FREE GUY Official Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero Movie HD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 7, 2019
  • FREE GUY Official Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero Movie HD

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    A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

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  • Newmarky Productions

    CGi crap

  • Danielle Manguiat

    That HUD looked like a mix between cyberpunk, rage 2 and gta

  • Dakota's World
    Dakota's World  yesterday

    Is anybody else confused about what this movie is about??

  • Banished From The Nether

    NPC from GTA gains sentience

  • jay love
    jay love  yesterday

    Well with marijuana now being legal everywhere....this movie might do good.  I'll pass, just look like all violence and no storyline to me.

  • T J
    T J  2 days ago

    Well looks better than mafia 3

  • Beau Barger
    Beau Barger  2 days ago

    The Oscar buzz has been tremendous surrounding this film due to the reaction to the debut at Cannes. This is Ryan Reynolds Dallas Buyer's Club or Scent of a Woman.

  • Ranch Does Stuff
    Ranch Does Stuff  2 days ago

    At first I saw this and I was like....

  • verncouva
    verncouva  2 days ago

    From the EXACT same people who brought you all your favourite childhood classics...


  • Matt Lever
    Matt Lever  3 days ago

    Epic NPC Man says hello.

  • Christ-zoey
    Christ-zoey  3 days ago

    I wonder when this game will be released

  • da_PUGGamer666
    da_PUGGamer666  4 days ago

    This is an exclusive look of a dirty version of a kids movie 🤣

  • jordan eagle
    jordan eagle  4 days ago

    Jacksepticeye plays who now

  • andres barba
    andres barba  5 days ago

    Another dumb @$$ ###%÷%*&& 😱😥😥😤

  • white bones
    white bones  7 days ago

    😂😂😂😂Survival kit ,why? Here, paper bag you can find it everywhere,if you don't got your bike in hand and have to walk to a store,and go between all the skrulls cigarettes this alouds you to recycle your breath.and card cause I can buy my protein,and gatgets,and sunglasses cause protects your eyes and mind from, skrulls and vipers,Become a wale ,don't consent with this skrulls cigarettes smoke, can't kill you,but can run ,count with my @adidas ,bike and water breathing mask, screw politics, religions and all racist humans from all over this Earth, you ain't getting me down,am ten steps ahead be ready with your cameras bounty hunters some 3098 style in the Zurich streets,I know what Alexander the great felt when riding busefalo ,mine is mechanical,@marvelstudios @marvel @robertdowneyjr help me with my script you an actor you know what it feels like been into a character. @thehughjackman protect my lill sis @dafnekeen from the skrulls @tomhardy #marvel #wolverineson #wolverine #xmencomics

  • Kiris
    Kiris  7 days ago

    How is this a super hero movie?

  • Mystery of the Universe


    Furries: I heard that you were talking shit and you didn’t think that I would hear it

  • 1 word 1k likes Challenge.

    Why do I hear Deadpool??

  • xiaozhe yee
    xiaozhe yee  7 days ago +8

    How to make Ryan mad:
    "Hey,Green lantern"

  • Chou Awesomeness
    Chou Awesomeness  7 days ago

    Ryan: having a great green super power
    Me: nah , its barely looks great
    Ryan: being an NPC that gaining intelligence
    Me: god plz make a new GTA that main character is Ryan