Donald Trump's Disgusting Puerto Rico Conspiracy, Hurricane Florence, Debby Ryan, Rihanna & More

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • THURSDAY! It’s a long one… Stay safe out there, y’all.
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    Trump’s Comments on Puerto Rico & Backlash:

    ‘Insatiable’ Gets A Season 2:

    Rihanna’s Diverse FENTY NYFW Show:
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    Revolve’s Body-Positive Miss:

    Is North Carolina Ready for Hurricane Florence?:
    North Carolina Shelter Information:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  6 days ago +1542

    Whew. It’s a long show today, and now we gotta try to figure out Friday show. Everyone go send Editor James ALL the internet hugs RIGHT NOW. <3
    Trump (00:06), Insatiable (6:45), TIA (7:47), Rihanna NYFW/REVOLVE Controversy (9:10), Hurricane Florence (13:23)

    • 247phil
      247phil  2 days ago

      Diego Camacho  Dude.... did you actually READ the link that you put up? The facts that Phil reported are in line with the story that you posted. The FULL story! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • 247phil
      247phil  2 days ago

      Boosted Nova  In my experience, the PDS does not gaslight or participate in outrage. How many times have you heard Phil just tell a person to just go F themselves when he thinks people are being pussies?
      I don't think you understand what the PDS piece is about, nor do you understand the study itself. Based on your comment, I actually looked up and read the study. The GWU study concludes 2,975 “excess deaths”. That DOES NOT mean that the deaths themselves were estimated or that there were not in fact that many people who died.
      It means that there were 2,975 ACTUAL deaths that were PREVENTABLE. These extra deaths occurred due to a lack of proper resources (such as clean water, power, or shelter) for the people of Puerto Rico. The GWU study could have actually tacked on more if it was really a partisan attack, BUT they capped the overall culpability of FEMA due to issues that were reported with Puerto Rico's own emergency response teams.
      The report DIRECTLY proves that what you typed above is false. Besides that, Phil's story is more about how Trump specifically is just making the news about him when it's really NOT. The report came out on FEMA, not Trump. So in my opinion, if Trump would just STFO and let the news cycle run, no one would have thought about it again in 2 days! Instead, that narcissistic orange peel just let his 7-year old ego get all butt-hurt again and then start Tweeting... Trump is a whiny little ____.
      Then again, so was Hillary. Jesus, where is Ben Franklin when you need him....

    • Reiyn Storhm
      Reiyn Storhm  4 days ago

      I know I'm "late to the party" but I wanted to comment on the NC anti-science law. I was living in NC when the hurricane and then tropical storm Jasmine hit, and the damage the flooding did to the state while terrible, brought to light a long-term and deliberate problem. The laws regarding the pig farms in the state had been relaxed so far that there really were no provisions or plans for the tragedy in terms of loss of life of the animals or the fact that the pig pens "septic systems" flooded creating significant areas of backflow. As much as it bothers me that any Governmental body would choose to turn a blind eye to inconvenient truths I can't say that it surprises me.

    • Oilibhia Troxell
      Oilibhia Troxell  4 days ago +1

      Philip DeFranco Hey Phil, can I get a pretentious hat?

    • mabacherTV
      mabacherTV  5 days ago

      Since when do you add CC!? #LIKINGITVERYHARD

  • StartedWithAReport
    StartedWithAReport  56 minutes ago

    can you please stop being so liberal, its horrid to watch this news channel anymore.

  • Fidei Spears
    Fidei Spears  8 hours ago

    Insatiable is just a shit show tbh, there will be a big drop in viewership numbers for season 2

  • CheesyBread
    CheesyBread  11 hours ago

    Considering the Puerto Rican government held back aid supplies to make the Trump administration look bad (blaming it on "bad roads" and "lack of diesel" which was also being provided), I feel like there is a lot of truth to the "conspiracy" of the death toll being fudged. Especially when you also consider that the reporters and investigative journalists who had also looked into this were fucking liberals.

  • Girlsrock 4723
    Girlsrock 4723  15 hours ago +1

    Donald trump messed up.

  • Anime Shadow19
    Anime Shadow19  15 hours ago

    *eats popcorn* xD

  • Chimchartheepic
    Chimchartheepic  19 hours ago

    Okay but in what context would you EVER wear that? You'd look like a huge dickweed.

  • wayne chu
    wayne chu  20 hours ago


  • Secret Account
    Secret Account  yesterday

    Damn. Knowing the backstory now, I want the sweater that says "too bony to be boned". I think it would be hilarious

  • Elias Siegelman
    Elias Siegelman  yesterday

    They...banned science. They literally banned people from doing studies into sea level rises...

  • Dcruzn Jezzuz
    Dcruzn Jezzuz  yesterday

    Make the font larger. If people could easily read it at least it's easier to point out also ya big sizes

  • slickbomb
    slickbomb  yesterday

    Any chance you will admit your notion that POTUS was spouting a "conspiracy" now that POTUS' comments on the false claim of 3000 deaths is true?
    I don't care if you like or dislike a certain politician, I do care that you don't destroy the credibility of your opinions on the show.

  • commentor12
    commentor12  yesterday

    The actual number is not 3000 but over 3 million deaths, CNN forgot to blame on Trump all the people that died in hospitals of cancer and old age and accidents, from the past 75 years around all the islands there. Liberals found a new reason to impeach ?

  • kevinno
    kevinno  yesterday

    12:02 I'm not offended at the shirt or whatever, but I'm *triggered* by their spelling.
    Who's = A contraction of "who is" or "who was", I.E. "who's that"
    Whose = The possesive form of the pronoun "who", I.E. "a model whose body size..."
    FFS. This is basic stuff. Get it right companies...

  • Talia Terrell
    Talia Terrell  yesterday

    If people actually watched Insatiable they would see that it's not homophobic, body shaming or racist. It's an ok show and I'm looking forward to the second season. Shows like family guy, American dad and South Park can get a pass but this can't lol. (Love those shows too)

  • hoosierhiver
    hoosierhiver  yesterday

    Apparently Puerto Rico is harder to get to than Skull Island.

  • Samet Hayranoglu
    Samet Hayranoglu  yesterday

    Being fat IS bad

  • Samet Hayranoglu
    Samet Hayranoglu  yesterday


  • Nova
    Nova  yesterday

    Phil is getting OLD and LESS cool every day :(

  • Spy Eye
    Spy Eye  yesterday

    The left always makes every single story about trump I mean every fuckings story is about trump even if it's not about trump trump at some to do with It. THE LEFT BULLY BLAMERS.