The Reason Why R. Kelly Will Serve Life...

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
  • The Reason Why R. Kelly Will Serve Life...
    R Kelly is a world-renowned male R&B singer with numerous awards to his name. R Kelly has released 17 studio albums which is ridiculous some of the greatest singers don't even have half that. R Kelly is often referred to as a king in the genre of R&B. R. Kelly was born and raised in Chicago where he grew up in a bad environment. Yet, that didn't stop or inhibit R. Kelly's success, in reality, it drove him towards it. It seemed that all odds were stacked against R Kelly. From where he was raised all the way to his learning disabilities but where there is a will there is a way and that way was definitely found. We all know how successful and full of accolades R Kelly has but that doesn't outshine his real self. In this video, we break down why R Kelly could potentially serve life. R Kelly has been accused of many things in his life and some that are really terrible but now they might've caught him. Thank you for watching and supporting our community.

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  • William Hulings
    William Hulings  17 hours ago

    R U serious Kelly???

  • Brian S
    Brian S  2 days ago


  • Adrianne Carter
    Adrianne Carter  2 days ago

    Are you serious R. Kelly

  • Shamik Atom
    Shamik Atom  2 days ago


  • Fred Bennett
    Fred Bennett  2 days ago

    He was aaron hall copycat

  • Timothy Scott
    Timothy Scott  2 days ago

    Ass rapped for life here we come...umm miss yea buddy

  • Joey Arkane
    Joey Arkane  2 days ago

    I genuinely fancy your creativity. Keep carvin the dope work!

  • Khosi Khuma
    Khosi Khuma  3 days ago +1

    Its saddening that to this day some people still defend him,they worried about his voice going to waste,the voice of the devil mindyou,but what about to lives he destroyed?

  • Le F
    Le F  3 days ago +1

    That statement you made "He was clear of those charges, but they will or could be used against him" in my mind doesn't make sense, if these cleared charges can be used against him or anybody then they we're cleared!!

  • Leo Jones
    Leo Jones  3 days ago +1

    I disagree r Kelly didn't do s*** wrong Domino hot little b**** did it all

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green  5 days ago

    I think R kelly is innocent.

  • Shirley Mitchell
    Shirley Mitchell  6 days ago +1

    One beautiful voice gone to waste why man why

  • Bobby Luna
    Bobby Luna  6 days ago


  • kings of the Libra 1962

    R. Kelly is facing 40 counts and 500 years in Prison. He will do life for sure and die in Prison

  • Sharp Visual Art
    Sharp Visual Art  7 days ago


  • Chase Nixon
    Chase Nixon  7 days ago +6

    This is got to be the first time in history when a man is put in prison because some woman is mad because she was rejected by him.
    If this was a woman be accused of doing the same abuse to men. They would say move on with your life. You can't make someone love you and there is no law saying they have to.

  • Benito Davis
    Benito Davis  7 days ago +3

    Another convicted black but yet they still let the white man get away

  • illgil26
    illgil26  7 days ago

    This is the remix edition- of a rapist in prison. Gone give up those cheeks- so every convict can listen ( listen now)

  • Lala Lan
    Lala Lan  7 days ago


  • Barry Hall
    Barry Hall  7 days ago

    Make a video about will smith