10 Incredible Moments Caught On Police Dashcams

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 28, 2015
  • Here are 10 incredible moments caught on dashcam in 2015.


  • Randomizer Total
    Randomizer Total  3 years ago +1119

    And they say cops are bad...why isn't this guy national news?

  • Justin
    Justin  a years ago +618

    The semi crash...."don't you die on me! C'MON!"
    I choked up a little bit.

  • Sara Coulson
    Sara Coulson  2 months ago +148

    The officer saving the man who crashed. Wow. So much respect.

  • michael burkhalter
    michael burkhalter  4 months ago +172

    Never see these stories that show police doing good deeds on the news.

  • Sandra Napier
    Sandra Napier  4 months ago +185

    Don't You Die on me!!!!!!!! That Officer knows how to give orders.....🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Blaine Rogers
    Blaine Rogers  2 years ago +1996

    The last one. The cop was a real hero there

  • bondoly66
    bondoly66  5 days ago +18

    You have the woman telling the cop she knows why people shoot them. Then you have the cop doing cpr on the guy. Some people just don't get it.

  • Jennifer Cross
    Jennifer Cross  4 months ago +148

    The cop doing CPR gave me chills! It’s a reminder there are GOOD cops out there!

  • Donald Baxter
    Donald Baxter  3 months ago +52

    Saving another human being's life must be the best feeling you could possibly ever have.

  • Jada Awesome
    Jada Awesome  3 months ago +32

    Everyone is talking about the last clip but the last two clips showed humanity at their best. I just love 💕 how everyone rushed to lift the car off of the motorist and the cop on the last clip was simply amazing. 😘

  • Spencer Blumenthals
    Spencer Blumenthals  3 years ago +1641

    The last clip was astonishing

    ALBANIAN  3 months ago +67

    Just realise that last cop gave to that guy a chance to live. THATS HUGE . may GOD give the cop a healthy life

  • luistinajera
    luistinajera  4 months ago +76

    One of the hardest jobs to do. Respect to all the police, firemen, paramedics and are troops.

  • J.D. Saldivar
    J.D. Saldivar  a years ago +21

    The last clip???? Out FREEKEN standing good job!!!!! Promote that man!!!!
    JD/82nd 🇺🇸

  • roark jones
    roark jones  7 days ago +15


  • Number One
    Number One  2 days ago +1

    Last one. One man that I performed CPR on died and you could see the life go out in his eyes. He was elderly and in poor health, but seeing life seep out of his eyes was a first surreal moment. 😮🦋💗

  • Gabe_RH
    Gabe_RH  a years ago +31

    The baby clip was amazing.

  • Paul silseth
    Paul silseth  4 months ago +15

    The Ohio state troopers actions brought tears to my eyes

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato  3 months ago +51

    RE: the driver attempts to back over the officer, now you know why officers throw suspects resisting on the ground.
    I also think given the woman going 31 over, who became irrational over getting cited for speeding (she could have been cited reckless driving) should have been taken into custody for a 72 hour psychiatric observation.

  • Hiker Dave N.E. Bigfoot
    Hiker Dave N.E. Bigfoot  2 years ago +442

    That trooper fought to keep that man alive. I got the chills listening to it. We need more poeople like that in this world