What Game of Thrones is Really About

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
  • Contains Spoilers

    Because discussions of climate change are often so very dire, I do end this video on a positive note. That's something I went back and forth on a lot. Ultimately, what we're dealing with here isn't simple in terms of causes, problems, or solutions. We do see that economics are already making renewables more attractive. That is the path of least resistance, but it is also the slowest way to go.

    We need governments to take action but that is an extremely tall order with a global crisis and competitive nations. Will this ultimately be a force that drives us apart? Or will it be something that brings us together.

    There is actually a more positive way of looking at the outcome of Game of Thrones thus far...a common enemy brought an end to some, but not all petty squabbling. And maybe the unification brought by an external threat created an alliance that will show that one last squabbler a very bad time.

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  • MrDorilean
    MrDorilean  14 days ago

    The show is about WASTE YEARS of our life.

  • Emery Paine
    Emery Paine  a months ago

    We don't have a night-king we can stab, but we are our night-king...

  • Gabriel M
    Gabriel M  a months ago +1


  • David S
    David S  a months ago

    I'm gonna go full asoiaf nerd here but in the books your analogy works a lot better because the White Walkers are set up to be human and have their own society and be able to communicate with humans. Also they have a kind of pale glass beauty to them in the books.

  • Hatice Kübra Şamiloğlu

    "not a binary switch, but a constant push on the bell curve of suffering". mind you suffering of all those people is because you like eating hamburgers and living in 200 square meter houses. you have to give up on some of those things mister. It is so frustrating to see "knowlegable" people like you think so shallow about ecology. I think you should start by reading on shallow and deep ecology. arne naess is a great philosopher who can teach environmental ethics in a simple language and NO! WE DONT HAVE TO KEEP LIVING LIKE THIS!

  • Jake Gam
    Jake Gam  a months ago

    If a sequel to game of thrones following what happens after the white walkers are beaten were made, the best solution would have been for all the nations who made sacrifices to agree to band together to punish the nation that did nothing. Instead of killing her own people, Dani should have destroyed kings landing.

  • Charles Carter
    Charles Carter  2 months ago

    We just need a carbon tax /or greenhouse gas tax

  • Derek Meeks
    Derek Meeks  2 months ago

    What got is about! History repeats its self if we dont study and learn from it and sometimes it repeats itself anyways.

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman  2 months ago

    I stopped watching it after season 4. It started insulting my intelligence. I've heard the ending was like they wrapped it up in 5 minutes. Disappointing.

  • Chief Redskin
    Chief Redskin  2 months ago

    Good god, 5 dollars a gallon? I’ve never seen it above 3.50

  • veechster
    veechster  2 months ago


  • Viggen
    Viggen  3 months ago

    Climate change is only a part of the problem. Pollution and devastation of the environment is the biggest threat

  • Richard Stanley
    Richard Stanley  3 months ago

    the warming has already stopped and is going to do what it has done 28 times and we'll have another Ice Age

  • Jaskarvin makal
    Jaskarvin makal  3 months ago

    Great explanation, but it's even less cut and dry than hank explains here.
    Even renewable energy sources have environmental problems https://youtu.be/N-yALPEpV4w

  • Barbaste
    Barbaste  3 months ago

    Before vegans, scientists blame agriculture for overpopulation and climate change, now it's only "evil" meat production. More land is used for wheat, rice and corn, poor nutritional foods, but we again go for the melodrama instead of statistics.

  • Bryan Seare
    Bryan Seare  4 months ago +1

    I freaking love hank's content!

  • Briandon Stark
    Briandon Stark  4 months ago

    100 companies burn more fossil fuels than every individual on earth. We're not the problem. They are.

  • Lisa Ya-Han Chang
    Lisa Ya-Han Chang  4 months ago

    Never have i ever watched a single ep of GOT and now i am here

  • Jimbo Telegraphis
    Jimbo Telegraphis  4 months ago

    So I'm one of the guys who watched GOT from episode #1.After season 7, I read all the books and then some.The books are FREAKING AWESOME BTW!!!!After reading the books I had high hopes for the last episode and I watched garbage.John Snow get's to live with the wildlings behind a wall that's not needed anymore!I could go on however I will stop because I can't think about it without wanting to slap HBO simple.

  • Jessica Tumino
    Jessica Tumino  4 months ago

    I finally finished GoT and got to watch this video. I'm so happy you quoted Our Changing Climate, this video was awesome