Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !

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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to
    Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !

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  • Wolf Bandit
    Wolf Bandit  6 minutes ago +1

    At 4:02 she literally could've used HER COFFEE TABLE.
    👇🏻 Make this blue if YOU AGREE to ME.

  • Chris Owen
    Chris Owen  25 minutes ago

    I have actually tried the one with the swimming cap and believe me it doesn't work

  • Banana_Bread_Gacha
    Banana_Bread_Gacha  53 minutes ago

    The pool warm trash can thing works it just takes a few minutes

  • Lacey Brooke
    Lacey Brooke  2 hours ago +1


  • Powergirl
    Powergirl  4 hours ago

    Black gets fast hot and than your pool too

  • Gacha Pro
    Gacha Pro  5 hours ago


  • Benita Moussallem
    Benita Moussallem  5 hours ago

    Yes it makes it warm

  • andy dawson
    andy dawson  10 hours ago

    0:58 it is underwear not a bikini .

  • Phong Lai
    Phong Lai  11 hours ago


  • Kaylee Alfaro
    Kaylee Alfaro  13 hours ago +1

    i sis the pool hack no it did not work it warm up at the top but the bodmon so it was still cold

  • Mihai Morosanu
    Mihai Morosanu  14 hours ago

    Leave the tea back in the hot tea.😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think you mean hot WATER

  • Tyler Jameson
    Tyler Jameson  15 hours ago


  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith  15 hours ago

    Yes it does

  • Gemma Rodriguez
    Gemma Rodriguez  16 hours ago

    5:07 science with azzy

  • Taylor Naples
    Taylor Naples  16 hours ago

    Sorry my pool is closed

  • Evelyn Chaparro
    Evelyn Chaparro  16 hours ago

    6:50 i lost my ring. Kim Kardashian: I LOST MY 10000 DOLLER RING IN THE OCEAN!

  • Flor Lopez
    Flor Lopez  17 hours ago

    Please sub to my video

  • Flor Lopez
    Flor Lopez  17 hours ago

    Yes it does help it,no you can't leave it they it will not work if you leave the tea

  • Michaela Bergstrom
    Michaela Bergstrom  17 hours ago

    I have a pool and it does work thanks 5 min crafts

  • Suzanne Hatoum
    Suzanne Hatoum  18 hours ago

    What the heck did they really have to work I mean this is lazy life hack uhh literally lazy life hacks o my god