DEVIL RAMEN! SPICIEST Ramen in Japan & $150 MELON!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 12, 2018
  • During my stay in Tokyo, I met up with Simon and Martina to try the soba challenge, stay tuned for that video on Strictly Dumpling. Later on a different day, Chonny and Dalena joined me to try the highly recommended super spicy devil ramen. And one thing that I've always wanted to try is an expensive fruit in Japan. Was it worth it? YES :o That was the greatest fruit I have ever had in my life.

    Check out Simon and Martina!

    Also, check out Chonny and Dalena!

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  • jon robeerts
    jon robeerts  6 hours ago

    Never pay 150 dollars for a melon that's just wrong. So so wrong

  • DrAn0nymy0us
    DrAn0nymy0us  13 hours ago

    u look like jackie chan

  • Mink Mink
    Mink Mink  5 days ago

    I would pay to try that melon! Drooling 🤤 but it better be guaranteed to be good!

  • Cydneyshay
    Cydneyshay  5 days ago

    Chonny and dalena 😍😍😍 great collab love them lol

  • Syarif Rodhi
    Syarif Rodhi  6 days ago +2

    I feel bad for his toilet after all of those spicy food

  • Bubblitea
    Bubblitea  7 days ago

    People who like super spicy stuff are all masochists and nothing can convince me otherwise.

  • UffUffsen
    UffUffsen  7 days ago

    what a gigantic attention w.

  • Abdourahamane Doumbouya

    That is a devil fruit

  • TheMerdiff
    TheMerdiff  7 days ago

    Sounded like the flute solo from anchorman in that restaurant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bernardo Reano
    Bernardo Reano  14 days ago

    Natikman Ko n yan super sarap talaga amazing melon expensive but its really good

    JM YOMARC  14 days ago

    f656k your melon

  • Xd Witness
    Xd Witness  14 days ago

    Lol I’m Jewish I go to school on Sunday

  • Niratap
    Niratap  14 days ago

    licks the paper for excess juice
    Do your thing mike
    me: what the hell happened here?

  • Lucas Sukianto
    Lucas Sukianto  21 days ago

    May I know the name and the location of the "devil ramen" restaurant?

  • scarecrow 556
    scarecrow 556  21 days ago

    That melon looked like a devil fruit from op

  • ONeilTD
    ONeilTD  21 days ago

    I wanna put my peepee in this grill

  • Bat Guano
    Bat Guano  21 days ago

    Is there an instant ramen that comes close to the taste of this Devil Ramen?

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can  21 days ago

    eating deliriously hot food gives you a great head rush too. releases a massive amount of endorphins.

  • stu Art
    stu Art  21 days ago

    I'd have sucked the broth down and I'm British lol. The melon I can live without. Gj 👍

  • SneakyDalek
    SneakyDalek  a months ago +1

    Yourchonny tho