'm done.

  • Rob Robson
    Rob Robson  3 days ago

    Thank you Nintendo!!!

  • Poster Vid
    Poster Vid  3 days ago

    I Would Hate It That Round, But It a Says It’s Not Actual Footage

  • Willow Midoriya
    Willow Midoriya  4 days ago

    Stop. I'm way to hyped over this.

  • Veemo Chan
    Veemo Chan  4 days ago

    Y as s bish

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez  4 days ago

    I cry everytime i see this, im so happy. I have all the games and now one for the Switch, im crying a lot.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana  4 days ago

    This seems like a troll, because they might be saying this to promote smash. :(

  • FrozenYeti518
    FrozenYeti518  4 days ago

    Now all I need is money for a switch

  • Vexa Grimwoe
    Vexa Grimwoe  5 days ago

    What the next Animal Crossing needs to have is a library and/or some way to create books in the game to share with friends.

  • Jared Tortellini
    Jared Tortellini  5 days ago


  • Sazzorak Skills
    Sazzorak Skills  5 days ago

    Oh no, is tom nook gonna be the mayor?

  • Kuba
    Kuba  5 days ago

    this has been the highlight game of my life

  • Luke Wright
    Luke Wright  5 days ago

    It's funny watching Tom Nook have an existential crisis and the first line he says makes it sound like you've just joined a revolution.