PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Here is the first trailer for the remake of Pet Sematary.
    Coming April 2019!


  • Brent Beach
    Brent Beach  an hour ago

    0:15 "So what do you think".. me: another SK shittty remake for profit

  • ugly vibes
    ugly vibes  10 hours ago +1

    I was gonna watch this with my mom and Im 11 now.
    *Mom sees trailer*

  • Nina Kachina
    Nina Kachina  10 hours ago

    Watching a toddler get creamed by a big rig is disgusting. The fact people call that entertainment speaks volumes about our society

  • m h
    m h  yesterday

    Seriously? Please don't call this Pet Cemetery. It's nothing like the original. Give it another name but don't expect those of us true fans of the book & the original movie to accept this as a remake.

  • Jay Barkley
    Jay Barkley  yesterday

    Who else watched planet of the apes first and the second one

  • CazyDayz
    CazyDayz  3 days ago

    i refused to watch the new Freddy Kruger movie the same with this one and the new IT movie don't get me wrong but i think of these movies like the highland theme there can be only 1

  • LeaderKirsten CampBell

    I Like Love it

  • ElvenRaptor
    ElvenRaptor  5 days ago +1

    I don't remember a parade of kids with paper mache masks right off the top of my head from the book. Has anyone here happened to have read through it fairly recently?

  • Bradley Paterson
    Bradley Paterson  7 days ago

    I wonder if Judd will have a wife like in the book ?

  • Justin Meyer
    Justin Meyer  7 days ago

    Looks bad already. I'll watch it to give it a chance, but my expectations are low. I love the original Pet Sematary. The first scene with the undead cat scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

  • Shadow Death
    Shadow Death  7 days ago

    when i first saw this trailer in the theater i thought it was a car ad or insurance add till the truck came by

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master  7 days ago

    Looks so scary

  • moviemadness 1030
    moviemadness 1030  10 days ago

    This looks aaaaawwweeesssoooommmmmeee!!!!!

  • Gage Nicholas
    Gage Nicholas  11 days ago

    Why did my parents name me after this kid damnit

  • Leanne Valerio
    Leanne Valerio  13 days ago

    Sometimes... the original is better ;)

  • Dianne Ratliff
    Dianne Ratliff  14 days ago

    What was wrong with the original

  • Jack Palu
    Jack Palu  14 days ago

    I want to watch this, it’s so cool

  • jeff s
    jeff s  14 days ago

    That looks awful my god

  • Jurassic Pennywise

    I’m reading the book right now it’s really good, I recommend it!

  • David Gee
    David Gee  16 days ago

    This movie did not need to be remade. And as great as John Lithgow is, he is not going to be the equal of Fred Gwynne in his role.