13 Reasons Why I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • IHE *starts the conversation* on what he dislikes so much about the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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  • _tubbytits
    _tubbytits  4 hours ago

    Genuinely disturbed by this trash being popular, and at worst getting more seasons.
    Bunch of high school Emo kids acting like Emo kids that don't look like Emo kids because then they wouldn't be "normal", "relatable".
    But nah that's not entertainment. Rape, suicide and abuse is entertaining, right? Kids love that shit. Look at it go. Plus we're educating them, right?
    Fucking putrid.

  • Natalia The Weirdo

    And that wouldn’t

    sTaRt A cOnVeRsAtIoN

  • Kimchi G
    Kimchi G  2 days ago

    If you want to know about relationship addiction, depression, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other mental illnesses, watch 'Bojack Horseman' because this is as close as it gets to a actual reflection of those real life problems in a relatable and a good show. My english is horrible.. sorry im Korean and im trying my best

  • Nyan Rapier
    Nyan Rapier  2 days ago

    I was in school when this book came out. We had to read it for a class. I wanted to fucking die. Let's not read a classkc or something cool like Ben Franklin.

  • TheDogMan142 2
    TheDogMan142 2  3 days ago

    For the 23,925th time, please add simulated recoil to scenes involving the use of firearms. I will give your show five extra points out of ten if you tell your actors to do this. Andrew Lincoln correctly simulated recoil in The Walking Dead, and he wasn't even directed to (because none of the other characters do).

  • kraanz
    kraanz  3 days ago

    Why would someone torture themselves by watching shitty chick-flicks which they clearly hate?

  • RaMoN
    RaMoN  3 days ago

    I only watched season one

  • GreekDudeYiannis
    GreekDudeYiannis  4 days ago

    I've never seen this show, and I'm not gonna lie, I thought Clay and Tyler were the same person until that scene where they confront each other.

  • Wulf
    Wulf  5 days ago

    I was going to watch this show but ihe explained the show in half an hour saving me a lot of time not being wasted on watching the episodes n wasting my internet

  • Somto Omeni
    Somto Omeni  6 days ago

    If you can't handle it then leave it

  • AkiDave
    AkiDave  6 days ago

    Will you do Season 3 at some point?

  • meredith D.
    meredith D.  6 days ago

    “I took pictures of you.. while you was in a coma” 😳😂

  • vivi
    vivi  6 days ago

    i almost thought he was dantdm because of his voice

  • bob dabuilder
    bob dabuilder  7 days ago +1

    I feel like season 2 was unnecessary. They should have stopped at season 1. Season 2 basically contradicted everything Hannah said in the tapes from season 1.

  • Mediocrity
    Mediocrity  7 days ago +1

    Oh god, if they went into autism and butchered it like everything else, pulled an autism speaks on us, I'd fucking strangle everyone in that studio or whatever. I couldn't connect with anyone who has had their situation confused by this show, but imagining how they'd try to handle autism makes me grind my teeth in dismay.

  • mattrex94
    mattrex94  7 days ago +2

    Honestly, the most disgusting thing is that they are profiting off of suicide, I really hope that the entirety of any one who produced, funded or green lit this exploitative show has the most blistering painful anguish in their demise

  • my cat stephanie
    my cat stephanie  7 days ago +1

    At least the show sort of gives us to learn from how not to portray about mental health

  • Matthew Rease
    Matthew Rease  7 days ago +1

    What the fuck was that drunk driving advert

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez  7 days ago

    Are you going to review season 3? Did they talk about abortions, oh! Or the other teen pregnancy cliche, spousal abuse!

  • Nemo TheEight
    Nemo TheEight  7 days ago

    Funniest thing is that most people who totally DON'T have any real knowledge about suicides and/or psychology praise !3 reasons why but every organisation I know which deals wit it professionally criticize it because producers, like always, wanted to make deep, wise movie, about ver important stuff WITHOUT ASKING EXPERTS ABOUT THEIR OPINION FIRST.
    I't like:
    Every non-expert: "Everybody need to watch this movie"
    Experts: https://www.sprc.org/13-reasons-why
    Of course, I know Netflix did some mild shit later, they've deleted suicide scene f.e. but they did it LATER. If you think about touching any problem like this FIRST consult experts, THAN think about making your crap. If you make crap, release it than experts claim openly they are concerned, than we al see they were right and they are even more concerned, than you react it means you are stuopid and damage is done.