Shea Weber Slapshot Injuries

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 5, 2017
  • Couldn't find every single Shea Weber slapshot injury but here is a lot of them so enjoy.


  • Kruise Films  1 years ago

    Anyone who purposely blocks Weber’s shot deserves an award

  • Big bio QQ  11 days ago

    Kruise Films price and rinnes house must be full of trophies and awards

  • Anyone who purposely tries to block Zdeno Chara’s shot deserves an award

  • C G  1 years ago


  • C G you’re an idiot

  • efrainthegreat  1 months ago

    He checked on Vlasic to make sure he was good because that was scary af, but the rest? Sorry bud, this is hockey. No such thing as apologies in the NHL.

  • mörkö fantti  1 years ago

    Lots of respect for those guys who go to block his shots

  • MordeX  1 months ago

    @My Dog's name is Samson you meant already won? The one who took the puck is on the winning team there

  • Good Day Mate  4 months ago

    They must have balls of steel

  • Harry  1 years ago

    Weber has a kill count at home.

  • This ruined my goalie dreams

  • macine 22  2 months ago

    Just become AHL goalie

  • GCF HenryHockey10  3 months ago

    No u niba

  • John Stepp  1 years ago

    That Vlasic one would have been a career ender. I know a lot of people miss "old time hockey" with no helmets or visors, but there's one example where it was needed.

  • In old time hockey, they had old time sticks. With modern sticks, it's crazy that the players don't wear full face visors.

  • Christopher Bertoli  3 months ago

    ​@Dooku Sloth *A lot of players are just not as tough today*Oh, they're tough, and they could absolutely take you. But, as other sports are finding out, getting hit in the head repeatedly will fuck you up hard. There's a reason people like Probert and Ewen are dead while Gretzky is still alive, and people know that. It's also bordering on exploitative at best."Hey poor kid, want a better life? All you have to do is fight all the time and die young"Not a good look for a major sport.We...

  • One could only imagine what would happen if one of those shots hit someone directly on the nose

  • Emmanuel Béland  23 days ago

    If it hit someone on the nose the person's nose would get inside his head and pierce his brain. Yay..

  • Dennis  2 months ago

    Hundred pieces of nose bone shrapnel into your brain

  • gtrick64  1 years ago

    All you can do is close your eyes and pray...

  • Lassi  2 months ago

    And try to cover your face.

  • Jens Krause  1 years ago

    gtrick64 xd

  • mörkö fantti  1 years ago

    Slapshot accuracy 41/99

  • kuu ukko  5 months ago

    Kuinka isomörko fantti olet

  • 19 Coyote 5oh  6 months ago

    @Grey Grey Are you retarded? Wait let me answer that for you, yes you are!

  • NL31  1 years ago

    Can we just talk about how the avs are 4-0 up in the first clip?

  • mr. meme man  4 months ago

    Thats tough

  • Tristan Wright  4 months ago

    Habs best the avs 10-1 lmao i was at that game