I Gave My Prius Nitrous, and The Engine EXPLODED! Fast and Furious Fail

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
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  • rankadi setati  25 days ago

    How ironic that Tyler just severely polluted the environment with his Prius

  • hardleecure  8 days ago

    Hybrids cause more pollution than most normal vehicles anyway. He did the world a favor.... except for dumping his engine oil all over the place and not picking up his mess.

  • A I  11 days ago

    @Jordan Bell Sure they don't... Your cousin Terry told you so...

  • kaz 69  16 days ago

    Great! You made your Prius fully electric!

  • BLVCK BLØØD  14 days ago

    For about .00001 seconds that was the fastest the Apex of all priuses ever

  • Steve Reynold  8 days ago

    The white beast Lmao I live in Sacramento, I saw that white V8 Prius. It was going down I-80 Eastbound.

  • Tu Vieja  9 days ago

    With stock engine

  • Jonathan Pressley  19 days ago

    Amateurs don’t use nitrous. You’ll blow yourself to pieces!*engine explodes*

  • redbird711  13 days ago

    @Dragoslav Miljević "I almost had you there"

  • *surprised Pikachu*

  • king of the world  20 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says...that was epic. Possibly the best thing you've ever done. One of those " Hold my beer and watch this " moments

  • Herbie Husker  25 days ago

    Scotty Killmer: Toyotas are reliable Tyler Hoover: Hold my nitrous

  • Amen [RA]  17 hours ago

    Scotty Killmer: "Don't ever buy a used Prius"Seriously, Scotty is ridiculously correct

  • Ryan Travis  14 days ago

    Aiden Commodore I’m aware I was kidding

  • SVDE Devin  15 days ago

    Next Video:”2JZ swapping a Prius.”

  • Daniel Nilsson  5 days ago

    Next video "jay2cents cooling computer with n2o"

  • Masashi Iino  6 days ago

    And put a widebody,i prefer the 2010 model

  • Lee Pappianne  19 days ago

    One of the funniest things ive seen, ever. Thank you for making my day

  • omgwatthehell  16 days ago

    Seen people blow the engine before, but I've never seen the oil filter mount just blow straight off.

  • Jason Victor  13 days ago

    It was stock probably. That nos adds 50 to 100 houses depending on how much boost it put out but still a 10lb bottle can blow a 500hp car lmfao sad day when the preis cant play ahahahaha

  • william prince  13 days ago

    Correct filter for a 2nd gen.

  • Nazia Latif  18 days ago

    1 Prius down, 999999 to go.We making steady progress boiiiis 😅

  • Zack Smith  48 minutes ago

    And prous will come back to life

  • Tee pom  11 days ago

    Amen brother