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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  9 months ago +418

    New merch available @ www.dannyduncan69.com

  • anil patel
    anil patel  9 months ago +2998

    "don't raise his heart rate"
    Danny starts chasing him

  • Justin Stone
    Justin Stone  9 months ago +1918

    How can a video about nothing be so entertaining

  • Mitchell Carson
    Mitchell Carson  9 months ago +1079

    This is my first time viewing this channel and I am so confused.

  • Johnny
    Johnny  9 months ago +1055

    Mentions the dude can’t have his heart rate go up... dead sprinting a minute later

  • Axel Santiago
    Axel Santiago  9 months ago +356

    Like if Danny Duncan should box Jake Paul

  • Zac Jerman
    Zac Jerman  9 months ago +2004

    i like how you treat dalton just like any of your other friends, respect man

  • Prashy
    Prashy  9 months ago +280

    danny is the best youtuber, like if you agree. ;)

  • Thomas Doody
    Thomas Doody  9 months ago +231

    ***Walks around broken glass with socks

  • RiZe DarkKnight
    RiZe DarkKnight  9 months ago +126

    “dont raise his heart rate”
    “i was gonna just do the 2 wheel thing”

  • albie baggins
    albie baggins  9 months ago +397

    "don't raise his heart-rate"... proceeds to sprint. tf?

  • Dez Erven
    Dez Erven  9 months ago +162

    You should walk around and cut people's headphones and then give them brand new ones

  • Beck Curtis
    Beck Curtis  9 months ago +286

    Please wear a helmet when you wheelie bro I just had a super bad accident from wheelies on my dirtbike. Docs say if I wasn’t wearing my helmet I coulda ended up paralyzed or with internal bleeding. Luckily I only got a severe concussion. Wear your helmet bro it isn’t a joke!

  • gabe1k
    gabe1k  9 months ago +138

    Danny’s video have no structure that’s what make it funny

  • EscapePlan Skateboarding
    EscapePlan Skateboarding  9 months ago +229

    3:54 ayye, he was getting it!! 💪😂

  • Beaners Eatass
    Beaners Eatass  9 months ago +37

    Haha yo like if I’m gay

  • Ruben Arroyo
    Ruben Arroyo  9 months ago +38

    I think fanny gets lonely sometimes and he feels it and just breaks stuff to cope with his heart

  • OwPe
    OwPe  9 months ago +56

    This just proves Danny isn’t for the money here he didn’t even post or drag it out to 10 min mark. Respect - sub earned

  • sammy jackson
    sammy jackson  9 months ago +28

    glass don’t hurt danny. danny hurts glass

  • Master_G
    Master_G  9 months ago +30

    He never say's what he is doing you always know what he is doing but you never know why he is doing.....