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  • Published on:  Monday, April 30, 2018
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  • Im Jia
    Im Jia  2 months ago +15189

    This is how many people that are still rewatching all Shane videos

  • Alizeh Gilani
    Alizeh Gilani  28 days ago +1573

    CAn I hAVE A dIeT cOkE WiTH VodKa FoR mY XAnAx
    - I died

  • Addison Thomas
    Addison Thomas  28 days ago +1442

    lol i just noticed my profile picture is shane on the plane😂😂😂😂

  • Leslie Guerra
    Leslie Guerra  21 days ago +627

    after watching this for the fifth time I have finally figured out why garrets ass was wet....it was because he slid on the pink G after it had just rained.
    I feel like I accomplished something today lolol

  • Lavenderlisous
    Lavenderlisous  21 days ago +1163

    Who else thinks Shane should post more - I know he’s working on his crap long conspiracy theory videos but who else thinks he should do this kinda stuff again
    Edit: omg thanks for all the likes I’m kinda scared

  • Bobsledism
    Bobsledism  a years ago +12056

    Shane - The Comedian
    Ryland - The Grounded
    Morgan - The Relatable
    Garrett - The Innocent
    Andrew - The Adorable

  • OpalHeartz AJ
    OpalHeartz AJ  21 days ago +626

    Why is nobody talking about how pretty Morgan is? <3

  • Sam 101
    Sam 101  21 days ago +218

    Who else watched this video about 56 times and you are now back for more 😂😂😂👌

  • Zolenge B.
    Zolenge B.  5 days ago +51

    you’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, now get ready for
    Shane on a Plane

    TERALANI GALVAN  21 days ago +588

    shane: it literally says i can die”
    morgan: “ i’ll take 10”

  • Allie Grace
    Allie Grace  2 months ago +9499

    this is how many people want another video with the squad

  • thisthing
    thisthing  28 days ago +646

    no one:
    seriously no one:
    not even God thinking to himself:
    Garrett: “Go to hell, stick”

  • Joanna Hernandez Herrick
    Joanna Hernandez Herrick  21 days ago +171

    Shane on a plane drugged up on Xanax will forever be one of my favorite videos!😂 Oh why can't we be best friends.

  • Addy Stewart
    Addy Stewart  14 days ago +95

    I’m adding a dot every time I watch this video.... for some reason I watch it at least once a week

  • CalistaJ1
    CalistaJ1  28 days ago +444

    Andrew is a very skilled camera man! How he keeps up with this squad I don’t even know lmao

  • LegendPlayzzz
    LegendPlayzzz  21 days ago +118

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Garrett: go to HELL stick!

  • Mayra Garcia
    Mayra Garcia  21 days ago +204

    I just watched this for the 1Mth time and I noticed how Shane and rylands seat, it looks like night time but on Garret and Morgan’s seat, it’s daytime?? Btw July 2019 anyone??

  • Sofia
    Sofia  6 days ago +47

    "my rap name would be 'big mom'. i LIke grOcEry sTorES aND PicKin uP mY KIDs"
    ~Garrett, 2018

  • Jbcool Blackwood
    Jbcool Blackwood  14 days ago +147

    Video Shop!
    :Mood light🔮
    :Hot Chocolate 🍫
    :Stuffed Animal🐨
    :Cheese its🧀
    :Gold Fish🐠
    Each Cost A Like💙

  • It’s Me Gaby
    It’s Me Gaby  1 months ago +2990

    why is nobody talking about how funny it was when Shane took the pill aftermath bahahah