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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • Michael Dapaah meets with some of the cast from Night School (Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Malcolm Lee) to take part in a UK vs USA pronounciation challenge

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  • Michael Dapaah
    Michael Dapaah  3 months ago +5970

    Who won, me or kevin?

  • Noel de Saive
    Noel de Saive  6 hours ago

    The english language has been existing way longer than the guess what?That's right BOOM!

  • Hugoj Sim racing
    Hugoj Sim racing  11 hours ago +3

    *lol now I hate kevin*

  • cooper12olly
    cooper12olly  12 hours ago

    Americans need to learn the fact that it’s the ENGLISH language, not the AMERICAN language

  • Fabrice Selemani
    Fabrice Selemani  12 hours ago

    Kevin is joking until Michael gets mad lmfao 😂😂

  • LISS70
    LISS70  13 hours ago

    Americans are saying we fucked the language but what language do they speak ENGLISH so they’re the ones who changed the language

  • Louis Sideras
    Louis Sideras  15 hours ago


  • Saul Miranda
    Saul Miranda  16 hours ago

    Should of left tiffany out of it . Choosing sides and shit , bitch just hold the tablet up and stfu

  • Youtuber Reviewer
    Youtuber Reviewer  21 hours ago

    Okay, Kevin maybe trying to roast Michael ... but Michael was way more entertaining to watch to be honest, so Michael won that Battle lol

  • Halfman Halfamazing

    I know British people technically invented the English language but that doesn't excuse the fact that some of your words are fucking stupid. Y'all call an elevator a "lift", the hood of a car is the "bonnet", the trunk is the "boot" (wtf) and y'all add the letter "u" to words that don't one. It's "humor" not "humoUr"!

  • K ting
    K ting  yesterday

    Tiffany dumb b has no sense of humor don't invite her no more

  • Abdul Amin
    Abdul Amin  yesterday

    The thing is Americans changed our English language and made it easier for themselves because they stupid

  • 101ladii
    101ladii  yesterday

    They were annoying and rude mf xx

  • Lingo Jingo
    Lingo Jingo  yesterday

    That slag is annoying asf stupid American bitch

  • Durrty FX
    Durrty FX  yesterday

    you proper pussied out of that one loooooooool a sweater is a fucking jumper and you know it!!! you held your own sick tho

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan  2 days ago

    This dappah cunt is stupid...

  • kay bee
    kay bee  2 days ago

    Guys it is was comedy and no one was mad or had a tude ... as along as everyone had a good time and made money lol and move on life is to hard to harp over this

  • Ahmedinho Ali
    Ahmedinho Ali  2 days ago

    Anyone besides me who founded it interesting to watch this?

  • Grayi646
    Grayi646  3 days ago +1

    These Americans acting like they made the english language 😂

  • jay
    jay  3 days ago

    Hilarious 😂