GTA VC - Hidden Anti-Piracy Measures - Feat. SpooferJahk

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • Did you know that GTA Vice City is booby-trapped with hidden anti-piracy measures?
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  • Vadim M
    Vadim M  a months ago +311

    👋 *I am looking for: GTA release and re-release dumps, magazine scans/photos of GTA articles and other GTA stuff.*
    More info here 👉

    • Ivan Smith
      Ivan Smith  11 days ago

      Any and all codes can and will be crack if one wants it crack bad enough and at less one hacking tools made to spoof the game is made by game developer in nearly all triple a games!

    • zen strata
      zen strata  11 days ago

      copy-protection and anti-piracy measures only serve to cause potential problems for legitimate owners.
      Pirates will eventually crack all this stuff anyway.
      and they did, this stuff was patched out fairly quickly after the game was initially cracked.

    • TruthLoverofgod
      TruthLoverofgod  11 days ago

      Nice video man and you seem like your in the over 30 club real to the point chill and stuff informative . I was really impressed with the pics you had in this id really like to get them i may look at some point.

    • Abraham Marquez
      Abraham Marquez  22 days ago +1

      Why the fuck did you randomly use lyrics from a reel big fish song to end a sentence

    • pepperkake trynet
      pepperkake trynet  22 days ago +1

      Give me more of this type of video, asap Vadim M 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • катя Размахова Злыгостев

    Ты же русский

  • Ender_Gammer
    Ender_Gammer  yesterday

    Когда будет подбор про left 4 dead 2 бета?

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt  2 days ago

    none of those were in the pirated copies i played ;)

  • mtkl23
    mtkl23  2 days ago

    yeha. iv had that gta v happen to me. it made me sic, even now just seeing that. but best still is arma 2 thst makse you spawn as a bird...

  • Mr. Frog
    Mr. Frog  3 days ago

    What I think is that if developers believe they made a good game and believe in themselves they should leave a message when a pirated version is detected that how much hard work they put in that game when I was young I played only the cracked versions but when I grew up and realised how much effort it takes to build a game I buy them from the developers site or steam

  • mark yankovskiy
    mark yankovskiy  3 days ago

    "...Rockstar Games bought themselves at least two more days, before it was fully cracked" AHAHAHAHA, that was strong, Rockstar.

  • E S
    E S  4 days ago

    Autistic video much

  • Guerra dos Bichos

    hahahah I played it cracked so much it's funny people are still talking about crack protection

  • KarL Villanueva
    KarL Villanueva  4 days ago

    damn.. these crackers are good only 3 days to crack the game!

  • Atamantay UZUN
    Atamantay UZUN  5 days ago

    Bunlar salak amk git gta vice city crack indir yaz sıkıntısız

  • Alex Julius
    Alex Julius  5 days ago

    Rockstar North: "Bwhahaha! Our clever 'Perpetual Rain' system will dampen the spirits of pirates!"
    The UK: *sips tea* — "You have no power here."

  • jojoboi
    jojoboi  5 days ago

    Guys, i need help. This is not in GTA VC but in San Andreas.
    I've completed the whole game and i have every single gang territory.
    But of some reason, Ballas gang members started to appear a couple of days ago. They can spawn randomly in Grove Street for example.
    When i shoot at then I provoke a gang war.
    Is this a bug or not? :/

    • Killarex
      Killarex  5 days ago

      In GTA SA you can allow enemy gang's to also own a portion of your own territory. You should notice that on the map it's not as "green" as it should be. That's because your sharing a small portion of that territory with the ballas. If you fail to protect your territory this is how it is activated and this is how enemies regain territory. You must of failed to protect one and therefore you have ballas spawning on that territory.

  • Dragon4k
    Dragon4k  5 days ago

    4:15 can you send this DJ Toni render? x)

  • Julian Cruces
    Julian Cruces  5 days ago

    imagine a gameplay video “Completing gta vice city on SICKO MODE”

  • Edward Rhoads
    Edward Rhoads  6 days ago

    Bought a used PS3 that had GTA V saved to the harddrive but after watching this does that mean without the disc I would not be able to play the game saved to my system if I ever decided to play it?

  • Vayne Fox
    Vayne Fox  6 days ago

    I really like to know the GTA SA anti piracy measures....

  • Toby Partridge
    Toby Partridge  6 days ago

    Never understood the no CD/DVD blocking thing in the old days, like what was so special about the disk having to be in to play, you put the bloody keycode in when installing, that key on the piece of paper is the games cost.

  • Mr. Somebody
    Mr. Somebody  6 days ago +1

    Alright, Youtube, I finally watched this shitty boring video. You can stop shilling it for me now.

    PAUSE BREAK  7 days ago

    Would there be a way to enable the permanent heavy rain, ghost town, and broken radar on a licensed copy of the game? I've played through VC more times than I can count and I''d like to see how challenging I can make my next run.