This Girl "Would Rather Die Than Be Ugly"

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  • dr. phil takes on this girl. yes, the title is real lol
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  9 months ago +19486

    100k likes and ill drop my interview with her LMAO it is unreal

  • Saoirse Carruthers

    It’s sad because the beauty standards are keep going to get more unrealistic. This girl is obsessed with how other people view. I don’t wanna have daughters in the future with the influencer shit

  • Porsche W
    Porsche W  8 hours ago

    she looks like the girl fish from shark tale

  • Emma N
    Emma N  8 hours ago

    Rewatching. Lol.

  • Liliana C
    Liliana C  12 hours ago

    bruh fr in an 8am lecture nobody cares about anybody we're just waiting to die at some point during the actual class

  • Xander Galar Region trainer

    da hecc is a skinny legend

  • Joy Kitten Loves Cats

    3:22 "Your all sitting at home probably eating."
    Me: Looks down at food

    Darn it!

  • Drictix Beatz
    Drictix Beatz  yesterday

    petty be like;

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith  2 days ago

    I don't mean to be mean, but I'm skinnier than her and I yes I'm eating right now, I'm eating carrots, salmon, arugula and strawberries. I eat more than her. I have a tiny booty and don't wanna see her so it's all good.

  • Benita Schleheck
    Benita Schleheck  2 days ago

    Bro you are hot
    I would marry you

  • nat
    nat  5 days ago

    3:23 that scared the crap out of me cause thats exactly what i was doing

  • Paul Hamilton
    Paul Hamilton  5 days ago

    Bruhhhh come to so-cal shes like a 5 maybe a 6 lol

  • Kyla and Rose
    Kyla and Rose  6 days ago

    Dude wait wth. I’ve been watching ur videos since 100k AND THEN U HIT 1MIL AND NOW 2MIL WHATTT

  • Thsdi Dndi
    Thsdi Dndi  6 days ago

    She’s ugly

  • Ava Rae
    Ava Rae  6 days ago

    I like how she said I’m on doctor phill your not your at home eating

    Most people on dr phill are Psycho!!

  • Rick Modderman
    Rick Modderman  7 days ago

    So... she’s NOT skinny (Why? no eat November if u WERE skinny)... Really, she’s trying to be skinny... She’s NOT a legend but, says she’s a ‘skinny legend’... ... this DB is just stone cold crazy! ....aging is gonna kick her ass!

  • Josh Reyes
    Josh Reyes  7 days ago

    Dr Phil looks like a 40 year old elf on the shelf

  • retro duck
    retro duck  7 days ago

    You're so cute

  • lex
    lex  7 days ago

    Gonna pretend to be extremely crazy and delusional so I can go on dr Phil and get famous too /:

  • lex
    lex  7 days ago

    She thinks she’s hot ah ha ha