Strongman Robert Oberst Shares His Worst Injuries | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1321 w/Robert Oberst:


  • Evan Stock
    Evan Stock  1 months ago +903

    Joe Rogan is basically Oprah for men

  • K e
    K e  1 months ago +586

    Looks like Bam Magera got ripped

  • Darbo Boyle
    Darbo Boyle  1 months ago +316

    you are a wizard now harry

  • Malcontent
    Malcontent  1 months ago +447

    Sounds like this guy has nothing else to lose, might as well do some DMT with Joe.

  • Nick Muller
    Nick Muller  1 months ago +170

    Joe, you should try and get Brian Shaw on, dude is a beast but also one of the nicest people on earth.
    Plus he is arguably the strongest American ever

  • Elreypachuco
    Elreypachuco  1 months ago +138

    Strongman athletes suffer through some of the gnarliest injuries you'll ever hear of. Super hardcore sport.

  • Trippy Bruh
    Trippy Bruh  1 months ago +149

    Please get this guy + Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw on next time please Joe?

    M-BASSY  1 months ago +120

    I just googled this guy and he is 6'8". That's frikin terrifying!

  • Carson Price
    Carson Price  1 months ago +253

    This dude is the man! Thanks for having him joe!

  • Jordan King
    Jordan King  1 months ago +261

    Dude could of been paralyzed. This is why you don’t deadlift the back of a truck. If he got an MRI I bet you his spine looks like a god damn science experiment

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers  1 months ago +70

    No wonder he said deadlifts arent worth it.

  • R0b0saurus Rex
    R0b0saurus Rex  1 months ago +47

    Being an athletic champion is more a test of how much pain you can deal with. This dude is a beast (not just by how he looks)

  • Misty Stewart
    Misty Stewart  1 months ago +67

    I feel bad for guys like this. As strong as the muscles are, the ligaments and tendons arent increasing in strength. Nobodies knees are meant to carry 440lbs, whether its fat or solid muscle. No heart is made to oxygenate 440lbs of tissue.
    I hope that when he retires hes able to drop 100. Hes still going to be a giant compared to most of society.

  • Dane Hales
    Dane Hales  1 months ago +168

    I know this is random but this swipe shit YouTube added is gay dude. I think it was just fine with the old way

  • Ethan Mullen
    Ethan Mullen  1 months ago +83

    I'm not kidding, this guy's head is deadass twice the volume of mine. I'm being quite serious, that thing is massive

  • Jim83 J
    Jim83 J  1 months ago +30

    For anyone who doesn’t know about wsm
    Oberst’s highest finish is 8th... just think about how good the other guys are.
    I doubt he will ever win it tbh but the guy is a monster

  • Zach Moss
    Zach Moss  1 months ago +107

    This guy, Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Hafthor, and Larry Wheels, is what is missing from everyone's lives.

  • A C4th
    A C4th  1 months ago +23

    Might as well leave some blood on the bar! That's my new fav saying. Strongmen are so hardcore.

  • Ryan Gibson
    Ryan Gibson  1 months ago +12

    Joe please have Matt Carriker on! Would rival some of your most popular pod casts in my humble opinion. He’s a great dude.

  • Carlos De la Madrid
    Carlos De la Madrid  1 months ago +5

    i said woooww in unison with joe rogan, LMAO thats all you can say to that, "my back poped, and my leggs went numb" yeah thats hardcore