CRAZY Alley-Oop Challenge With PROFESSOR LIVE | $50,000 Dunk Competition

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • In this episode of DUNK LEAGUE, class is in session. Grayson “Professor” Boucher steps down from the judge’s table to throw INSANE alley-oops to all the dunkers. Find out which dunker is walking away $1,000 richer and who's going home!🔥 NEW WHISTLE GEAR: 🔥COMMENT with who you thought had the BEST Professor dunk! In case you missed it:Episode 1 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Miami: 2 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Los Angeles: 3 - 90 Second Freestyle: 4 - How High Dunk Contest 5 - High Flying at 9: 6 - Dunk Contest in the DARK 7 - Backboard Challenge 8 - Team Speed Challenge 9 - Team Alley-Oop Challenge 10 - One Chance Dunk Challenge 11 - Over The Wall Challenge 12 - Recreating NBA Dunks 13 - Longest Distance Dunks: 1: Dunk League Season 2 is the most ambitious dunk competition ever held. After holding auditions across the country, we brought the 10 BEST dunkers in the world to NYC to square off in 16 different dunk competitions to officially crown the world's BEST dunker. We'll be dropping new episodes of Dunk League Season 2 every Monday, only on Whistle.Special thanks to Team Flight Brothers for making this happen - make sure you subscribe to them for more dunks! to Whistle for more awesome videos! - HERE for check out our store! want more Whistle? Follow us on:FACEBOOK: "whistlesports"The music we use: - AMAZING for YouTubers!WHAT IS WHISTLE?Whistle is an entertainment brand that creates and distributes video content that is positive, relatable, and uplifting.Visit us at and COMMENT below with what you want to see next!


  • braden reaska
    braden reaska  3 months ago +928

    Like to give support to the normal motion dunks squad

  • Dunkademics Official
    Dunkademics Official  3 months ago +662

    Kilganon's 360 off the side was ridiculous

  • Amir k
    Amir k  3 months ago +446

    This dunk contest series is so far the best i love it

  • Michael Fussell
    Michael Fussell  3 months ago +510

    Respect to Anderson. Competed hella hard and helped make this competition what it is and high hopes for every competitor in the future

  • 764 Play
    764 Play  3 months ago +392

    I'm here every week. Highlight to my Mondays lol

  • B C
    B C  3 months ago +307

    Litterally nobody:

  • João Santos
    João Santos  3 months ago +165

    I don't like to repeat myself...

  • 764 Play
    764 Play  3 months ago +146

    The Professor out there looking like John Stockton with them dimes

  • FleiKK
    FleiKK  3 months ago +88

    Mythkiller got straight A's.

  • Bobo Barron
    Bobo Barron  3 months ago +54

    Myth killa a beast but staples make it look so easy

  • ツNerdlinz
    ツNerdlinz  3 months ago +71

    my dude doug anderson dropped outta school 😂😂😂

  • AJ RA
    AJ RA  3 months ago +93

    Mannnnn my guy doug had to drop out smdh i really hope he comes back and wins chris cj and kilganon had the best dunks this round

  • A J
    A J  3 months ago +34

    Jordan with the comeback! I hope he wins it all!

  • Nick Corso
    Nick Corso  3 months ago +48

    Guy Dupuy is high key one of the dopest names ever

  • And We Back
    And We Back  3 months ago +19

    Me when i walk in to the school
    Me : HELLO 🤾‍♂️🏀👋
    Me when i play basketball with my friends
    Me : Let's get it popping

  • D W
    D W  3 months ago +7

    Jordan killed it for sure, but if Chris would have made it first try it would've been a close 2nd. Definitely the best 2 by far. Slo-mo on Chris' looked sick.

  • Kale Khalili
    Kale Khalili  3 months ago +47

    Grayson AKA Boucher AKA Grayson Boucher AKA the Professor AKA Professor Live

  • frezzo119
    frezzo119  3 months ago +15

    The host: "I don't like to repeat myself"
    Also the host: "HELLO"

  • OnQuest Spencer
    OnQuest Spencer  3 months ago +12

    CJ Champion is one of my favorite dunkers

  • Ethan Larson
    Ethan Larson  3 months ago +65

    I am here, watching live!! Let's GET IT POP'IN