Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • For months, Tucker has mocked Stormy Daniels' attorney as a 'Creepy Porn Lawyer' and ridiculed his potential presidential bid. Now, Michael Avenatti sits down for an interview. #Tucker

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  • Osita Onyema
    Osita Onyema  6 minutes ago

    Interesting. "Creepy porn lawyer" is used to describe an attorney trying to stand up to a bunch of slimy characters bullying a porn star. However, we obviously have taken sides with the creepy porn connoisseur culprits. Hypocrites and charlatans.

  • Vixen Exotic wear
    Vixen Exotic wear  33 minutes ago

    Stormy Daniels lawyer is creepy and discussing not business with trump or politics

  • Pierzing.glint1sh7
    Pierzing.glint1sh7  40 minutes ago


  • Do you mind
    Do you mind  42 minutes ago

    Tucker got Tuckered. Not nice is it Tucker.

  • samuel muiruri
    samuel muiruri  an hour ago

    this is high culture

  • Micha Queta
    Micha Queta  an hour ago

    Tucker is the man. Lawyer is a fraud he believes he is the president. Lmao

  • Luisa Plantier Martins

    I agree with Avenatti, when he asks, "how do you have this show when you are this ignorant?" Creepy Host!

  • shadyparadox
    shadyparadox  an hour ago

    Both sides think they're too good for the other but they're actually perfect for each other.

  • JumperWC
    JumperWC  an hour ago

    TUCK IS A CUCK. Michael Avenatti is the opposite, a very intelligent and respectable man! I love avenatti.

  • CaliRealEstateGuy
    CaliRealEstateGuy  an hour ago

    The problem with this interview is that Tucker lost control of it almost immediately. He seems to have been rattled a few times by Avenatti's arrogant assertions, table-turning, stonewalling, and dodging. I think he should have done a better monologue intro to frame the issues (before beginning the interview with Avenatti.) He also should have kept Avenatti for a 2nd segment to finish the discussion. Quite frankly, he started with a clip of Avenatti at the rally trying to drum-up support for a possible presidential/political campaign of his own and then the conversation transistioned all the way over to 'Avenatti's exploiting Stormy Daniels.' (The two don't necessarily correlate unless Tucker takes a moment to correlate the two which Tucker failed to do.) Tucker could've probed the finances involved in Avenatti's pursuit of political office... Another missed opportunity.
    Avenatti was searching for any cheap-shot comeback he could conjure up while randomly babbling, it was nauseating and awkward. Tucker let him get away with that. But that's what happens when you make it your life's work to reduce yourself to name-calling which is what Tucker did for the last couple of months. Basically, you have Sean Hannity talking about CNN's "porn addiction" (which was true) and then you have Tucker Carlson on Hannity's network, obsessing over the porn star's lawyer. Very bad optics.
    If it were me, I'd have demanded Avenatti produce definitive proof that his client was paid off with campaign cash. Or even a check. (For that matter, what ethical lawyer tape-records his clients as Cohen did?) All [Avenatti] did, was fall back on Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations. And evidence that Trump was in any way complicit, is scant at best. Remember that Avenatti's main role in this case, is not campaign finance violations, but a sexual relationship between Trump and Stormy, whereby Trump supposedly silenced her with a payoff--itself not necessarily a crime. Apparently both Stormy and McDougal gladly accepted the payment. (Why didn't either one of them go public with the "bribe" if it caused them so much grief?)
    Another thing Tucker did wrong was moralize Avenatti's client by saying she's a "poor woman forced to work strip clubs." Stormy, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't returned the"hush money" she received. So she's not really that poor and she's gainfully employed supposedly; working a club somewhere in Virginia. What Tucker could've done was point out how Stormy has wasted no time making a name for herself and appearing on SNL and other public venues to further cash in on her fame. Never mind how her Lawyer is cashing on her fame, as well. Oh, well.....
    Tucker basically spent weeks and months disparaging the porn industry by calling Avenatti "Creepy Porn Lawyer," implying that there is something inherently creepy about porn. He basically opened himself up to by Avenatti's cheap-shot about watching porn or having porn-addicted viewers, by doing so. The fact is is that Stormy Daniels is in that line of work - as Avenatti pointed out - because she chooses to be. She's made a career of being in the adult entertainment industry. So for Tucker to say she's somehow forced into working in a strip club is totally inaccurate and just makes him look unprepared and like he's searching for anything to pin to Avenatti.
    Avenatti didn't bother to substantiate anything he said in the interview. It's obvious - while Tucker failed to demonstrate so in the interview - that Avenatti is just another opportunist that has no interest in this case getting resolved anytime soon as it would then diminish any relevance he has.

  • sbconsult
    sbconsult  2 hours ago

    Tucker is a classless, bought and paid for actor with a pathetic skill set. He should put the Bow tie back on. It's fits his puny persona!

  • jason kennedy
    jason kennedy  2 hours ago

    Iddiots like this get into power we will have our first butt hurt feelings world war.

  • onlythewise1
    onlythewise1  2 hours ago

    tucker was so nice to this douche bag

  • I.S. Swinburne
    I.S. Swinburne  2 hours ago

    Jaw dropped. Creepy porn lawyer, check. This comment will make sense by the end 🤣 spoiler alert

  • 87654345678
    87654345678  2 hours ago

    This comment section reeks of soros

  • Trepur Rupert
    Trepur Rupert  2 hours ago

    Tucker is a highly paid puppet

  • Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe

    Stormy Daniels??LMAO yesterday was on pornn site,and one of ads before video starts,was Stormy Daniels half naked telling come join me on some webcam xxx show LMAO

  • Justin Uribe
    Justin Uribe  2 hours ago

    The title should be " Tucker gets owned on his own show. " 🤣

  • Michael The Greek Boy

    Michael aventi is the biggest slime ball.

  • CommonSense
    CommonSense  3 hours ago

    Liars and classless.