I Gave My Prius Nitrous, and The Engine EXPLODED! Fast and Furious Fail

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
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  • Jadoohere mir
    Jadoohere mir  10 hours ago

    Hey your a dumb ass

  • JuanDiego Rodríguez Alvarado

    Wtf a fuking prius

  • will f
    will f  yesterday

    Next pee on an electric fence to see what happens. 😁👍

  • Keep It Real
    Keep It Real  2 days ago

    Well I had to subscribe... lol. Your videos are very entertaining and well informed.. thank you. I'm from southern California and I see these stupid little cars everywhere so I had to watch this video. Lol. I may actually looks for a Prius because you have shown how simple these cars are. Thanks

  • Keep It Real
    Keep It Real  2 days ago

    Lmao.. color looks better than black

  • Unknown Ghost
    Unknown Ghost  3 days ago

    You a gangsta 🤑🤑🤪

  • Ramen Tony
    Ramen Tony  4 days ago

    Did you feel it go any faster?🤣

  • Ramen Tony
    Ramen Tony  4 days ago

    You can jump a Prius next time it does just saying

  • Test Fortester
    Test Fortester  4 days ago

    “Oh Jesus” god has seen some ridiculous things

  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify  4 days ago

    Big bang theory

  • Henrry
    Henrry  4 days ago

    Hahahaha this was Hilarious Tyler but what're you going to do with those nice rims? Can I get them for liking, commenting and subscribing?

  • photone
    photone  4 days ago

    ...Soooo THAT'S why the check engine light came on!

  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb  6 days ago

    You can't make a Prius cool man and you need to regular the nitrous

  • Kelcy Tagasa 15
    Kelcy Tagasa 15  6 days ago

    Fast and prius

  • Derpyderp
    Derpyderp  6 days ago

    All other cars: buys when theyre trash
    Toyota: modifies deliberately to destroy to make trash.

  • Gallery Tech
    Gallery Tech  6 days ago +2

    Self destruct buttons come in every prius.

  • Lucid Beats
    Lucid Beats  7 days ago

    Good job on graduating:)

    GT FURY  7 days ago +3

    now that looks like a 10 minute car!

  • tbailey264
    tbailey264  7 days ago

    This was amazing. Thank you Tyler

  • Braulio Mendoza
    Braulio Mendoza  7 days ago

    Danger to Manifold