The Power of Volcanoes Pt. 2: In the Shade of burning Mountains | Full Documentary

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 17, 2017
  • Big Volcanic eruptions are very rare compared to the duration of a human life. Only indications of passed catastrophes can give us a clue what could happen in future. An epidemic in Europe, Sulphur sediments found in the ice of Greenland and a forever disappeared nation – could a volcano connect all these things? Scientists reconstruct passed catastrophes and explain the power of the stone giants.


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  • Jo Ann Schlicker
    Jo Ann Schlicker  2 hours ago

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  • jaden summer
    jaden summer  11 hours ago


  • Douglas Sterry
    Douglas Sterry  yesterday

    Don't anger it ! You will know how that lobster you had last week fell't

  • Kevin Quinn
    Kevin Quinn  yesterday

    What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?


  • xoxoxo
    xoxoxo  7 days ago

    well they never will be able to predict them now because Dr Emily Arnold and my ex together in Kansas discovered how to manipulate the earth magnetic field and kept it secret so they can use it yo conquer the world!!! I can make one prediction he will target Turkey and Indonesia, Morocco, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Chili, Costco Rico, and California!!!!! You all better get ready I am telling you he has weapons I forgot to tell you all about the high direct energy laser drones they got they can operate them from thousands of miles away nobody knows they can do that. They did cloud seeding in Turkey and India from the US They think they can conquer the world because nobody knows about the discoveries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara Israel
    Sara Israel  7 days ago

    I honestly do not understand why Esau keeps digging for stuff that you can do nothing about. If its gonna blow it is gonna blow and your are not God and there is nothing you can do. The world the water the air is all messed up because white people can not leave the earth alone to do what it d. Even the dead can not rest because a white man is gonna dig him up.

  • dadt
    dadt  7 days ago +1

    Come on, it's not hard to pronounce Eyjafyallajokull. I am not even an Icelander nor from the Nordic countries. If you separate it to Ey-ja-fy-al-la-jo-kull, it's easy.

  • Abdullah Masood
    Abdullah Masood  7 days ago +2

    I heard that US government is drilling holes in Yellowstone Volcano to prevent eruption. Is it correct?

  • Steven Conte
    Steven Conte  21 days ago +1

    Every single structure that has ever been found by archeologists has either been a tomb or a temple. B.S.

  • me nkat
    me nkat  21 days ago +4

    If Yellowstone goes off these shills running around yelling the sky is falling will find out what climate change is all about!

  • Selous Scout Rhodesians

    Problem. By shaman you mean witch dont you. Women can only bring demons.

  • rudy rush
    rudy rush  a months ago +1

    he said "Shaft"

  • Elsa Baeza González

    Why is it that with americans ALL docummentaries of catastrophes always come back to them? Egocentic much?

  • Camping Joe
    Camping Joe  a months ago

    Yellowstone is going to blow soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steer Clear......Please.......Caution...!!!

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai  a months ago

    Stupid re enactments with those lame actors

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai  a months ago

    Shamans are the most uneducated people

  • RaisedxFist
    RaisedxFist  a months ago +1

    Heyy, where is Part 3 ? I liked this 2 part Volcano Series there should be a 3rd one made to end it off.

  • Scott M Sykes
    Scott M Sykes  a months ago +1

    Is it me or does it seem that these people have plans that are more REACTIVE THEN PROACTIVE to planning for the eventual eruption of these monsters? Wouldn't it make more sense to have two plans in effect? One for the evacuation but also one to where there is protected shelter?
    Why are we not planning for worse case scenario and prepping for it on a global scale? You can look back at the past and see the consequences of not being ready (though these civilizations did not have half the information about the deadly effects of these monsters). So looking at these past examples and making ready for underground greenhouses to grow food and create a viable living atmosphere. Or am I just an idiot who thinks too much?
    We claim to be technologically advanced but once the electricity is gone then what? Anybody out there know how to do anything except check their facebook on their phone? Got any basic survival skills? Hunting? Wood fire cooking? Trapping? Finding and erecting shelter? I am willing to lay 1000 to 1 odds that those who actually do know how to do these things will be the ones who can adapt to the climate changes and all of the prim and proper "don't know what to do without my cell phone" society will end up being carcasses on the side of the road.

  • Craig Purcell
    Craig Purcell  a months ago

    Long term land investment to a real estate investor is not measured in geologic time.

  • Craig Purcell
    Craig Purcell  a months ago

    It’s only a matter of time - should be good for cable news ratings... kind of like Trump as rumbling volcano. They can’t take their eyes off every steam vent and ground shaking.