Mowing a Cemetery!

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  10 months ago +346

    new merch now available @ love u

  • Ramon Fuentes
    Ramon Fuentes  10 months ago +1480

    Bro just go to random peoples houses ask them if that have portraits up in there home and if they respond yes, start offerin them money and just collect hella random peoples portraits

  • JW Outdoors
    JW Outdoors  10 months ago +633

    I bought one of your Virginity Rocks t shirts and I got suspended from school for wearing it

  • Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes  10 months ago +735

    Danny is lowkey putting his money into real estate and he’s smart af for doing it tbh. No matter how stupid he may seem. He’s actually very smart/wise with his money 👍🏻💯

  • Ballistic_chicken82
    Ballistic_chicken82  10 months ago +727

    i like the florida content way better than Cali

  • EscapePlan Skateboarding
    EscapePlan Skateboarding  10 months ago +2287

    Did Danny just buy this random Asian dudes family photo of himself? 😂

  • SteveyVlogs
    SteveyVlogs  10 months ago +695

    Bruhh I was one of the few black guys in that Hockey Arena other than the worker and dude in front of me😂😂 Thanks for the ticket tho, had a blast lol🙌

  • Triix
    Triix  10 months ago +224

    Only og's would understand "no riding dirtbikes in the pits"

  • Cooper Perreault
    Cooper Perreault  10 months ago +62

    Is it just me or should he make his own “home remodeling” show?😂

  • Manuel Sousa
    Manuel Sousa  10 months ago +90

    Bruh did you really buy a I8 and made no video about it ??

  • hedley productions
    hedley productions  10 months ago +64

    I watch Danny’s ads to pay for his nandos

  • Be Ayy
    Be Ayy  10 months ago +87

    Thank u so much my great grandparents were buried there in 1950

  • Tyler Wolf
    Tyler Wolf  10 months ago +33

    where's the BBB shoes though.....

  • Aliky 17
    Aliky 17  10 months ago +22

    Bro go to more hockey games😂😂

  • M. Katze
    M. Katze  10 months ago +457

    I love how his neighbors complain so he buys their property.

  • ImAbraham
    ImAbraham  10 months ago +36

    You never run out of content and that's why I will love always love this channel.

  • saibot
    saibot  10 months ago +19

    lmao can you make a series of you fixing up this house?

  • It'z J.Stogden
    It'z J.Stogden  yesterday +1

    “Dude, imagine.” -Danny D. Duncan.

  • MJ Tv
    MJ Tv  2 months ago +5

    this man is a fucking legend idc he’s actually good at anything he attempts

  • Ox Zq
    Ox Zq  21 days ago +2

    People say I am the asshole 2 mins later enters sleeping friends room with a flame thrower 😂🤣😂🤣not a hater I just thought it was funny 😂