Strongman Robert Oberst Shares His Worst Injuries | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1321 w/Robert Oberst:


  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith  yesterday

    Oberst is a good lad but hes a poorman's Eddie Hall

  • eltoro fitness
    eltoro fitness  7 days ago


    KILLER DESTROYER  7 days ago +1

    4:04 me every day

  • Bo Luan
    Bo Luan  7 days ago +2

    That Hercules hold story is exactly why they make the contestants GTFO as soon as they're injured.

  • Cristian Gamboa
    Cristian Gamboa  14 days ago

    I did have insurance, that is great Merica is.

  • Josh ua
    Josh ua  14 days ago

    What a likable great guy

  • Why Zed
    Why Zed  21 days ago

    Craziest part of this interview was how small Robert makes Joe look. Normally Joe is pretty big relative to the guest haha

  • Helt Fläng
    Helt Fläng  21 days ago

    Get Nas on the show!

  • Stoner Simpson
    Stoner Simpson  a months ago

    It’s really shit that you need private health insurance to get simple check ups and tests done in America

  • slimunique84
    slimunique84  a months ago

    Rob honestly seems super cool. Ive changed my oppinion of thor. Even lw fot the younger gen seem cool.

  • doug clark
    doug clark  a months ago

    Hearing him talk about not getting treated due to lack of insurance makes me glad to be British and have the NHS.

  • S Gibbo
    S Gibbo  a months ago

    His spine is probs 40% scar tissue

  • Beth Meyers
    Beth Meyers  a months ago

    ROBERT! These stories are horrific. Your legs were numb for 2 months and you kept on training? You could have been paralyzed from further injuring yourself. I don't have insurance either and it sucks. Every American should be able to have insurance but what is a joke is 100 % coverage insurance(Medicaid) is given people who refuse to work and rich people can obviously afgord ins. so only the working class struggles to pay for ins. and ginormous medical bills. Aaaaaaggghhh!

  • John Smith
    John Smith  a months ago

    Don’t need an mri for herniated discs. It’s precisely as he describes the symptoms. They never ever ever go away.

  • Real homosexual hours
    Real homosexual hours  a months ago +1

    This guy reminds me of when i started deadlifting. I brought iron plates that were shorter than usual olympic plates(much more pressure on the back) and started deadlifting in my home ,very uneven surface with absolutely no experience or knowledge. Pulled 220 easily,got overconfident. So pulled 265,easy. So went for 308,wasnt pretty but i did it. So pulled 353. I did complete the lift out of ego but i got the same thing Robert had-couldnt move for 2 months. Im lucky i didnt slip a disc or two.
    For reference i was 17,6'1",165-170 range and not athletic. That was basically my first year working out.

  • tmccarverjr
    tmccarverjr  a months ago he has a reply to this video

  • iambiggus
    iambiggus  2 months ago

    Dude crunched a disc and it pinched a nerve... if I had to guess.

  • Vrerelious FellShadow

    I did that to mine i believe doing a heavy deadlift,well heavy for me,not 800 lbs,475 and my side did something and i heard a pop and now when i lay down i get a pinch in my left side and it shoots down into my legs and causes a numbing.

  • Lakers fan
    Lakers fan  2 months ago

    Why are all these 'strong men' always fat

  • h0lsteiN
    h0lsteiN  2 months ago +2

    Try to get eddie hall on here, hes really funny