Nintendo Switch Online & NES Controllers | Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 featuring the newest updates for Nintendo Switch Online & NES Controllers! NSO is available now.

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  • Shipreck of the Ocean

    Have fun getting $80 a year because of loyal splatoon addicts who live in their basement :) Also, so petty of you, deleting a video to get rid of the dislike bar 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Eduardo olivas
    Eduardo olivas  11 hours ago

    Why 😢😢😢😢 I can't playing

  • AlphaShyGuy
    AlphaShyGuy  12 hours ago

    Just be glad you’re not an XBox virgin who has to spend $60 a year.

  • Julissa Cruz
    Julissa Cruz  14 hours ago

    who wants to just go turn in there nintendo switch and buy any other console instead of this

    ACE SAMM  19 hours ago

    P.S. -Guys- Haters: Today is the new Splatfest but the game constantly forced me to buy Nintendo Switch Online so Nintendo Network is useless now. I’m not saying I hate Nintendo Switch Online it’s just it is Nintendo’s Xbox Live Gold/PlayStation Plus. So that is just the basics and I’m afraid that neither of the teams will win.

  • SuperROMANIA 65

    Guys, is bad you need a Debit card or paypal account.
    I don't have anyone of these

  • Yoshi the beast

    I wanna get a Wii u now

  • Eater of Larvae

    Hey idiots who still dont get it, the price is not the problem.
    The price is NOT the problem.
    T h e P r i c e I s N o t T h e P r o b l e m.
    Get it yet?

  • Gold Yoshi
    Gold Yoshi  2 days ago

    anyone with a nes classic (moded or not): Hay~~~"screw you nonfriendamn"

  • Abdul
    Abdul  2 days ago +1

    Reuplaoding this video doesn't mean you don't get dislikes. Now you get double as much dislikes from me.

    • NoobishSkittle
      NoobishSkittle  3 hours ago

      Abdul this video was technically just a reupload of the original online service trailer so I’m not wrong. And yeah bro I’m totally an epic robloxer

    • Abdul
      Abdul  8 hours ago

      +NoobishSkittle Says the roblox kiddie. Did you even read the entire comment?

    • NoobishSkittle
      NoobishSkittle  17 hours ago

      Abdul damn bro thanks for teaching me that 50k x 2 = 9k

  • DrEvBoss The Idiotic Gamer

    i got a solution for the splatoon proplem just dont have the ranks in local files and instead make you go online to see your ranks

  • [NT] Jitterbug
    [NT] Jitterbug  2 days ago

    Think about this. This could be useful and actually a lot better than before.

  • Trash Bandit
    Trash Bandit  2 days ago

    Love Roms died because of this.

  • Ratchet the lombax 2018

    Nintendo please! Just get rid of this service! I really want to play with my friends! I really do! But since of this service I can't! Isn't playing with you're friends part of the fun??? You're basically disrespecting Iwata! And I am sorry if I had to mention him but c'mon! Even he knew that would of been a bad idea!

  • Lord Daskar
    Lord Daskar  2 days ago

    Goodbye Splatoon 2. I’m not paying $20 extra to play a game I ALREADY BOUGHT.

  • Misael Roblox gamer
    Misael Roblox gamer  2 days ago +1

    Can you also make another update for the Nintendo switch to get rid of this

    • Crazeator Austin
      Crazeator Austin  2 days ago

      Misael Roblox gamer I hope they will. Or, at least, fix it to make it worth $20.

  • cj olejnik
    cj olejnik  2 days ago


  • Soul Solis
    Soul Solis  2 days ago

    Also, who is really *TRIGGERED* to look at his awkward smile...?
    I just can't stop thinking of the devil within them at this point.

  • Soul Solis
    Soul Solis  2 days ago +1

    Did they REALLY ask for the Hate !?
    Okay then... *D I S L I K E*

    • Crazeator Austin
      Crazeator Austin  2 days ago

      Soul Solis Might I add that Joy Cons are also wireless, making NES controllers even more useless.

    • Soul Solis
      Soul Solis  2 days ago

      Crazeator Austin They are actually becoming Apple...

    • Crazeator Austin
      Crazeator Austin  2 days ago

      Soul Solis
      $80 JOYCONS: Motion controls, use vertically, use in handheld mode, HD Rumble, NFC Reader
      $60 CONTROLLER: Wireless.

  • *-GLaDOS-*
    *-GLaDOS-*  3 days ago

    4:18 59.99 what?