PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Here is the first trailer for the remake of Pet Sematary.
    Coming April 2019!


  • djft6944
    djft6944  3 hours ago +1

    NO child will ever replace the original Gage!

  • gizzykat kat
    gizzykat kat  5 hours ago

    AS a complete "fan" of the original, this fucking shit better give me some nostalgia in it's content. Gage better tell is daddy NO FAIR

  • carl brovloski
    carl brovloski  8 hours ago

    so pascows black now . Fuck this god damn generations pc bullshit , dont make the fuckin thing if you have to cater to this nonsense...'the ground is BAD" are mellenials really that spoonfed to not understand if you said the ground is SOUR it would probably mean its bad, someone nuke this planet please

  • Iqra Moyna
    Iqra Moyna  9 hours ago

    My cousin told me it was a scary movie and there was a trailer at the start that WAS NOT SCARY I was so confuse

  • logan jimmy
    logan jimmy  9 hours ago

    Flash: We need to bring him back like yeah he's back not like a pet sematary

  • Antonio Bârnă
    Antonio Bârnă  11 hours ago

    To be short, I've read the book and it scared the shit out of me.It it so genuinely wrote,you have action from first 30 pages,at 150 is pure horror,at the last hundred pages of it are so intense that almost caused me a heart attack.It just shakes everything you know about death and what's beyond that,and the questions is raising about your dear ones that felt asleep are simply not ment to be raised.I recommend it to every horror hungry reader.
    The 1889 movie Pet Sementary was very good just because it respects to the story presented in the book.And I hope this new movie will do that as well,because if not ,many Stephen King fans including.

  • bryce jennings
    bryce jennings  12 hours ago

    But don’t get me wrong, I loved the classic 👍👌

  • bryce jennings
    bryce jennings  12 hours ago

    IT was a successful remake, let’s hope this’ll be a top notch remake that will make the classic Pet Semetary movie more like a children’s movie

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie  12 hours ago +1

    And they had mask pet

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie  12 hours ago +1

    Why all the pets are in the forest the kids are called pet sematary kids if they find dead cat their gonna put a cruss on it is it right?

  • Stephanie Lane
    Stephanie Lane  13 hours ago

    the ground is bad??? really its the ground is sour i dont know about this remake it dont even look like the little boy dies in this one i understand that they are trying to do somthing a little diffrent and not make it a full on remake of the first movie but wtf what is up with the kids in the animal mask??? the cat didnt look dead i dont know i think i seen pascow in there i just hope there is no Zelda in this one she was fucking creepy

  • john allen
    john allen  14 hours ago

    Kinda sad because I heard the people who did the new it movies once they finished the final chapter ws going to do Pet Cemetery

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson  15 hours ago

    Lol The Furries

  • Zippy2707
    Zippy2707  19 hours ago +1

    I am confused

  • Draw Dragon
    Draw Dragon  21 hours ago

    *Oh my god it’s Cemitary*

  • Connah Bailey
    Connah Bailey  21 hours ago

    I just watched the original , last time I watched it was about 7 years ago and yeah it defo deserves this remake 😄 good movie tho

  • D Heine
    D Heine  23 hours ago

    I hope there's a remake of the Ramones' Pet Sematary title song on the soundtrack of this Pet Sematary movie reboot.

  • Florina Zartila

    Did anybody read the book?

  • ark
    ark  yesterday

    Pet sematary 2 will come after this?

  • Jekhi GamingYT
    Jekhi GamingYT  yesterday

    Soooooooooo. What is trying to kill the people?