13 Reasons Why I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • IHE *starts the conversation* on what he dislikes so much about the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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  • LadyPennyroyal  (Jun 5, 2018)

    as someone who works in clinical psychology and deals with her own mental health issues, this show is a wash to me, in particular "ghost hannah." i don't even understand what she's supposed to represent. there are many ways to experience psychosis other than schizophrenia, but if this guy is supposed to be having a psychotic episode, it's not realistic by any standard. hallucinations are VERY rarely that fleshed out (if ever), and are most commonly auditory. it would've made a lot more sense ...

  • Lil Cracker245  (2 days ago)

    It's like big mouth sped it represents his thinking of Hannah in a way we're the audience can understand

  • Blade Runner  (5 days ago)

    LadyPennyroyal You are literally the blind leading the blind. Nobody should look up to you if you yourself are hopeless. Suicide would be a more valid option than listening to your worthless opinions on how to save an individual professionally and getting paid for it, when you cannot even save yourself.

  • Dr . Wub  (Jun 4, 2018)

    If they cancel Shrek 5 it'll become 14 reasons why.

  • RAM  (Feb 7, 2019)

    that was maybe the most clever joke iv'e ever come across in a youtube comment section

  • Ryde Mk  (Jan 26, 2019)

    They definitely wouldn’t. Would make too much money too hyped and it’s shrek. Everyone loves shrek.

  • hope  (Jul 11, 2018)

    you hit the subtlety point right on the nose, it's like the show just looks to be dramatic and controversial wherever it can be and forgets to be entertaining

  • SPACE PIMP  (2 days ago)

    +Lil Cracker245 honey, A show can have drama and be genuineLook at Bo jack horsemanThat show has some realistic, and damn hitting drama13 reasons why is a bad fanfiction written by people who don't know how mental illnesses work

  • Lil Cracker245  (2 days ago)

    +SPACE PIMP drama is needed for a show if the show was really boring without drama you would have more reasons to hate it

  • BROSKY DOODLE  (Aug 20, 2018)

    Damn, now people are makin hate comments in order to be featured

  • Your comment is hateful itself

  • soviet spoon597  (Sep 18, 2018)


  • Raptoria  (Jul 10, 2018)

    My biggest issue with the show is the fact that they depict depression/mental illness as something only people with traumatic backgrounds get. Almost every single one of the characters in the show that has a mental illness and/or depression has a crazy back-story filled with awful events. Depression can happen to everyone. You can be rich and have everything you want in life and still be depressed, which is what the show fails to depict.

  • Lil Cracker245  (2 days ago)

    the I guess the show isn't for you cry baby

  • Emily B  (5 days ago)

    I fully agree. It is a chemical dysfunction that can happen to anyone. But, they probably feel that depicting someone who's well off with loving and supportive parents and also has depression probably doesn't make them sympathetic enough for tv. Not at all saying it's right, just that I believe that might be what they are thinking

  • kyrotenkaithescarred  (Aug 6, 2018)

    When I was a kid in middle school, I was badly bullied. It got so terrible that at one point the powers that be decided that they needed to do something about it, being just a year after the Columbine Shooting. They sent the school nurse to my class and called me out. While I was outside the classroom she told the class that if they did not stop bullying me I would shoot up the school one day. This understandably was a bad idea.The bullying got so much worse after that, with me constantly getting ask...

  • Joe Johnson  (3 days ago)

    I'm sorry that happened to you, mate.

  • Mo- Mo  (3 days ago)

    Satan's Lil Bro Lucilia I believe you because of your username

  • Gavin  (Jun 4, 2018)

    This show is the 14th Reason Why.

  • NATE HIGGERS  (20 hours ago)


  • KeebyDrooodle  (Dec 12, 2018)

    Number fifteen: Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • Nate Hladki  (Sep 22, 2018)

    "Lucky, my scars are all on the inside."I've never cringed so hard in my life. Jesus Christ.

  • Mahfew  (17 hours ago)

    IchGebMeinenSenfDazu Haha interestingly enough I think John 6:66 is a verse that says people think Jesus is crazy and leave him

  • Emmanuel chanda  (Jan 2, 2019)

    +IchGebMeinenSenfDazu lol

  • Scaray  (Aug 6, 2018)

    13 reasons why acts like theyre really helping someone by showing extreme graphic sexual assault and suicide. people always say "if it triggers you just dont watch it!", but if the people the show is trying to "help" cant even watch the show, its obviously not helping.

  • zwebackshyper  (Feb 10, 2019)

    Scaray its a tv show for entertainment lmao get over it if you're too much a pussy to watch a made scene thats on you not anyone else.

  • SPACE PIMP  (Feb 3, 2019)

    +illyana Teixeira its more a problem than a helpCuz it misinformes does who don't suffer from a mental illnessAnd in no way it help those who suffer from itIt has cause more harm than good

  • Timothy Bates  (Aug 23, 2018)

    I’m so damn tired of the whole “school shooters are caused by bullying” angle. No. They aren’t. School shooters are usually sociopaths or psychopathic individuals who find themselves separate and isolated by the rest of the group. 9/10 they have a history of violent outbursts.

  • Elisya Sinea  (2 hours ago)

    Not only that but in the case of the columbine shooters they were actually bullies themselves. And school shooters are typically members of some sort of hate group.

  • Rochel Ortega  (Dec 19, 2018)

    The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.