10 Incredible Moments Caught On Police Dashcams

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 28, 2015
  • Here are 10 incredible moments caught on dashcam in 2015.


  • James Claytor  2 years ago

    my hat is off to the officer at the end. never give up

  • Flip Flop  1 years ago

    Not usually emotional but that last one got me. He could have stood on the road and just called it in he saved that persons life

  • 4m4ury 64  5 days ago

    Howard HeyShut the fuck up

  • Brad Vanpay  8 days ago

    And yes that last one got to me, my eyes were leaking really bad. That officer has a job to do, just like any proud parent of a son or daughter that is in need of help. Thank God my 16 year old son is with me today, when at 3 yrs old there was a pool incident and we all have that fear of what may be when running to a scene, but hearing that offers voice "DONT YOU DIE ON ME" put me right back to that heart wrenching scary moment when trying to revive my little man. Thank you Troopers and all y...

  • Sara Coulson  11 days ago

    The officer saving the man who crashed. Wow. So much respect.

  • Sandra Napier  2 months ago

    Don't You Die on me!!!!!!!! That Officer knows how to give orders.....🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Jack Filler  1 months ago

    What was he supposed to respond, "yes drill sergeant!"

  • That trooper fought to keep that man alive. I got the chills listening to it. We need more poeople like that in this world

  • AduptUniform26  19 days ago

    @Mike Palmer no no no. There are so many cops that are ass holes and abuse there power.

  • AduptUniform26  19 days ago


  • Cesar Seabra  3 years ago

    Wow the lat one, amazing, what adrenaline?! Hero!!! No doubt!!!

  • PinkOld  1 years ago

    He survived thanks to the bravery of the trooper and the good Samaritan being his wingman.

  • Miranda Bri  1 years ago

    Cesar Seabra indeed, he is! That was touching! This is proof positive that police have Hearts and Love the public they serve! Thank You officer! Hopefully the man lived. God Bless!!

  • Justin  1 years ago

    The semi crash...."don't you die on me! C'MON!"I choked up a little bit.

  • Jackie Acheson  16 days ago

    I bawled like a baby.

  • KMAN 4TheWin  17 days ago

    When Chuck Norris yells: 'DONT DIE ON ME' ....You live

  • luistinajera  2 months ago

    One of the hardest jobs to do. Respect to all the police, firemen, paramedics and are troops.

  • michael calello  1 years ago

    Thank you troopers for doing wat you do! Last clip was amazing.

  • MrOramato  1 months ago

    RE: the driver attempts to back over the officer, now you know why officers throw suspects resisting on the ground.I also think given the woman going 31 over, who became irrational over getting cited for speeding (she could have been cited reckless driving) should have been taken into custody for a 72 hour psychiatric observation.