Boston Bruins 3 Shorthanded Goals In 1:04 (HD)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 11, 2010
  • Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins, April 10th, 2010. The Bruins started the second period on the penalty kill, and score 3 shorthanded goals in 64 seconds. They are the only team in NHL history to score 3 times on the same penalty kill. The Bruins went on to win the game 4-2, clinching a playoff spot.


  • Greysen Gagne
    Greysen Gagne  3 years ago +1372

    To go down 3-0 in a game is one thing.. To go down 3-0 in less then 2 minutes ain't good.. But to go down 3-0 in less then 2 minutes while you're on the power play..... That's just sad man.

  • Trevor Daniels
    Trevor Daniels  3 years ago +1017

    that awkward moment when you actually look forward to your powerplay to be over...

  • smallgoon
    smallgoon  3 years ago +1509

    "Might want to use a timeout"
    That's like watching a house burn down and then after it's over, saying "Maybe we should call the fire department."

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green  3 years ago +508

    When you turn the difficulty to "Rookie"

  • pete saws
    pete saws  5 years ago +942

    Carolina should have declined the penalty

    iAJAXBEATZ  2 years ago +198

    Afterwards: "Penalty to Boston, 2 minutes for tripping"
    Carolina: "WE DECLINE!"

  • Chad Boerth
    Chad Boerth  4 years ago +578

    boston scores third goal
    Carolina: Well at least we're a part of history

  • Jens Krause
    Jens Krause  4 years ago +449

    9 seconds?

  • Poe Javelski
    Poe Javelski  2 years ago +300

    Out of all team records out there, I think this one will be the toughest to beat.

  • SuperBee Hemi
    SuperBee Hemi  3 years ago +283

    A few minutes later, play stopped. Another Boston penalty. Carolina coach: no ref!, no!!...we decline!..we decline!...please ref, no!!

  • FluffyCheeseburgerz
    FluffyCheeseburgerz  5 years ago +752

    I remember I went to this game and a bunch if people next to me missed all 3 goals to get a hot dog

  • Dean Pennington
    Dean Pennington  5 years ago +129

    Pretty sure Jack yelled "SKOOOOOAL" after that third one.

  • Michael Meloche
    Michael Meloche  2 years ago +98

    Commentator screws up twice when they score the second goal! "Same shift", and "two goals in 9 seconds".

  • Dunzo
    Dunzo  3 years ago +126

    2 goals in 9 seconds? Someone needs to learn how to tell time lol

  • Johnson GSK Gaming
    Johnson GSK Gaming  4 years ago +56

    Best NHL penalty kill of all time by far.

  • Shawn A86
    Shawn A86  5 years ago +112

    As a Pens fan, I really dislike Boston because they are that team Pens have a lot of trouble competing against, but I had to thumb up this from a hockey fan perspective. That was just unreal. I can't imagine how shitty Ward felt. Hahaha

  • Seldz1
    Seldz1  5 years ago +116

    I'm a Canes fan and this game still gives me nightmares :(

  • blockland30
    blockland30  5 years ago +53

    Thats right. Jack Edwars said Scoal on the third goal

  • Foligno
    Foligno  3 years ago +25

    Fire everyone at that point, hell even the water boy

  • cccpredarmy
    cccpredarmy  4 years ago +26

    after that the bruins coach had to say "son... please continue sitting on that penalty bench we're good without you" ))