First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: A New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Introducing Nintendo Switch Lite – a compact, lightweight console that's dedicated to handheld play!This new addition to the Nintendo Switch family arrives September 20th in three different colours.Visit our official website to find out more about Nintendo Switch Lite and compare features to find the right Nintendo Switch console for you!Official Website:► Subscribe:► Facebook Nintendo Switch:► Twitter Nintendo UK:► Instagram Nintendo UK: #NintendoSwitch


  • Lord Shrek  12 days ago

    Trailer: A bunch of people who all have Switches meet up and play some games Reality: Sitting in a dark room for hours playing alone

  • Spino Raptor  yesterday

    U are the wisest

  • memey boii  yesterday

    @Ben Willock no just in my dark quiet room crying and eating ice cream while playing smash Bros

  • Wew Lad  11 days ago

    they missed a great marketing pun by not calling it Light Switch

  • Nicholas Sylve  8 days ago

    That's clever 😂

  • AdzzXYZ  10 days ago

    @Obama Bin Laden yes I get it now

  • Neutron Toad  11 days ago

    So if I collect all 3 infinity switches, I can... 1:29?

  • Eimaste Xazoi  5 days ago


  • MK Gaca  8 days ago


  • MetCleric  11 days ago

    Jerry decided to play his Nintendo switch in space instead of monitoring the fuel pressure like he was supposed to.Jerry’s lifeless body now floats around in space.Jerry made a bad choice.Don’t be like Jerry.

  • Itz Adam  5 hours ago


  • Ocean Tomkins  3 days ago

    Simply awesome and funny as F

  • DA Destroyer  10 days ago

    Actually this version was not designed for handheld play, it was designed for people that hate sharing

  • Akane Himegami  5 days ago


  • DA Destroyer  8 days ago


  • rec rec  12 days ago

    Can't wait to play my switch somewhere at a random bench with my diverse group of friends

  • rec rec  12 days ago

    @Are you okay? Yep, wanna become one of them?

  • Toni Adebambo  11 days ago

    Finally i can go to the skate park and not skate but use the gameboy advanced 2020 edition(aka nintendo switch lite)

  • Karabo S'loane  5 days ago

    on a bicycle!!!

  • SGT Wolf  9 days ago

    @PAINNN666 What?

  • King Cantona  11 days ago

    The clip at the skatepark is blatant lies nobody would be able to see anything in that sunlight.

  • I can see my Switch in the sunlight

  • Barney Channel  10 days ago

    King Cantona Apparently the console has some special glare resistant screen possibly.

  • The Greene  11 days ago

    Whenever i go to space my joy cons float away I'm on my 11th pairI am looking forward to the switch lite

  • Taus Enrico  2 days ago

    @Sammy Lawrence Lover it isn't

  • Taus Enrico it is out.........

  • Alfa  11 days ago

    2:22 you're missing out on all the fun ! Go rock climbing, did you pay the entrance fee just to play switch? Lmao

  • queen potato  10 days ago

    She is