Anthony’s Life Animated w/ Ian & Pat of Life Noggin

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 9, 2018
  • I can't believe I finally got the opportunity to be in an animated feature film w/ Ian & Pat from Life Noggin!▸ WATCH THE VIDEO I MADE w/ LIFE NOGGIN:▸ BLOOPERS FROM THIS VIDEO:▸ My incredible merch: | Subscribe to validate my existence:▸ Thank you so much Peter & Sam of Bad Weather Films ( for helping me shoot/edit this! Go subscribe to them because they are such sweet, sweet baby boys.My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸


  • ZShaun  1 years ago

    "Who is Anthony Padilla"

  • B1N0RY  5 months ago

    I know who he is the creator of smosh but he quit smosh so sad

  • Caio TheAntiVlog  1 years ago


  • ScrubMaster64  1 years ago

    Make a video with Ian HECOX

  • Janneke Heins  1 months ago

    Stop please, Haha.

  • @Matthew Bartels Maybe they'll do a collab now that Smosh is free?

  • Life Noggin  1 years ago

    So much property damage. So much friendship. Thanks for having us in your video! What a beautiful disaster.

  • Rose  1 months ago

    Love❤ you videos😃

  • Nick Gold  6 months ago

    Hey blocko 😆😆

  • Nikhil Deshpande  1 years ago

    I’m the only one who thought it was going to be Ian Hecox??

  • titan  1 years ago

    me too

  • Anon S.  1 years ago

    Nikhil Deshpande My phone notification cut off at Ian. When I saw the full title "...& Pat from...", I knew immediately that Ian Hecox wouldn't be there. It was somewhat disappointing but I still proceeded to watch the video.

  • Gnie Park  1 years ago

    This is going to troll everyone thinking it's Ian Hecox xD

  • adelie peng.  8 months ago

    And it sadly worked

  • Bombiss_  11 months ago

    it got me

  • Ian Patton  1 years ago

    When I saw Ian in the title I thought it was going to be Ian Heckox. You should have Ian in one of your videos in the future.

  • The legend 101  1 years ago

    DJ Maysonic OK good mate

  • DJ Maysonic  1 years ago

    Koki Rami no need to apologise

  • Dion Krasniqi  1 years ago

    Who thought Ian was Ian Hecox

  • Nerverad  1 years ago

    I did

  • Akm Azad  1 years ago


  • Saieel Prabhu  1 years ago

    I just love the awkwardness in your videos 😂This is an amazing kind of humour

  • Evan Smith  1 years ago

    That’s not ian ☹️Edit: wow thanks for the likes 😀

  • StraightFire  1 years ago

    Oyvi00i IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. (I typed in all caps on purpose)

  • StraightFire  1 years ago

    Juno Why are you cursing over a comment? Your life must really be sad.

  • Ishaan Vatus  1 years ago

    Was this really this bad or is this acting?

  • Ant Says  1 years ago

    Ishaan Vatus this was horrible

  • jojo j  1 years ago