13 Reasons Why I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
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  • Hi I‘m Kou  6 months ago

    ”It‘s ironic because the show is all about the fact that mental illness and tragedy doesn‘t define you and yet it defines most of the show‘s characters.“ this is the most accurate description for the show


  • Nuhhaxbru  5 months ago

    Hanna: “get out “Clay: * gets out *Also Hanna but on the tape : “ he left me “

  • onfuses  yesterday

    @Inspector Javert you might have a point about that and yes i agree the fact that the show is romantizing suicide is the first thing people should talk about but everyone who enjoyed this show is stuck in a little bubble and just distracted on feeling bad for hannah and actually rooting for her when she made everyone who made her kill herself feel bad by making those tapes

  • @onfuses A talented show runner/author might have used that to illustrate how depression can be self perpetuating, but then you don't get to paint Hannah as a tragic martyr and romanticize suicide (seriously this should be the first and biggest things everyone says about this crap show). The writers don't want to "start a conversation" unless that conversation is "where's my check?"

  • Nate Hladki  10 months ago

    "Lucky, my scars are all on the inside."I've never cringed so hard in my life. Jesus Christ.

  • Liz Mowrey  10 days ago


  • God  1 months ago

    god, i can swear the entire show belong to r/im14andthisisdeep

  • Idk Edits  9 months ago

    I honestly hated hannah she told clay to leave then said that one of the reasons she killed Her self is because he left

  • Its me, Satan  5 hours ago

    @Visor Seen Yeah you left out single moms or stay at home moms. Women are the reason you exist, same with men. How about you treat us as equals? So close minded.

  • GregoryD271  5 days ago

    Girls are *so* complicated

  • Calvin Lee  1 years ago

    This show might as well be called "Suicide: That'll Show 'Em!"

  • Mood Forever  6 days ago

    Yes !!!! She killed herself for attention basically

  • Hollow Shell  16 days ago

    Aaron Z season 2 still portrays mental health in a horrible and damaging way

  • kukicu  7 months ago

    "You don't have to have the same ridiculous backstory as Hannah Baker to feel suicidal." This summarises my problem with the show. Feeling suicidal can much less rational than that, and presenting this case as the case to start a discussion is just creating guilt for people who feel suicidal without much reason. Our brain is not always rational, especially when feeling depressed and suicidal. Just go and see the Ted talk on this.

  • Brianna Joyce  3 days ago

    Definitely, one of the things I learned is that the smallest problems can make someone suffering from depression feel like it is completely hopeless

  • Alexis Hernandez  5 days ago

    LETS ALL SAY IT TOGETHER PEOPLE “depression and suicide don’t give a shit weather you have a good life and loving people with you or not”

  • Tom McCarthy  2 months ago

    This show is legitimately dangerous. It sensationalizes suicide and portrays it as a way to get revenge on people who wronged you. I wouldn't be surprised if people have been inspired to end their lives partly due to this show.


  • Not only that, but ghost hanna literally gets to watch the revenge fantasy play out

  • Timothy Bates  11 months ago

    I’m so damn tired of the whole “school shooters are caused by bullying” angle. No. They aren’t. School shooters are usually sociopaths or psychopathic individuals who find themselves separate and isolated by the rest of the group. 9/10 they have a history of violent outbursts.

  • Herra Mirtsaaja  9 days ago

    @OblivionFN XBL well I already saw 2016 election and I can only say lets wait for 2020. If a social democrat wins I can consider

  • Herra Mirtsaaja  9 days ago

    @Seth Leoric what the fuckis communist virus? Or do you mean all the social democrats who arent even socialist but capitalist?if you do you are dumb as hell. But if you are talking about some communist party then its most likely already small and some stupid old guy will run with his rifle in his hands when he sees a member of it.And communism I see it as bad of a thing as total capitalism neither one is good. In other everybody is the same and it doesnt matter how much work you do (far left socialis...

  • Vilde Røe  2 months ago

    What bothered me the most was that Hannah “came back” and interfered with Clay’s life. When someone is dead. They.are.dead. They’re not coming back. Sorry but every time she appeared I was annoyed

  • Jon. B.  yesterday

    from a narrative standpoint?

  • RecklessWolf64  23 days ago

    Well to be honest, it's pretty much a way to have Clay arguing with himself more. Dear Evan Hansen does the same thing with Connor Murphy but infinitely better and makes it clear it's in Evan's head. It's implied that Clay has schizophrenia but none of his symptoms while hallucinating really lines up with what hallucinating is actually like, so I totally get the hate. I got extremely annoyed too.

  • Tenderizer17  11 months ago

    The one good thing the second season of thirteen reasons why accomplished is that it introduced the idea "men can be victims of sexual assault too". Of course though, it screws that up by suggesting they have to be brutally sodomised with a mop handle in order for it to be equal in pertinence to (I really don't want to say these words) standard, forced sex.

  • Booper Dooper  15 hours ago

    Inspector Javert “But if you look...women score way higher. And you can go on like that for ages.” That’s what I said. Meaning both “sides” have factors that balance each other out every time.Maybe actually read the comment properly next time before attempting to be a smartass and failing.

  • @Booper Dooper But you started your post by saying "acksually wahman have it harder."