Deadly 70-car pileup in Iowa caught on camera

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 7, 2018
  • Authorities say seven people have been killed — including two teenage sisters — on Iowa roads as a winter storm swept the state Monday, leading to dozens of crashes and a 50- to 70-car pileup near Ames.The Des Moines Register reports that 17-year-old Avery Arneson and 13-year-old Aiden Arneson, sisters from Decorah, died a two-vehicle crash around 8:30 a.m. Monday on a county road in northeast Iowa. Four other teens were injured and hospitalized in that crash.In Cedar Rapids, two men died in a crash on Interstate 380. Killed were 24-year-old Jacolby Jesse Burks, of Cedar Rapids, and 21-year-old Devion Martel Luster, of Dixon, Illinois.One person died and several people were critically injured in the pileup that closed Interstate 35 near Ames.On I-80, police say a person was killed in a crash east of Grinnell around 1:20 p.m., and another person died and two others were injured at 1:40 p.m. near Durant.Video courtesy of the Iowa Department of Transportation


  • ceedaddy  6 months ago

    My question is ...Why the hell do they all look like they are driving 90mph in the snow....!!!

  • That’s Chloe  9 days ago

    A Very Playable Character Lmao not trying to start anything more but I actually fear Iowas snow I have lived here my whole life and have not gotten use to it please help me 😂

  • Elizabeth Santiago  1 months ago

    They don't love themself.

  • Hmoob Dude  3 months ago

    Blizzard? ✅Low visibility? ✅Slippery road? ✅Time to go 85 mph

  • COM DRIVE  24 days ago

    Go 88mph and we'll blast off!

  • Peter Zarate  1 months ago

    Hit 100 like a real man

  • Colma B  3 months ago

    Oh boy, a massive blizzard, time to go 80 mph

  • james kleinbrook  29 days ago

    protestants and mormons for you

  • Kate F  1 months ago

    Craig Bantz Exactly. The commenter was saying how stupid it was for the first couple people to be going that fast, especially in winter.

  • Evin Sabberton  1 months ago

    Props to the semi drivers who went straight off the road and didnt hit anyone at all. Nobody should have been going that fast but good job not panicking and doing the safest maneuver

  • Kevin Karg  3 months ago

    These same idiots probably do 35 mph in the middle of the freakin' summer!

  • 2010ngojo  8 days ago

    @Kim PaulMy comment doesn't have to have meaning or whatever. You are the one who made the claim that his comment has some sort of meaning.

  • Kim Paul  9 days ago

    @2010ngojo neither did your comment telling others what they should or shouldn't say. Last time I checked, the left hadn't managed to take that right away yet! We all have the right to comment and feel freely. For you to basically try to silence another is bothersome!

  • Minnow Mania  8 months ago

    Where is everyone's tail lights and hazard lights???

  • @Skippy0330 why drive 80 in the snow?

  • Awgusstin  16 days ago

    @Skippy0330 From the camera, the visibility is at least 150-200 meters, as you need to be blind so as not to see a bunch of cars?

  • Danny boy  3 months ago

    O look babe, its freaking snowing and I can't see shit on the road!! Let's go faster!

  • Kim Paul  11 days ago

    Such original comments and so useful to the families of those that passed away. Videos do not show speed of vehicle's so everyone is actually assuming!

  • Alexander Limpin  3 months ago

    Honestly, looks like a bunch of AI drivers out of a GTA game.

  • Kim Paul  11 days ago

    @SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE NOW!! UNSUB T-SERIES PLZ sounded out those words wrong.

  • Dominic Garrison  27 days ago

    @Medley kush anti collision?

  • Tim Hart  yesterday

    That is called 70 of the worst driver's ever😂

  • danaa t  1 months ago

    Snow storm?: drive super fastInsurance?: free real estateHotel?: trivago