How (Not) To Revive A Show: Arrested Development vs. Community

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • In my second attempt at a TV-centric video essay, I attempt to point out the parallels between two of television's most innovative comedies of the past two decades: Arrested Development and Community. Both are highly acclaimed and feature award-winning writing and performances, but they have another, more specific thing in common; they both failed- twice. Which one did a better job handling their attempted rebirth, or did both of them crap the bed their second time around? I offer my two cents.

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    thank for watching! I tried to be a bit more informative and research-based with this video rather than solely opinionated. While I admit this video is less funny than what I usually attempt to put out, my goal was to take a documentary-like approach to the history of two shows I love. Let me know what you think.

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  • Cth Justin
    Cth Justin  4 hours ago

    Aliens in America is still better than Heil Honey I'm Home

  • nickdent
    nickdent  22 hours ago

    Trailer park boys shoulda been here

  • TheQuarterTurn
    TheQuarterTurn  2 days ago

    This video was so well-researched and constructed. Great stuff, Drew - I know this must have taken a lot of time and work. I'd love to see more of this kind of content.

  • Questionable Life Choices

    A show or movie should only be redone if major opportunities were wasted originally or it just really doesn't age well. Like the new Buffy reboot, idk if it's datedness is egregious enough to counteract the lightning in a bottle that came with the casting and chemistry. I'm reasonably certain any new writers might get caught up in lore, which while cool, is not as important as character which the original did so perfectly. What showrunner today is even known to balance horror, drama, and comedy the way whedon did back than? Because turning Buffy into a straight version of either would be a disservice

  • Brandon Piel
    Brandon Piel  2 days ago

    I downloaded Yahoo screen for the sole purpose of watching community season 6.

  • Lady Harlow
    Lady Harlow  2 days ago

    My whole brain is crying

  • Mabel Jane
    Mabel Jane  2 days ago

    Drew this is good shit

  • Preston Tamkin
    Preston Tamkin  3 days ago

    I like how you included Dan Harmon's appearance in Arrested Development and Mitch Hurtwitz's appearance in Community.

  • MegaSilverBlood
    MegaSilverBlood  3 days ago

    i was recently rewatching Arrested Development, and when I got to the 4th season...again, I couldnt finish it...again, it was the remixed version, and i still couldnt get through it, i gave up in like episode 4, in the video is mentioned how the show had so much information and jokes coming at you so fast, thats probably why it didnt work for many people, well thats how i felt in season 4 remix but without the jokes, it was basically Ron Howard narrating non stop, it was just too much, it was more than in any of the other seasons by far. i did notice how they edited the episodes to have the different storylines in one episode instead of the original release with the terrible one character episode format, but you can still notice the characters are hardly interacting with each other, you just jump from one storyline to the other, anyway I couldnt get through it, and it made me not wanna watch season 5.
    as for community the first 3 seasons are some of the best comedy tv I have seen, so inventive and fresh, I cant talk about seasons 4,5 and 6 cause i didnt watch them not because i didnt want to but because for one thing or the other I just couldnt

  • Sophie Voilet
    Sophie Voilet  4 days ago

    Please make more videos like this

  • RealCoolGuy
    RealCoolGuy  4 days ago

    Yahoo's streaming service does still exist. And, at the time, I recall that the numbers for the final season of Community were very high which showed how bad the "rating system" works... It was just past its prime.

  • Official Phil Swift

    Should’ve put Seinfeld against friends(I vote Seinfeld)

  • akatobi2002
    akatobi2002  4 days ago

    I swear the original season 4 was a fever dream I had. I couldn't find it anywhere. The season 4 & 5 are hilarious though. However, you can tell the cast isn't as into it as they were.

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L  4 days ago

    You could not have NOT known about season 5.... come ON!

  • James Labrador
    James Labrador  6 days ago

    big bang vs cheers
    30-rock vs parks and rec

  • mobman47
    mobman47  6 days ago

    Bojack vs Californication

  • Charlton Williams

    AD was the funniest American show to me... ever. I prefer British comedy.. American sitcoms are more annoying than funny.

  • Lucas
    Lucas  7 days ago

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  • Andrew Rackstraw
    Andrew Rackstraw  8 days ago

    I'm sure someone else has probably said this, but: Modern Warfare is not the Community season 1 finale. It's 3 episodes from the end. The finale is the one with the transfer dance.

  • Hxhdhd Hdhdhdhd
    Hxhdhd Hdhdhdhd  8 days ago

    God dam you would be a good commentary Chanel