Reading Mean Comments with John

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
  • Week two of Pizzamas begins with a REUNION VIDEO!

    This time, I realized that we can search our comments for "John looks like" and "Hank looks like" and similar things to find who (and what) people think we look like over the years. Having literally hundreds of thousands of comments on this channel is an amazing honor, honestly. Reading through comments from deep in the history of this channel was really wonderful.

    Also, very funny.

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  • vlogbrothers
    vlogbrothers  11 months ago +566

    HANK DID NOT PUT A LINK TO PIZZAMAS STUFF SO I WILL! All the Pizzamas stuff is ONLY AVAILABLE for the next few days. Get it now! Today's the day you put my face on your torso! -John

  • AlmiraBat
    AlmiraBat  7 days ago

    The best comments made them blush. :) I can say this because they weren't racy!

  • Fatema Khanpurwala

    Both of u r just adorable

  • Geena Conn
    Geena Conn  a months ago

    i got johns roast..

  • Kracky Comix
    Kracky Comix  a months ago

    Ngl when I first saw megamind I thought Bernard was a reference to John

  • ninjamafia192
    ninjamafia192  a months ago

    Isn't the guy on the right the one from the end of Cyberchase?

  • Sarah the Book Dragon

    Ok but is Bernard from megamind not based on John green?!

  • aabaa
    aabaa  a months ago

    John Green looks like the great chess player Levan Aronian

  • Ollie Hernandez
    Ollie Hernandez  a months ago

    "John looks like a tired man trying to look wide awake."


  • floof_hair
    floof_hair  a months ago

    I used to think that John was just Hank with 5 'o clock shade

  • Sayantan Mukherjee
    Sayantan Mukherjee  a months ago

    That James Potter thing never crossed my mind.
    It's sooooo true.

  • kaja mann
    kaja mann  a months ago


  • ScumRx Mobile Detailing

    I TOTALLY!!!! thought Proclaimers when I saw you first.

  • raineca
    raineca  a months ago

    Then you realize Snape should have been in his early 30's (Alan Rickman is always a win, but something to think about!)

  • CHRISTINE kawasiima
    CHRISTINE kawasiima  a months ago

    John looks like middle aged Harry Potter

  • CHRISTINE kawasiima
    CHRISTINE kawasiima  a months ago

    John looks like middle aged Harry Potter

  • Jess Wilson
    Jess Wilson  a months ago +1

    Anyone else remember that time when everyone on Tumblr decided independently to bully John Green, but o n l y John Green?

  • AlmiraBat
    AlmiraBat  2 months ago +1

    My face moustache comment was 'Ned Flanders double', but only because I've been feeling nostalgic for the old Simpsons of the 90's...

  • Tova Reznicek
    Tova Reznicek  2 months ago

    As I take leave of the US to enjoy universal healthcare in the Middle East (bombs no longer outweigh dental/eye coverage after 45 it seems) this video will remain testament to how America rocks. Thanks for keeping America great guys.

  • Katherine K
    Katherine K  2 months ago

    Still one of my favorite videos from you guys