I forgot how to write

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 15, 2018
  • I've realized I'm not as open and honest as other YouTubers, so today I'm going to show you my first diary entry.▸ My incredible merch: http://bit.ly/HighQualityMerch | Subscribe to validate my existence: http://bit.ly/SubPadildoThank you so much Peter & Sam of Bad Weather Films (https://youtube.com/badweatherfilm) for appearing in this, and helping me shoot/edit this! Go subscribe to them because they are such sweet, sweet baby boys.My yoga instructor is a video from Adrienne: https://youtube.com/watch?v=WwzihD_WmFE▸ Watch my last video attempt: https://youtube.com/watch?v=o7OwzKm8a... My second channel ▸ http://youtube.com/anthonypadilla2My steaming pile of social garbage▸ http://instagram.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://twitter.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://facebook.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://snapchat.com/add/anth0nypadilla


  • layla owens  1 years ago

    are we not going to talk about the burnt toast?? postmate step up your game

  • anushka  1 years ago

    "why would you think i'm left handed" sorry anthony i must've mixed you up with a daniel howell.

  • Cameron Meetze  1 years ago

    go home who?

  • Yeet Yeet  1 years ago

    go home well it's not oLd to me

  • Al bw  1 years ago

    0:00 Anthony made the “Am I Gay?” video pop up when he said he hadn’t been honest and open with us 😂

  • Purple Potato 42  10 months ago

    Al bw oof

  • animedaisuki !!!  1 years ago

    Minty Bliss I

  • thebahooplamaster  1 years ago

    1:11This alarm triggers nightmares when I hear it.

  • Nemo Dog  1 years ago

    thebahooplamaster I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one

  • Joselyn Reyes  1 years ago

    thebahooplamaster SAME

  • Sara Ivezić  1 years ago

    *holds pen in left hand* stop it Dan

  • t  1 years ago

    lol i know right

  • Sara Ivezić  1 years ago

    Thanks for likes <3

  • Cassie Barns  1 years ago

    The side of smosh that grew up with its audience

  • Keyata  1 years ago

    Litty Lillie ya your right

  • uwu Lillie  1 years ago

    Its Keyata it’s better that he did

  • emily obrien  1 years ago

    wow daniel howell uploaded two videos in one day!!1!

  • GAMING LEGEND  1 years ago

    dude stop

  • Zarrys Lux  1 years ago


  • "Don't follow me don't make this weird FaceTime me"I lost it

  • A K  1 years ago

    Boys have diariesMen have journals padildad

  • ミスナオ  1 years ago

    Akshat Kharbanda It's called a Captain's Log

  • MFPP  1 years ago

    I love Daniel Howell

  • Angelina Thompson  1 years ago

    MFPP yeah I this was one of his best videos I don’t know why he’s doing an American accent

  • 4D Green Tea  1 years ago

    Such a rat, I love him I can’t believe uploaded this week again!