Manchester United 0-2 Arsenal 2002/03 FA cup 3rd Rd FULL MATCH

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018


  • Ankle Socks
    Ankle Socks  yesterday

    The bias in favor of man utd was evident. Fergie set up his teams to play rugby and the refs failed to protect the players, utter disgrace. I love the passion, but hate the cheating.

  • Andrew Muriithi
    Andrew Muriithi  3 days ago +5

    From a Southampton fan .. Man Utd got away with a lot during the fergie years... They owned the Refs

  • Les and Brian
    Les and Brian  6 days ago

    Referring was poor

  • The Items
    The Items  7 days ago

    6mins in and already MADNESS lol

  • K O
    K O  7 days ago +2

    Vieira single handily dominating that midfield once againšŸ¤¤

  • phantomsonicgaming 5

    Oh Henry was the Gunners hero

  • Timeless soulja
    Timeless soulja  21 days ago

    Just look at all that talent in Manchester United, from top to bottom Jeez!!

    PS: oh my days the bench was full of superstars #DiegoForlan

  • Buster Zigler
    Buster Zigler  a months ago +2

    Seeing infantry, artillery, armored and airborne troops in the game

  • Buster Zigler
    Buster Zigler  a months ago

    You know what? will look for the old soccer games, download them and enjoy myself.

  • Buster Zigler
    Buster Zigler  a months ago +1

    One of the biggest rivalries in soccer history

  • ArseneWenger
    ArseneWenger  a months ago

    We were fuckin warriors. Look at how much Vieira is incensed in just the first 10 mins. Henry wasnt of that ilk. But the rest of us including the Adam's era. Man. Wengers biggest sin was to dismantle our greatest team and karma dealt him back

  • Anthony Jameson
    Anthony Jameson  a months ago +2

    Miss this....real football feeling to it...a true British feeling ... The game we loved.... Way before money ruined leadership and other qualities on and off the field.

    Rip to football.

    I'll never ever forget the days.

  • Selly Tan
    Selly Tan  a months ago

    mau uang banyak tanpa kerja ? yuk main di cbrmonaco,com :)

  • swkenny
    swkenny  a months ago +1

    Bit of a scrappy game this.
    Entertaining at times but average quality.

  • Budi Hariman
    Budi Hariman  a months ago +4

    Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires was absolute beast in this game. They outplay scholes and keane in midfield. That's the key for arsenal's victory.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell  a months ago +1

    I hope arsenal wins this match against Manchester United.

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man  a months ago +4

    6:12 42 seconds in and Scholes with the reducer on Viera

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law  a months ago

    Is there a bigger cunt than Van Nistelrooy in this Premier League era

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law  a months ago +5

    This Utd squad were so scummy. They literally just hacked Arsenal and any other better footballing side in the big games.

  • Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny  a months ago +4

    Martin Keown and Kolo Toure would gladly eat the whole current Premier League attacks for breakfast.