Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
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    Today we're testing out a movie myth of whether or not you can freeze a lock and break it with a can of compressed air. We'll also see how much air is inside of them, what happens when you puncture the can, and what kind of air is inside.

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  • Jinxi
    Jinxi  5 hours ago

    Video starts at 12:15

  • King205
    King205  10 hours ago

    It’s not flammable it’s the straw that was on fire

  • Garvit Bansal,Dhingra

    Are the cans anti ozone

  • Aashish Kriplani

    Thats seem condom more than balloon😂

  • Nathan West
    Nathan West  yesterday

    Alright now huff it

  • Braden Deal
    Braden Deal  yesterday


  • the crazey gamer

    but nonflammable is the same thing as flammable

  • nutella boy
    nutella boy  2 days ago

    you fooled us well

  • SCG Badger
    SCG Badger  2 days ago

    The King and Queen of Random

  • High Talk Productions

    Don’t inhale those balloons 😂

  • blim boi
    blim boi  2 days ago

    wow this chick is pathetic

  • Mark C
    Mark C  2 days ago

    Flammable / Non Flammable is only determined by an arbitrary temperature point at which it will burn and whether it will sustain itself when burned. R-134 (Tetrafluoroethane) will not burn at normal temperatures so it is considered non flammable. Some brands use difluoroethane which is almost as flammable as propane!

  • A Brittish Panfish

    I feel like if the lock had fractures and moisture it could be broken, since frozen water expands

  • Jonathan Bowman
    Jonathan Bowman  3 days ago

    Huff it

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson  3 days ago

    I've seen people use the refrigerant recharge of R 12 to break the club off of steering wheels. The harder more brittle the metal the more susceptable it is to break at super low temps.

  • Michael Hadley
    Michael Hadley  3 days ago

    What would happen if you guys hung the lock from something, then froze it. If you're going to be busting movie myths, might as well do it like they did in the movie.

  • Cullen Everts
    Cullen Everts  3 days ago

    Can we see Gallium poured on a RUNNING engine???

  • Alex russell
    Alex russell  3 days ago

    Just want to point out the way you guys hit it was ineffective. When its hit in the movie the block of the lock is forced down so the mechanisms inside the lock can be broken and the steel part is forced away from it

  • Logan Prenger
    Logan Prenger  3 days ago

    The reason it didnt break is because you didnt have it attached to anything. The only force acting on the lock is the can impact. What you can do is hang the lock from something, like it would be if it were locking a door, and then hit downward on the lock. This way you have the force of the hammer, as well as whatever the lock is attached to essentially becoming a force pulling in the opposite direction. The shackle will separate from the lock body.

    Not saying this explodes the lock, or even that canned air will help this, but you can break a lock this way and I suspect the freezing of the lock would make it easier.

  • Steve Yzerman Fan

    7:00 Really?? That's the plastic on fire and the oxygen from the air coming out feeding it. Its NOT flammable because its just air.