Kawhi Leonard's Legendary Game-Winner Heard Around the World

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
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  • Junior Gon
    Junior Gon  3 months ago +1719

    I was waiting for the Spanish guys to yell. Goooooooooooooool

  • Varun Singhvi
    Varun Singhvi  3 months ago +1034

    Gregg Popovich punching the air right now

  • Dc Light
    Dc Light  3 months ago +638

    Hardest job is being a ref...... cuz u cant cheer when that shot goes in

  • Mikael Irish
    Mikael Irish  3 months ago +837

    Kawhi be doing Toronto a solid!!

  • Gray _
    Gray _  3 months ago +534

    The best thing about this is Kawhi showing emotion lmao

  • Kai
    Kai  3 months ago +202

    God damn Koreans getting so hyped.

  • Showdown Master
    Showdown Master  3 months ago +632

    Why didn’t they show Joel Embiid crying in different Languages?

  • Minoru Mineta
    Minoru Mineta  3 months ago +308

    The following are punching the air rn:
    -76ers organization
    -Spurs organization
    -DeMar DeRozan
    -Zaza Pachulia

  • johnnyguitar2929
    johnnyguitar2929  3 months ago +112

    Wow, Canadian sure sounds a lot like English.

  • Nicholas Yu
    Nicholas Yu  3 months ago +255

    The Turkish guy had the most passion

  • Franco F6
    Franco F6  3 months ago +268

    This moment in time should be commemorated as an international holiday:
    The Kawhi

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful  3 months ago +208

    Gregg Popovich wants to know your location, huahuahehau

  • Isaias Rivas
    Isaias Rivas  3 months ago +77

    Korean call was the best!!

  • SwaggKingGaminghd
    SwaggKingGaminghd  3 months ago +144

    Best playoffs in a very long time. I didn't think dame 40ft could be topped. Kawhi said hold my new balance ima show you something lol

  • 김유중
    김유중  3 months ago +131

    Korean Translation
    Gasol to Leonard
    Time is falling
    3 sec, 2 sec, 1 sec, Leonard~~~~~!!!
    got...got..... got it!!!!!!!!
    Kawhi Leonard!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry  3 months ago +67

    0:54 That dad humping his kid

  • Tito Santos
    Tito Santos  3 months ago +77

    The Claw is a Raptor... OMFG so fitting. He has to stay in Toronto for the rest of his career for flavor purposes.

  • Tech Knewz
    Tech Knewz  3 months ago +63

    A scream and a laugh are universal 😂

  • Shawn Seeley
    Shawn Seeley  3 months ago +37

    Zaza Pachila: All apart of my plan Gentlemen.

  • twerk@work
     3 months ago +20

    S Korea one made me LMAO
    Those guys have spirit!
    So happy to see support for Raps all over the globe