GTA VC - Hidden Anti-Piracy Measures - Feat. SpooferJahk

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • Did you know that GTA Vice City is booby-trapped with hidden anti-piracy measures?##########Today's narrator:●SpooferJahk● My Twitter ●● Paid music provided bywww.epidemicsound.comES_Badder Things - JustnormalES_Only You - Andreas EricsonES_The Son Of Zeus 3 - Gustavsson & Sandberg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~● My Patreon page ●● This is the place where I post early access videos as well as updates and other goodies. Starting from $1 per month.#VadimAnalysis #GTA #GTAanalysis


  • Vadim M  5 months ago

    👋 *Your help is needed!* 👋 I am looking for: GTA releases and re-release dumps, magazine scans/photos of GTA articles and other GTA stuff. More info here 👉

  • Jurgis Bukoveckis  3 months ago

    Do gta V

  • Tyrique Sanchez  3 months ago

    I have gta 4 and it works perfectly the only problem is the command line

  • Toaster Fire  5 months ago

    GTA 4 Anti Piracy : Niko Bellic drinks a bottle of vodka every 30 seconds

  • Sakkra101  1 months ago

    Well, he is a Slav after all, ha ha. Sorry.

  • Neki Tamo Balkanac  2 months ago


  • Abdega  5 months ago

    Ironic that a game based on Miami in the 80’s has“Crack Protection”

  • Keyt0r.  12 days ago


  • Sakkra101  19 days ago

    ​@Boosted Daily The Columbian crack that was lost in the raid into the intro scene, see what I mean?

  • Wolff  5 months ago

    "The map is just as empty as Rockstar's plans for GTA5 Single player content." What a legend 😂

  • ShoeCake  2 months ago

    @Cl04d no shit sherlock he means the DLC

  • FintanSky  3 months ago

    @NFL YoungBoy red dead is trash

  • Ham N Bacon  5 months ago

    GameCompany: *makes game uncrackable**game gets cracked*GameCompany: (°○°)

  • BlackHawk TP  5 months ago

    Cracked percent speedrun would be fun to watch.

  • Dark  2 months ago

    Speedrunner: Omfg I just got 44 minutes on pirated GTA vice city!The door: FBI open up!

  • Jeiku Furame  5 months ago

    "It's just as empty as Rockstar's plans for GTA V single player content."That hurts deep for someone that likes single player games.

  • @Richard Smith i know, i think they should've given priority to the 7th game over this, but e ""sports"" are cool to some people, I guess

  • Richard Smith  5 months ago

    Edgar González Casasola thats why its called sport and not 7

  • Devin Person  5 months ago

    basically it turns into fallout 76

  • Fletcher Gonzalez  2 months ago


  • dawson parker  5 months ago

    "leave your PC in sleep mode"you underestimate my power to beat a game in one sitting

  • A cucumber  10 days ago

    @dawson parker "HONEY BUNCHIES YOU HAVE TO SLEEP ITS 9!"

  • AutoRockinRacing94  5 months ago

    Nice Phil Collins reference and now you have me singing the song!