The big problem with comparing Trump to Nixon

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 12, 2018
  • Donald Trump may look a lot like Richard Nixon right now. But there is one glaring difference between these two men’s presidencies: Fox News.

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    Trump and Nixon are similar in a lot of ways: they both faced major FBI investigations, were accused of obstructing justice, lashed out at the media, and oozed raw sexual charisma. Some pundits look at those similarities and assert that, like Nixon, Trump will also face impeachment.

    But Nixon never had Fox News. As trust in mainstream media has collapsed over the past 40 years, the amount of conservative media has exploded. And sources like Fox News have spent months casting doubt on the FBI and the Mueller special investigation.

    Without a uniting narrative in the media, it’s unlikely Trump will face impeachment or that Republicans in Congress will be the ones to hold the president accountable for his actions, regardless of what Mueller ultimately finds.

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  • Vox
    Vox  4 months ago +188

    Fox news isn't just supporting Trump -- they're speaking directly to him. Watch the Strikethrough episode on it here:

    • James Thomas
      James Thomas  19 days ago

      your directly funded by a competitor, directly. Why don't you talk about something where you can be objective.

    • Joe Weis
      Joe Weis  1 months ago


    • Definitely a George Soros funded bot
      Definitely a George Soros funded bot  1 months ago

      Clarks fish tanks you're* learn to spell,trumptard. Or is that for liberals too?

    • world peace
      world peace  1 months ago

      Wasn't fox news taken off air ???

  • Warren Mitchum
    Warren Mitchum  13 hours ago +1

    You could make this same video with CNN sticking up for Clinton.

  • Zack
    Zack  2 days ago

    What does Vox try to say? Uniting the media?

  • G Rid
    G Rid  4 days ago

    Depressing how there's been such a rise in demand for a service that tells you what and how to think..

  • zed625
    zed625  5 days ago +1

    Wouldn't a bigger difference have been that there is no collusion with Trump, and with Nixon there was evidence?

  • Dain, son of Nain

    You guys are biased as hell. You have to cover left- centered news too.

  • Edward Wu
    Edward Wu  7 days ago

    This ridiculous. How are you even supposed to get real news in this modern era, at least in the US? The large news outlets have aligned themselves politically, which defeats the purpose of objective news. CNN is Left, and usually contains and lot of whiny discussions, complaining, and ideals, but with no real productive meaning or suggestions as to solving the problem or telling truth without opinion. Fox is Right, filled with equal amounts of useless complaining and whining and ideals, just promoting different things, like dogma, and a willful ignorance, as well as a bit of alarmism. In short, CNN is filled mostly with pointless whining that obstructs the news, and Fox is filled with ignorance that obstructs the news. Good job, America, this hot mess has turned me centrist.

    xZANZIBARZx  7 days ago

    The left still is clueless lmfao
    *the left can't dank meme*

  • bart adrain
    bart adrain  7 days ago

    did your mommy tell you you were special as a kid. i bet you got alot of participation trophies when you were a kid. oh yea. you do!!

    • Steven Zepeda
      Steven Zepeda  7 days ago

      I love how you can't make any arguments against literal evidence and facts, so you resort to playground insults

  • Daniel Kirchner
    Daniel Kirchner  8 days ago

    Was that click of "Margret Heckler" real?

  • jelaninoel
    jelaninoel  9 days ago

    I can not STAND how polarizing the news is. Just listening to the FOX news people in the video stresses me out

  • shikat2371
    shikat2371  11 days ago

    Try as they might, impeaching Trump is gonna be a very uphill struggle. There are some things that haven't changed since Watergate.
    One is that the Dems would still need Republicans to come on board in the impeachment debate. It was the Republicans led by Barry Goldwater that had to convince Nixon that he must go or be impeached and convicted in the Senate. In the case of Trump, however, no Republican has so far expressed his/her support of impeaching him. Second, the Dems would still need solid, airtight proof that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors while in office before they could proceed at full-steam in drafting articles of impeachment against him.
    During Nixon's time in office, there was no such thing as Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc, etc.. The Watergate tapes, played out in public, is what brought Nixon down. He tried to delete certain portions of the Watergate conversation by having his personal secretary listen to the tapes and erase certain segments that incriminated him. He also released edited taped conversations about Watergate, but that only made Americans more suspicious about Nixon. Cassette tapes have long since been rendered obsolete and with today's social media (Facebook, Twitter, Redditt, Instagram,.....), it is very easy to delete certain statements that might incriminate Trump.
    Just my $0.02.

  • FourMore Years
    FourMore Years  13 days ago

    Strikethrough is great. Well done everyone.

  • Captain BaseballBat-Boy

    The whole population is to blame. The majority is not interested in facts, they want entertainment, ranting and fake drama that correspond to their a priori beliefs.

    JDNGAMER  14 days ago

    I wish you updated this to what is happening now.

  • Fluffy-Hat
    Fluffy-Hat  14 days ago

    Can we have Walter back? I think we need him now.

  • Jim Woodard
    Jim Woodard  15 days ago

    the DEMOCOMMIE Propaganda has only hurt themselves ...

  • Gym's Server
    Gym's Server  15 days ago


  • Tyler Baraby
    Tyler Baraby  15 days ago

    Bro your teeth are way too white.

  • Ninj Chelonia
    Ninj Chelonia  15 days ago

    Was Margaret Heckler in Mars Attacks?