Boston Bruins 3 Shorthanded Goals In 1:04 (HD)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 11, 2010
  • Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins, April 10th, 2010. The Bruins started the second period on the penalty kill, and score 3 shorthanded goals in 64 seconds. They are the only team in NHL history to score 3 times on the same penalty kill. The Bruins went on to win the game 4-2, clinching a playoff spot.


  • smallgoon  3 years ago

    "Might want to use a timeout"That's like watching a house burn down and then after it's over, saying "Maybe we should call the fire department."

  • christopher lane  3 months ago

    Solid gold comment

  • Gucci Librarian  1 years ago

    I was the 1,000th person to like this comment... it was a funny comment, but I mostly liked it just to be special.

  • Greysen Gagne  3 years ago

    To go down 3-0 in a game is one thing.. To go down 3-0 in less then 2 minutes ain't good.. But to go down 3-0 in less then 2 minutes while you're on the power play..... That's just sad man.

  • David arruda  1 months ago

    What would they have done against San Jose ?

  • IT'SME  2 months ago

    @Tigerguy 101 Maybe they should relocate to Hartford.

  • iAJAXBEATZ  2 years ago

    Afterwards: "Penalty to Boston, 2 minutes for tripping"Carolina: "WE DECLINE!"

  • Trevor Daniels  2 years ago

    that awkward moment when you actually look forward to your powerplay to be over...

  • Mason Fryling  12 months ago

    Suchir Srivastava hahahahahahahahaha

  • Suchir Srivastava  a years ago

    Its at 679 likes now haha.

  • pete saws  5 years ago

    Carolina should have declined the penalty

  • sean2015  3 months ago

    or have their goalie serve it

  • Bruh

  • Jonathan Green  3 years ago

    When you turn the difficulty to "Rookie"

  • NotTheRealBruins same

  • NotTheRealBruins  3 years ago

    +BucketsOfSeaMen Actually, I get about 10 goals when I set it to Rookie.

  • Chad Boerth  4 years ago

    *boston scores third goal*Carolina: Well at least we're a part of history

  • Colton Ventry  1 months ago

    That would be a nashville banner.....

  • Andrei  2 months ago

    @Drew A 07 Ducks took the cup home :)

  • Jens Krause  4 years ago

    9 seconds?

  • Joey Paglia  1 months ago

    CT Bennett dude look at every regional network it’s all biased... plus Edwards actually shows emotion when the other team scores instead of just being monotone. He pretends to be excited when the other team scores unlike your shitty announcer

  • Stelios Kontos  2 months ago

    What the fuck is wrong with you people, he is excited, he loves the bruins, would you rather he not care. Regardless we love him in New England

  • Poe Javelski  2 years ago

    Out of all team records out there, I think this one will be the toughest to beat.

  • Poe Javelski what’s up

  • Colton Ventry  1 months ago

    @Seamus Belisle yeah but this is the shortest time for 3 goals

  • SuperBee Hemi  3 years ago

    A few minutes later, play stopped. Another Boston penalty. Carolina coach: no ref!, no!!...we decline!..we decline!...please ref, no!!

  • Austin Hofferkamp  24 days ago

    T C Zombie Nation Intensifies

  • Youfail Mon  1 years ago

    Marbles McGee no