Donald Trump's Disgusting Puerto Rico Conspiracy, Hurricane Florence, Debby Ryan, Rihanna & More

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • THURSDAY! It’s a long one… Stay safe out there, y’all.
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    Trump’s Comments on Puerto Rico & Backlash:

    ‘Insatiable’ Gets A Season 2:

    Rihanna’s Diverse FENTY NYFW Show:
    Full Show:

    Revolve’s Body-Positive Miss:

    Is North Carolina Ready for Hurricane Florence?:
    North Carolina Shelter Information:
    South Carolina Shelter Information:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  4 months ago +1561

    Whew. It’s a long show today, and now we gotta try to figure out Friday show. Everyone go send Editor James ALL the internet hugs RIGHT NOW. <3
    Trump (00:06), Insatiable (6:45), TIA (7:47), Rihanna NYFW/REVOLVE Controversy (9:10), Hurricane Florence (13:23)

    • The NPC
      The NPC  3 months ago

      The story with Revolve PERFECTLY shows what happens when you try pandering to SJWs. They're NEVER satisfied. This is why people of the counter-culture grow more popular. This is why people like my favorite YouTuebr of all time, iDubbbzTV, are so popular. Free Speech/Comedy absolutists that don't censor themselves to appease these puritanical and authoritarian vultures. Companies that just don't bother with SJWs or apologize for stupid do great. Fuck these people.

    • 247phil
      247phil  4 months ago

      Diego Camacho  Dude.... did you actually READ the link that you put up? The facts that Phil reported are in line with the story that you posted. The FULL story! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • 247phil
      247phil  4 months ago

      Boosted Nova  In my experience, the PDS does not gaslight or participate in outrage. How many times have you heard Phil just tell a person to just go F themselves when he thinks people are being pussies?
      I don't think you understand what the PDS piece is about, nor do you understand the study itself. Based on your comment, I actually looked up and read the study. The GWU study concludes 2,975 “excess deaths”. That DOES NOT mean that the deaths themselves were estimated or that there were not in fact that many people who died.
      It means that there were 2,975 ACTUAL deaths that were PREVENTABLE. These extra deaths occurred due to a lack of proper resources (such as clean water, power, or shelter) for the people of Puerto Rico. The GWU study could have actually tacked on more if it was really a partisan attack, BUT they capped the overall culpability of FEMA due to issues that were reported with Puerto Rico's own emergency response teams.
      The report DIRECTLY proves that what you typed above is false. Besides that, Phil's story is more about how Trump specifically is just making the news about him when it's really NOT. The report came out on FEMA, not Trump. So in my opinion, if Trump would just STFO and let the news cycle run, no one would have thought about it again in 2 days! Instead, that narcissistic orange peel just let his 7-year old ego get all butt-hurt again and then start Tweeting... Trump is a whiny little ____.
      Then again, so was Hillary. Jesus, where is Ben Franklin when you need him....

    • Reiyn Storhm
      Reiyn Storhm  4 months ago

      I know I'm "late to the party" but I wanted to comment on the NC anti-science law. I was living in NC when the hurricane and then tropical storm Jasmine hit, and the damage the flooding did to the state while terrible, brought to light a long-term and deliberate problem. The laws regarding the pig farms in the state had been relaxed so far that there really were no provisions or plans for the tragedy in terms of loss of life of the animals or the fact that the pig pens "septic systems" flooded creating significant areas of backflow. As much as it bothers me that any Governmental body would choose to turn a blind eye to inconvenient truths I can't say that it surprises me.

    • Oilibhia Troxell
      Oilibhia Troxell  4 months ago +1

      Philip DeFranco Hey Phil, can I get a pretentious hat?

  • BehindTheScenes WithJenn

    What.. Putting hateful messages on shirts or jackets is not okay. It is not okay to body shame a person even if it is going to a good cause. Is still wrong, no matter what their weight is.

  • Claire Gallagher
    Claire Gallagher  17 days ago


  • April Sunshine
    April Sunshine  2 months ago

    A peurto rican police officer called into a radio show and we have her on tape saying the US delivered plenty of supplies but the corrupt leaders would not allow the people to have it.
    This video also shows footage of american soldiers delivering pallet after pallet of free food and water, as well as the mayor standing in front of tons of food, badmouthing Trump instead of delivering it to save the lives of the people. I find it hard to believe Trump is the "disgusting" one in this situation.

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny  2 months ago

    Id rather where a hentai shirt then those sweatshirts like sorry that who wants to wear a bullying shirt id rather have a anime girl with massive tiddies then this shit

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny  2 months ago

    Nah fam its those dam gay ass frogs that killed all those Puerto Ricans, Alex Jones was right all along

  • C Schmi
    C Schmi  2 months ago

    You're right, Trump shouldnt have made it about him but Cruz also said, "People died on your watch." She made it about him as well. I dont think he caused the hurricane. It doesnt matter who was president, 3000 people still would have died.

  • Adhunik Manav
    Adhunik Manav  3 months ago

    It's actually mind blowing how Black and White the world has gotten. By all accounts and facts, Human beings and their emotions and their decision are very very nuanced. It's so many shades of gray that we have not been able to record every thing about them. So when I see people reacting to the T-Shirt slogan as fat shaming I'm just dumbstruck. Are there fat people in the world? My god yes! Are a large number of those people fat because they can't help it, because they suffer from certain ailments such as Hyperthyroidism and such? Absolutely. BUT! Are there fat people in the world who are just lazy fucks? You can bet money that there are and you can fucking quote me on that, because guess what! I'm one of them. I'm 5'8" and "Weight almost 100 KG. I don't suffer with any ailment or condition that would make me weigh 100 KGs. I'm just lazy as fuck. I like sleep too goddamn much to get my ass to the gym. There was once a time when I really started working out and lost 20 KGs and felt amazing. But then my motivation was run over my a speeding truck and I gained it all back with the help of McDonalds and Dominos. I'm fat it's not beautiful and i accept that. I feel ashmed in myself when i see myself in the mirror and you can take that "You're beautiful as you are" slogan and jam it up your ass. Maybe someone will find me truly beautiful as I am and If I find that person I'll be truly blessed but to the majority of people I'm just fat and I accept that. So dear fat people who are fat just because they're lazy like me, accept that you're fat. And If you do decide to get thin do it because you want to do it for yourself and not because society frowns upon you. And maybe also because diabetes will hit us first. I'll finish by saying that this rant was ONLY for the people who are fat by choice and not those who are fat due to some physical condition they can't control.

  • Jaaa C
    Jaaa C  3 months ago

    Why aren't you talking about how the mayor of Puerto Rico left the food sent there to sit and rot so they could blame Trump for not helping? When you started your ad agency with your patrons money did you neglect the news side of things? I hope the companies I invest in don't start doing start seeing my money as a gift. I'm sure wall street would be happy but the DeFranco investment model is shit to the investors.

  • Del Stewart
    Del Stewart  3 months ago

    Imagine that Lena Dunham is involved in a controversy and takes 0 responsibility and throws others under the bus. Who'd have guessed? Can we finally just all agree she's just a garbage person and make her go away now?

  • Guardian
    Guardian  3 months ago

    If your quotes can be taken that badly out of context and reacted to as if it's 100% serious, you're doing it wrong. There are too many thin people still fat shaming for that to be an Obvious Joke. Lena Dunham specifically is human garbage anyway so I'm not surprised.

  • Hellion Shark
    Hellion Shark  3 months ago

    The shirts were a terrible idea, not because they don't have context when you wear them, but also because, yet again, it's something that talks about whatever issues as a money grab.

  • MalMeoww w
    MalMeoww w  3 months ago

    Late to the game but I hated the fat shaming idea of insatiable. Decided to watch it. Loved it and didn't feel like it was fat shaming

  • Keyshla Hernandez
    Keyshla Hernandez  3 months ago

    The water was needed, i know so cause i lived it! People died from leptospirosis cause we did not have ENOUGH WATER! so saying it was not needed? Come one that is just disrespectful. When stores opened i payed 20 dollars yes people $20.00 usd for a pack of 24 bottles.

  • 86thislove
    86thislove  3 months ago

    I'm not watching that show but I'm glad it got a season 2. The backlash is stupid.

  • Teri Starr
    Teri Starr  3 months ago

    Revolve: No, no, no. Repeating offensive language does indeed "shine a light" on language, but it REINFORCES that language. Repeating words reinforces those words; reframe and try again. Bad staff work. Maybe these marketing/advertising social morons should hire themselves a few psychologists to consult.

  • Merl Ball
    Merl Ball  3 months ago

    Still slinging the propaganda.

  • Joseph McLean
    Joseph McLean  3 months ago

    Florence was a biiiiiitch. Two weeks later and roads are still flooding and washed away.

  • Dailym Cotto
    Dailym Cotto  3 months ago

    I am for Puerto Rico and everything was done horribly by the government of here and United States yeah FEMA help a lot butt ther so much say this topic

  • Galfor
    Galfor  3 months ago +1

    Short term gains vs long term stability.