PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Here is the first trailer for the remake of Pet Sematary.Coming April 2019!


  • Mike R.  8 months ago

    Did these fools really play me the Pet Sematary trailer as an ad before the Pet Sematary trailer?

  • Kg K 777  2 months ago

    This could be true did you now that anabell is based on a true storie

  • Draven  8 months ago

    Gosh how many horror trailers begin with an over head shot of a forest.Followed by a single “piano key”Then a family pulls up to their new house and says “what do ya think?” Or “this is it!”

  • Danté  2 months ago

    cream bun truss watch top boy, shit in London that goes down will shock you ppl think it’s just like any normal city but when your in places like Peckham ANYTHING could happen, I’ve seen lunatics walk round with these huuuge knifes it’s a mad crazy place

  • Yuhhmy  2 months ago

    Draven us

  • Shade On A Cool Day  8 months ago

    1:07 Give that cat an Oscar.

  • Give that cat an oscar......For staring at a camera for 2 seconds

  • Boiled Grapes  3 months ago

    wait it look likes my aunts cati will be right backproblem solved

  • The original was so creepy, it’ll be interesting to see if a modern take will live up to it....

  • E x  1 months ago

    Yes omg I remember watching the original as a kid lol shit me up, nightmares for weeks after that.

  • Stu Morris  2 months ago

    I don't watch modern horror's, they never live up to the 70's & 80's greats

  • Pantycakes  8 months ago

    "the ground...."me: IS SOUR, YEAAAAH"..... is bad."me: ............ok.

  • Darnisha Hall  3 months ago

    CameronKillion nvm

  • M R  8 months ago

    Was waiting for Gage to say..I played with mommy now I'm gonna play with you

  • xxoxia  4 months ago

    The girl dies in this one. Stupid remakes.

  • Gage Amaya  4 months ago

    I also played with mommy, now I'm gonna play with you.

  • djft6944  8 months ago

    NO child will ever replace the original Gage!

  • dega723  2 months ago

    especially with a truck driver listening to a Ramones song while rolling over him...

  • Chara ASMR bullsh*t  2 months ago

    A little spoiler, this time the "evil undead" is going to be the daughter, not the little son

  • Patrick S  8 months ago

    Surely you’d hear a massive truck coming from a mile away in such a quiet reclusive location?

  • 11kele  4 months ago

    The forest is very thick and soundproofing. Or this is one of new Tesla models...

  • Eric Renrut  5 months ago

    No no Patrick that was a ninja truck

  • First Aladdin now this? Now all I need is a Mrs Doubtfire remake....... please don't let there be a Mrs Doubtfire remake.

  • JReese630  3 months ago

    What if it's played by Jonathan Lawrence??? Ehh???

  • JackMulhern1  5 months ago

    High Tide damn straight

  • Why do most horror stories begin with them moving in some house