Jim Acosta: From CNN To Fox News, No Journalist Is The Enemy

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta says that none of his colleagues, from CNN to Fox News, from anchors to journalists who report from warzones, are the enemy of the people.

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  • CyberSecurityCentre

    Jim Acosta is love him self way too much

  • John Meyer
    John Meyer  7 days ago

    Maybe cnn should stop with the agenda to take down republicans. Looking at what they run to cover and what they dont shows they are fake news. It shows they have a narrative. And they look for stories that fit that marxist, racist, sexist, narrative.

  • Frank Cooke
    Frank Cooke  7 days ago

    Chubby George Clooney though

    JT STAR  8 days ago


  • Jack Cameron
    Jack Cameron  10 days ago

    I havent seen Jim Acosta in a while. I thought maybe CNN fired him. Glad to see he is still around.

  • joseph sibbald
    joseph sibbald  14 days ago

    Cnn have been outed for their bias ever since trump took office and they don’t like it,if trump done nothing different than he has since taking office but was a democrat Tyey would call him god.cnn have never done a positive broadcast of trump yet ,but demand his respect. Jim ,your a joke and cnn is fake news ..trump is going to win big in October

  • Indiekiwi
    Indiekiwi  15 days ago

    Two very biased men.

  • Paka Lolo
    Paka Lolo  15 days ago


  • Ibekwe Charles
    Ibekwe Charles  16 days ago

    For sure you ARE .

  • Vic Hands
    Vic Hands  22 days ago +1

    CNN is the enemy of the people because they are LIARS.. reporting false news. Hence CNN is crowned FAKE NEWS

  • Kronos92
    Kronos92  22 days ago

    Two of the slimiest douche bags this country has to offer. To bad someone didn’t level this building with them in it

  • lil bruh
    lil bruh  23 days ago

    Screw all libtards. He has been bashing the White House since day one.
    Seems the country is doing fine under this administration
    Keep trying to divide it’s not working

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti  25 days ago

    I'm a Liberal on most issues. But, I absolutely DESPISE Acosta and the sensationalized tabloid bullshit he brings to mainstream media.
    Acosta is the perfect illustration of why so many Americans consider the mainstream media the "enemy of the people" - because he LIES LIES LIES to serve his own narrow political agenda.
    Frankly, I'm at a loss to understand how he is still allowed into the White House.

  • Bruce
    Bruce  26 days ago

    jims a heavy drinker you can tell by looking at his face and his clothes are styled to hide his drunkards physic.

  • Bruce
    Bruce  26 days ago

    Obama did wire tap...hes guilty and must prove his innocence

  • TheColinthehun
    TheColinthehun  a months ago

    Jim and Colbert. The smugness must've been through the roof.

  • Mr Bogart
    Mr Bogart  1 months ago

    Acosta, a great reporter.

  • broken
    broken  1 months ago

    You are the enemy of the people because you lie to the people. Fact check. The us steel deal. True, Trump misspoke, or lied. I know because i went to Fox and they reported it to be false, https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/ap-fact-check-trump-says-us-steel-opening-mills-not-so. Separation of children from their parents, Started with Obama. Just because you can come up with one story on Trump doesn't compare to all the lies you tell every day

  • Moderate silent Guy
    Moderate silent Guy  1 months ago

    CNN is fake news

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key  1 months ago

    brace yourselves....there's a tidal wave of trumptards the meteorological office say is coming straight for us......we're in it's path now that this video has triggered them....they're apparently set to be on a collision course with a category 5 hurricane of snowflakes FOLKS