Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 9, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: https://fapgem.com/video/--SCDa1zsYI/video.html


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  • SI TR
    SI TR  7 hours ago

    4:15 I have gone on that zipline in costa rica. I assume its the same one since i saw ads for it all over as "the worlds longest zipline" etc. It was pretty sketchy. a lot of old fuckers with us and you could tell the place was maintained rather minimally. I am an engineer so I look at structural stuff like that a lot. I wouldn't say it's dangerous but it certainly wasn't up to code. wouldn't fly in the states.

  • SuspiciousEgroll
    SuspiciousEgroll  12 hours ago

    "show that to Bill." "no."

  • Tom Coley
    Tom Coley  13 hours ago

    that sounds of natures is prob what Tom segura goes to sleep to

  • Smoke big Kush
    Smoke big Kush  21 hours ago

    joes a sick fuck idk how he loves watching those videos of animals getting ripped apart šŸ˜­

  • Rigor Mortis
    Rigor Mortis  yesterday

    The shine is real.

  • Aditya Chandran

    These two are pretty funny they should probably try standup

    KBTITAN24  yesterday

    We got two grown men talking about Tiger breath.


  • Zeus 1455
    Zeus 1455  yesterday

    If you're moving they're trying to eat you, ha

  • Jacob Chat
    Jacob Chat  3 days ago

    0:38 I love how the blast of smoke just drowns Bill Burr šŸ˜‚

  • Tmant321
    Tmant321  4 days ago

    If you are ever going somewhere that you would interact with these animals, you would obviously bring a large knife/gun. That is your only chance of surviving if they decide you are lunch. People who wander into the rain forest are STUPID. They are not confused. If you do not know what is in the rain forest at this point, you are lazy. Google Amazon Rain Forest animals. You will never want to go there anyway. The insects alone will make you not want to go there, much less the things that will eat you/kill you for sport/leave you half dead.

  • M Nichols
    M Nichols  5 days ago

    "regularly kill fifty or sixty people a year before modern times" =/= 300,000 people... jesus mother of exaggeration. The only land predator that actively hunts humans as a species is the polar bear.

  • Dave
    Dave  5 days ago

    7:18 is the freak out. lol

  • MutenRoscher
    MutenRoscher  5 days ago

    05:59 thats some recording i'd expect to surface on 4chan, lol

  • Weildabeast
    Weildabeast  6 days ago

    Who else typed komodo dragon eats monkey right after the video ended

  • marcus cicero
    marcus cicero  6 days ago

    thanks joe for the matter of fact update that ominivores are the worst type of animal that can eat you, as you thoughtfully puff on your stogie

  • Zach Ph
    Zach Ph  6 days ago

    Dude please bring back bill šŸ„ŗ joe Iā€™m begging u

  • wolf and fox
    wolf and fox  6 days ago

    Man kind is the apex predictor because were the only creature with complex thought and endless endurance

  • Chirag Patel
    Chirag Patel  6 days ago

    Bill " komodo " burr

  • RagingRaygun
    RagingRaygun  7 days ago +17

    No one:
    Joe Rogan: "You wanna see a video of a kid eating another kid?"