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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 27, 2016
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    Has planet earth ever had a close encounter with aliens?

    While UFOs and their occupants have been part of our culture for more than a century, and people from many walks of life claim to have seen them, we have no indisputable evidence that they’re fact rather than fiction, or do we? Naked Science speaks to witnesses of two of the most controversial UFO sightings, the Rendlesham Forest incident in the UK and the Phoenix Lights sighting in the US, as well as the most famous UFO incident of all time, Roswell.

    If unidentified flying objects did come from space, how could they have travelled to earth? And how could they survive in our atmosphere? We talk to leading physicists and astrophysicists about the viability of interstellar travel and whether worm holes and warp drives could make it possible. Or perhaps extra-terrestrials will send tiny self-replicating nanobots to explore our Earth?

    Close encounters originated with reported sightings of alien craft, but in the last few decades alien contact has taken a new and more terrifying twist, alien abduction. We talk to a so called ‘experiencer’ who claims to have been taken from her bed and experimented on. She believes her claims but could there be another, scientific, explanation for what she remembers? We talk to a neuroscientist who thinks he has the answer.

    Finally, Naked Science asks possibly the most shocking question of all, could aliens already be among us?


  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th  48 minutes ago

    30:28 How utterly stupid... This is an old video. because they now know it creates it's own language. And I guarantee you they would not like humans Or our abilities. And would probably shut us down.

  • Cool5380
    Cool5380  an hour ago

    jupp swampgas and flares that will do it...

  • Jessica Canfield
    Jessica Canfield  4 hours ago

    Here is a news flash for you. There have been many people who have said they have worked or seen the truth and I. The next month,week,etc they have an
    " accident ". Or there credibility has suddenly been ruined.

  • hiden narrow
    hiden narrow  5 hours ago

    Hallow Earth is the only Answer in all Question

  • 103gav
    103gav  8 hours ago

    Disbelief Does Not Prove They Don't Exist Either!

  • tony r sch
    tony r sch  10 hours ago

    do you really believe than a high civilisation will travel billions of kilometres to come to hear a visit a normal person ? those people than claim were visit for aliens are nothing more than attencion seekers

  • David Humiston
    David Humiston  11 hours ago

    Maybe aliens will take Schiff and Pelosi and Aoc...

  • Colhoun Clan
    Colhoun Clan  11 hours ago

    People saying the lights were flares from aircraft! LMFAO! 😂 FUCKKK OFFFF!!! NOTHING LIKE THOSE LIGHTS OVER PHOENIX

    BORICUA 4LIFE  15 hours ago

    I had an encounter they are not lying only difference between mine encounter and theirs is that my encounter was with my lord and Savior Jesus christ.

  • Mark Mountjoy
    Mark Mountjoy  17 hours ago

    This was annoying. 😡

    THOMAS MUHAMMAD  18 hours ago


  • STO AntiTrollDivision

    I find that Dr Shermer to be very narrow minded and completely disrespectful by claiming all of us are thick as two planks that we can't work out the difference between flares and a 2 mile wide craft right above our heads!!! I really feel sorry for him and people like him because they are the ones who are going to find it the hardest to cope with when the truth finally does come out and we can promise you it will come out and in our life times!!! In fact we wouldn't be surprised if it came out within the next couple of years. We know we are being visited by aliens and even we will still find it hard to deal with so who knows how people like him are going to deal with the new reality that smacks them right in the face and people like him can't use he's stupid reasons for it not being what it really is. lol

  • Vector
    Vector  19 hours ago

    It looks like Scientists has a little brain issue, they dont have one. And to think these are your kids teachers is very scary!

  • Becky Amburgey
    Becky Amburgey  20 hours ago

    Don't be deceived aliens do not exist, Fallen Angels who look like Hollywood Aliens do exist. I've seen them in a vision Jesus showed me. So when u read this and you standing in front of the Lord Jesus don't tell him you had no idea. Jesus Saves

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida  20 hours ago

    There are aliens under our ocean's

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida  20 hours ago

    97% are all fake

    MUXLIMO  20 hours ago

    this is a total B.S. of pseudoscience

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th  23 hours ago

    2:13 no law of physics prohibits civilizations millions of years ahead of us only God's law prohibits it understand science is evil.

  • Humpydumpf
    Humpydumpf  yesterday

    @10.12 A lighthouse!? Pffft, such amateurs! Swampgas no doubt!
    Just like building 7 during 9/11, it was swampgas that made its walls crumble at same or greater speed than terminal velocity, everybody knows that!
    It has to be! Because otherwise that would mean that every MSM outlet is either in on a big lie or to afraid to mention the powerful swampgas. Or maby it's due to concern this knowledge would cause mass panic since nobody can escape the incredible swampgas-effect, even capable of making; "peer-reviewed studies" "deemed" true both impossible and possible at the same time.
    Do not even think about question these facts, I'll obliterate every single comment with a tinfoil-hat "joke" and when greater munitions are required, I'll just remind you to "take your meds schizo".
    If all else fails, from now on I call dibs on wasting time on discussing the peer-reviewed and proven swamp-gas.

  • G Kuljian
    G Kuljian  yesterday

    Perhaps space is a medium in which information resides. Information that is not just knowledge, but even mass. A massless mass. One that is real yet has no inertia. This would explain instantaneous movements, and lack of sonic boom. It would also explain how to go from A to B within no time at all.