I spent a day with PRO COSPLAYERS

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
  • I spent a day with professional cosplayers to see if all the rumors are true.
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    HUGE thank you to the cosplayers, costume designers, and special effects makeup artists in this video. Go follow them:
    ▸ Stella Chuu - https://instagram.com/stellachuuuuu
    ▸ Jacqueline Goehner - https://instagram.com/jacquelinegoehner
    ▸ Kelton FX - https://instagram.com/keltonfx
    (Special thanks to Jessica Nigri)

    ▸ I spent a day with FURRIES: https://fapgem.com/video/vvXMtU5rs30/video.html
    ▸ I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS: https://fapgem.com/video/BVvUx3cjHSk/video.html
    ▸ I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE GAMERS: https://fapgem.com/video/dQacKjnPwro/video.html

    ▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Zach Zeidman & Robert Butler III for helping me shoot this. And a huge thanks to Cade Huseby for helping produce this one.

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  • Wonderful world of Akio

    So you’ve played Zelda but not danganronpa

    I have lost my respect for you

  • i cant think of a name

    Holy crap its the Zelda from their vids..

  • Fallen From Grace

    8:07 YO I FEEL THIS
    I've been around boys who do this. if they get too close, I tell them to move (politely even), but they get mad and really offended. I DON'T GET IT. All I was doing was just being myself. In those situations I wasn't trying to "ask for it" either, in any way. It's weird and confusing at first (like, why is a dude mad when I gotta tell him & his uninvited hands to stop touching me when it's not right). BUT Don't cave in to apologizing, yell at them anyways! It's your body, not an object.

  • soloslava
    soloslava  6 days ago

    They just forgot the date of Halloween guys

  • Charly Rose
    Charly Rose  6 days ago

    "i was scarred, but emotionally"

    I felt that.

  • Evelyn Venus
    Evelyn Venus  7 days ago

    Whoa!! I aspire to the level Kelton is on!! I've dabbled in cosplay and theatre costuming, and I make a lot of historical reproduction clothes that I wear regularly. In general, I just love fabric and clothes and fashion history, and I'm in a lot of fandoms, so cosplay is so fun for me. I love trying to make my costumes look as real and non-costumey as possible, and looking like the clothes are lived in. I use all natural materials, too, since I'm a bit of a pocket hippie. I've previously cosplayed Sheik, Link, Malon, and Eowyn (all of which I want to redo bc they were Bad), and in the future I also plan to cosplay a book-accurate Frankenstein's monster, Princess Zelda, Prince Zuko, Inuyasha, Winry, Sophie Hatter, and a Herald from the Heralds of Valdemar series.

  • unicorn wanna be
    unicorn wanna be  7 days ago

    Following the cosplay is not consent thing, there are actually studies happing revolving minors and their experiences with harassment and nonconsensual touching and stuff like that. The data hasn't all been formatted for the public yet, but from what I saw there were a lot of people who have been harassed or touched in cosplay as a minor.

  • Katuro
    Katuro  7 days ago

    there is no way that girl took 4 hours to get into a bodysuit and cat ears

  • Oofies Maloofies
    Oofies Maloofies  7 days ago +1

    Omg i just realised that guy had a face on the side of his head

  • TJ99
    TJ99  7 days ago +1

    8:36 Is a big mood

  • Zach John 26
    Zach John 26  7 days ago

    I’m very tempted to do tons of cosplay, but I have no idea why or what I’ll even do with the suits when I’m done

  • DJ KatLova
    DJ KatLova  14 days ago

    Me and my friend went to one of the ONLY conventions where i am and we sat down for donuts, this older couple (mid 50s early 60s) came and asked to sit on the other side of the table and we agreed.
    Then i recognised the man being a DEPUTY PRINCIPAL AT MY SCHOOL...

  • diet coke
    diet coke  14 days ago


  • Lillian Dybing
    Lillian Dybing  14 days ago

    Please do I spent a day with theater kids

  • I.F OF Bangtan
    I.F OF Bangtan  14 days ago

    I definitly want her to casplay you!~

  • Human Name
    Human Name  14 days ago

    Boys November is the year where we turn Men don't give up on me we have lost already 100.000 soldiers we can do this we can do this!!!

  • CroRen
    CroRen  14 days ago

    If you think about it, Halloween can kind of be considered as cosplay day for some people.

  • Sara Miraki
    Sara Miraki  14 days ago

    I’m also a intense cosplayer and I’m only 11 🤯😄😇

  • Panda
    Panda  14 days ago +1

    Watching this as I get into cosplay…

  • TheKennu
    TheKennu  14 days ago

    I saw ahri, soo here i am