Joe Rogan - Tim Kennedy Says Waterboarding Isn't Torture

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
  • Joe Rogan has Tim Kennedy explain his views about waterboarding.


  • Alex Jour
    Alex Jour  yesterday +1

    Water boarding is torture, and torture a has been shown to not work

  • Big TREV
    Big TREV  yesterday

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this dude committed war crimes while in the military.

  • nickotine45
    nickotine45  2 days ago +1

    If it wasn't illegal. I'd like to see if this guy is as tough as he thinks he is

  • josh little
    josh little  2 days ago

    This guy should get out down or lobotamised. If you think waterboarding isnt torture then he must have been waterboarded a shit ton and has fuck all brain cells left.

  • Git Man
    Git Man  4 days ago +3

    "Pouring water on someone's face isn't torture" No but pouring it down someone's nose and mouth so they can't breathe is.

  • Gavin Otto
    Gavin Otto  5 days ago +2

    "We try to talk too much these days, we should get back to brute force"
    God a year later this artless prick still pisses me off.

  • submalevolent grace

    Tim Kennedy calling terrorists pussies, and that's the only reason why waterboarding worked on them is so insanely delusional and here's why. You're telling me to believe that the guys who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their nation and their religion are "cowards" im not exactly sure you went to school.

  • Michael Pritchard

    The 9/11 attackers did not fly planes into buildings because they hate capitalism. This guy is mushing a whole lot of different stereotypes together.

  • Michael Pritchard

    I asked my friend who has been waterboarded, if he considered it torture and he said he did. He did it as part of Canadian Armed Forces training and is right wing and a boomer and not some snowflake millennial or hippie. He was fit and tough and not weak or out of shape or unused to pain. He was waterboarded at his peak level of pain tolerance and fitness and it is torture in his opinion.

  • pmcm 7317
    pmcm 7317  5 days ago

    Dropping a rubber spider in front of someone's face is torture if they are terrified of spiders. Whether something is torture or not is relative. This guy is just oh so tuff!

  • pmcm 7317
    pmcm 7317  5 days ago

    You don't die from Waterboarding but you can die four hours later from secondary drowning.

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez  5 days ago +1

    "We can do that to those people because "they are not humans""
    Such a hypocritical response.
    The reason terrorist exist it's because they don't see us as normal humans.
    That is why they want to cause harm to us and destroy our culture.
    Shit can turn 180 degrees, but this ass would not get that in his tiny brain.

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez  5 days ago

    It's funny the subject even by the name.
    In Spanish there's no "special " word for waterboarding and other for torture.
    Both are called "tortura", just torture.
    Because in context it's the same, whether it is made by a terrorist group or the police special forces.

  • Adzter 96
    Adzter 96  6 days ago

    "You're not gonna do any permanent damage" physically sure but mentally? Stimulating drowning someone is gonna massively fuck them up mentally

  • Adzter 96
    Adzter 96  6 days ago

    Ah yes the US military have never done horrible things to innocent civilians (looks at nuking Japan from which they still haven't recovered, using napalm in Vietnam, gang raping children in the middle east etc) fuck off dude.

  • Adzter 96
    Adzter 96  6 days ago

    If you try to simulate drowning on someone that is 100% torture. Just because burning someone, beating someone up, electrocuting someone is torture doesn't mean waterboarding isn't.

  • Adzter 96
    Adzter 96  6 days ago

    If it's not torture I guess we can sign Tim up for it then.

  • TheWHEATISH weet
    TheWHEATISH weet  6 days ago +1

    Overseas conflict have deeply affected this man.

  • Ricoh Vegas
    Ricoh Vegas  7 days ago

    Tim Kennedy’s view may arguably be justified if indeed the people are guilty of said crimes.

    However, in reality the people Tim Kennedy is referring to are villagers who were brought there on flimsy evidence.

  • JakesNation98
    JakesNation98  7 days ago +4

    This guy seems awfully full of himself. He thinks because he spent some years killing people he has the ultimate yes or no answer to things he actually needs more education on.