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  • Published on:  Friday, July 22, 2016
  • BLOOPERS & MORE! ►► HAIR ►► for more Smosh ►► Team Dream Machine is going under... and the employees have to come up with a way to cut the budget and save the company!Cast:Anthony PadillaIan HecoxNoah GrossmanDirector: Ryan Finnerty1st Assistant Director: Josh BrownWritten by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty, Noah GrossmanProduced by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Ryan Todd Creative Director: Joe BeretaCoordinating Producer: Peter SanchezDirector of Photography: John HaleCamera: Grant BabbittAssistant Camera: Cody PrestonTroxellSound: Josh BissettGrip: Blake ArmstrongProduction Designer: Paris PickardArt Director: Paul MoyleMakeup: Annette ChaissonWardrobe: Christine CostanzaEdited by: Michael BarryteAssistant Editor: Katie ReedPost Supervision by: Ryan FinnertyDIT/Media Mgmt: Jared WhiteBTS: Sunny PeabodyColor: Mike BurtonPA: Kevin Lau and Maria Manfre------------------------------------SMOSH 2nd: Games: Up! Cartoons: en Français: en Español:


  • Jasmine Zhao
    Jasmine Zhao  6 months ago +215

    Smosh logic: men dress as women
    Women dress as men

  • Lorna Tansley
    Lorna Tansley  a years ago +1073

    is it just me or does Noah look good as a girl

  • Oshan Herath
    Oshan Herath  2 years ago +806

    Kimber said her name wasn't on the board, but if it was, it would be wasting space and ink👌

  • RodeTranx
    RodeTranx  a years ago +426

    All she wanted to do is suc..

  • xcnji
    xcnji  11 months ago +401

    Anyone noticed that guy sleeping on the couch??

  • Lovely
    Lovely  6 months ago +109

    Noah and Anthony dressed as girls.
    Olivia and Courtney is dressed as boys.

  • Abdul Wahidi
    Abdul Wahidi  a years ago +378

    “I wanna suc all day”

  • Noah Dougie
    Noah Dougie  a years ago +294

    Noah is such a good actor and i think everyone should take him as a role model

  • Gian Reyes
    Gian Reyes  3 years ago +1775

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is hilarious?

  • Grilled Shoe
    Grilled Shoe  a years ago +434

    You’re Wel-come~

  • Nabil
    Nabil  a years ago +352

    Noah look so much like a girl

  • Sneeze
    Sneeze  2 years ago +167

    "Ur weeelcome."

  • BlitsplatsGaming
    BlitsplatsGaming  a years ago +465

    I miss anthony

  • Fight
    Fight  2 years ago +135

    Me : I thought Kimberly wa-
    Kimberly : Kimber
    Me : was going to succe-
    Kimber : suc
    Me : oh thank you, um
    Kimber : y-
    Me : wel-
    Kimber : you-
    Me : what I'm trying to say i-
    Kimber : your welcome 😁
    Me : Kimberly I'm
    Kimber : Kimber
    Me : Kimber I'm sorry I have to say this but you're fired
    Kimber : what? I don't undsta
    Me : (sigh) you're fi!
    That took me actually 30 minutes so I hope you enjoy

  • Bree Taylor
    Bree Taylor  a years ago +39

    Steph was the hottest girl in the class in middle school

  • Kookie's Wifeu
    Kookie's Wifeu  2 years ago +82

    Who else misses Anthony

  • Stephanie the potato
    Stephanie the potato  a years ago +53

    My name is Stephanie my hair color is like the wig Anthony is wearing my moms name is Kimberly and she has the same color hair as the wig Noah is wearing and my friends name is Noah we look alike and my brothers name is Anthony. I don't know what this is so related to my family lol😂

  • Genoskool
    Genoskool  2 years ago +2382

    i think we all have a "kimberly" type of person at our jobs

  • Nyck Winchester
    Nyck Winchester  a years ago +21

    I lose count on how many times I watched this.. So awesome..

  • Kamilė Jurevičiūtė
    Kamilė Jurevičiūtė  a years ago +41

    Did anybody see that guy in the back? like if you did?!