How (Not) To Revive A Show: Arrested Development vs. Community

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • In my second attempt at a TV-centric video essay, I attempt to point out the parallels between two of television's most innovative comedies of the past two decades: Arrested Development and Community. Both are highly acclaimed and feature award-winning writing and performances, but they have another, more specific thing in common; they both failed- twice. Which one did a better job handling their attempted rebirth, or did both of them crap the bed their second time around? I offer my two cents.

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    thank for watching! I tried to be a bit more informative and research-based with this video rather than solely opinionated. While I admit this video is less funny than what I usually attempt to put out, my goal was to take a documentary-like approach to the history of two shows I love. Let me know what you think.

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  • Cameron Slack
    Cameron Slack  an hour ago

    Dan Harmon is a national treasure.

  • Graham Gough
    Graham Gough  22 hours ago

    Hey y'all, if you don't like Arrested Development Seasons 4 & 5 you haven't really watched them. They are hilarious and underappreciated. The irony is, is that when arrested development first came out every didn't watch it and assumed it was trash, then, over time everyone realized it was the funniest shit ever. Now years later, season 4 & 5 are getting the same treatment. The point is, they are actually good. Stop shitting on them and actually watch them.

  • Graham Gough
    Graham Gough  22 hours ago

    I don't trust people who say "I don't like Arrested Development Season 4"

  • Руслан Мустафаев

    Six seasons and a movie!

  • XTIMENA de castilo

    Thanks for giving me a topic for my IB monography

  • Charity Hopkins
    Charity Hopkins  3 days ago

    You should do more of these! I've never even heard of Community, and yet I was still interested.

  • curlyfry1227
    curlyfry1227  3 days ago

    I really really liked arrested development for the first few seasons but then when they came back after being cancelled for so long.... dude..... it. Was. Absolute. Trash. i got so tired of the amount of INCEST JOKES, it was funny at first, the cousins being attracted and whatever but sheesh towards the end i was just really done with it and then JOB HITTING ON HIS SISTER AFTER HE FOUND OUT SHE WAS ADOPTED LIKE WTFFFFFFF. i was so disappointed, it seemed like they had run out ideas🙄🙄🙄 which i understand cuz the plot was too simple to carry on for more than 3 seasons

  • Soft Cheddar
    Soft Cheddar  3 days ago

    I weep heavily when I watch community season 4

  • ginshuhime
    ginshuhime  3 days ago

    The fact that you cite 2 Broke Girls and TBBT as the thing the audience knows what to expect and just wants to turn the TV on to, tells A LOT.

  • sadder daze
    sadder daze  5 days ago

    Ok, I need to watch these shows already. They both have actors from my favourite show Bojack Horseman. Allison Brie and Will Arnett! 🙏🏼

  • Chipped Sarahcha
    Chipped Sarahcha  5 days ago +1

    I adore both of these shows, and have rewatched them multiple times because of how genius they are. When I was younger I did binge watch Big Bang Theory, but I don't feel like ever revisiting it. There are too many other good shows out there without laugh tracks or bloated seasons.

  • Mohanraj Jk
    Mohanraj Jk  5 days ago

    Nope, Arrested Development S1-3 stands as the peak of American comedy, bar none. Plot, dialogue, acting, characters, references, metacognition, etc. all interwoven into a proper fabric of a story --nothing like it before or ever since. Community does stand apart from most comedy fodder out there, but it still pales in comparison to Arrested Development.

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier  6 days ago

    How can a rollercoaster have more than like... one more down than ups.

  • LPSRainbowFez
    LPSRainbowFez  6 days ago

    God I’m cringing at how much Aliens in America sounds like the portrayal of Long Duck Fong in 16 Candles

  • McKenna Pamplin
    McKenna Pamplin  7 days ago

    would love a pt3

  • Ringo's Art
    Ringo's Art  8 days ago

    You should do the office vs parks and rec

  • Olivia Petrillo
    Olivia Petrillo  10 days ago

    wow... thank you

  • SIQOalavi
    SIQOalavi  10 days ago

    Just watch season 1 & season 2 of Community. The others are just aweful.

  • crazyrockman
    crazyrockman  10 days ago

    I just want a wrap up of My Name Is Earl :(

  • The Fandom Dolphin

    You should do The Office vs Parks And Recreation